The Bookshelf of KC Kendricks and Rayne Forrest

  Welcome to my bookshelf!

My bookshelf will always be a work in progress. New books will be posted, old books retired for a bit of updating, or maybe I'll make a new cover that looks less dated. Every day is a new adventure, and I'm always thinking of new and better ways of presenting my books. 



The Singles

These stories are stand-alone stories and not part of a series or collection (yet).

                Doors of Time               Eye of the                   Give Me                    Hey, Joe
                                                         Beholder                  One Night                              

              Highway Nights         Hot August Comes            Kentucky                       Lick Me                                                                                                                 98 Proof               (Must Love Dogs)

              Lightning Shifts                                           Please Use the Door             
                                                 Passion's Victory                                          Ride Your Luck                                                                                              

                   SABRE                 Seducing Light               September            Shine A Light                                                                                                                 Morning

              Surrendered Victory                              The Ghost at the B&B                                                                                                  Tango in the Night                                            The Quest

Levi & Stacy

Levi and Stacy hold a special place in the booklist. Shining Victory is written from Stacy's  point of view. No One But You is from Levi's. It has long been the plan to write                another segment from Stacy's pov, but fear of mucking it up has thus far prevailed.                 Do not abandon hope. It may yet happen.

                                                 Shining Victory               No One But You

The following are series/collections and have their own page.

Book 1 in the Centerville Muscle series

Book 2 in the Centerville Muscle series

(KC's alter ego)

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