A Friendly Neighbor by KC Kendricks

Kyle isn’t a voyeur, but when his sexy neighbor forgets to close his curtains, he finds it difficult to look away. And why should he? It’s just a little harmless fun, and maybe an erotic bit of self-pleasure to balance out the long hours he’s put in on the job lately. Next time, he’ll exercise some self-control and turn away from the too-hot for words spectacle, but just this once he’s determined to let himself enjoy the show.

Jackson might have been offended by his neighbor’s voyeuristic evening had he not taken advantage of the delicious show he unwittingly inspired. Unwilling to let the opportunity to turn a smoldering fantasy into a scorching hot sex life, Jackson invites Kyle over for a drink and is pleasantly surprised to find Kyle is smart, sexy, and someone Jackson wants to get to know—in bed and out.


A Friendly Neighbor is an enjoyable, light-hearted read that is both humorous and sexy. I would love another glimpse into the world of these two and see how they’re faring in the future. – Long and Short Reviews


“Thanks for asking me over, Jackson. I’ve, um, noticed you before.”

Jackson met his gaze. “I’m happy to provide good service to my neighbors whenever I can.”

Kyle’s cheeks grew pink. “I’m done with spying on the neighbors.”

“Shucks. I mean, why, since you obviously enjoyed watching me?”

“That wasn’t the real me. I’m a more ‘hands-on’ sort of guy.”

Jackson’s skin prickled. To be honest, he’d hoped the conversation would take a personal turn, but how fast should he cruise Kyle? If he listened to his dick, he was already going too slow, but he’d never let his penis rule him again. Besides, he’d yet to confirm Kyle was gay. Ninety-percent sure still left room for error.

“Yeah, I noticed that about you. I shouldn’t tease you like that. You could have company some night, and they might not like it.”

Kyle snorted. “They’d like you, Jackson.” He lifted his glass and downed the contents. 
“Thanks for asking me over, but I need to get to bed. Tomorrow’s a work day.”

“For me too.” He had to bite the bullet and ask Kyle or risk not getting the chance again. 
“Would you like to come for dinner some night? Maybe this Saturday?”

“Sure. What can I bring?”

Jackson stammered. He’d not expected Kyle to say yes to dinner without even thinking about it. “W-whatever you like to drink if you don’t like rum.”

“Ah, you’re a rummy. I’ll bring a rum cake too.”

“Excuse me. I need a moment. You bake?”

Kyle laughed as he got to his feet. “No. I’ll go to the bakery around the corner and order one.”

Before Jackson had time to respond, Kyle leaned over and kissed him. Jackson sucked in a deep breath, and the man’s spicy scent exploded in his brain. Those full lips moved over his with skill and promise. Jackson opened his mouth to deepen the kiss, to get a better taste, and Kyle pulled away.

“I’d better go. Goodnight Jackson. I’ll let myself out.”

He wanted to leave? Jackson grabbed Kyle’s hand.

“Whoa. You can’t kiss me like that and then walk out the door.”

“Rushing into bed isn’t the smartest thing two people who just met can do, Jackson.” 

Kyle squeezed his hand. “I’m really sorry about that because I got a bad case of stupid happening.”

Jackson stood and backed Kyle against the side of the balcony. He wanted to show Kyle just how easy it would be to get stupid together. He pressed against Kyle, thigh-to-thigh and belly-to-belly, making sure Kyle felt how hard he was. Kyle wrapped his arms around him.

“Maybe I need to reconsider saying goodnight.”

“Damn right you do.” Jackson didn’t wait for a reply as he slanted his lips over Kyle’s. This time Kyle opened and let him in, meeting him boldly. It was Jackson who pulled away.

“I gotta catch my breath.”

“I bet you’ll breathe better in your bedroom.”

Jackson held out his hand as he backed away. “Follow me and we’ll see.”

Kyle grinned and took a step. “So you’re going to lead me astray.”

Jackson put his index finger up to his lips. “Shhh. We don’t say s-t-r-a-y in front of the c-a-t.”

“I’ll be more careful in the future.” Kyle closed the balcony door behind them as Max darted inside. Jackson let go of his hand and pointed toward the dark hall.

“Stay right here until I turn the lights on.” Jackson reached inside the first doorway, and a dim light came on. “Bathroom.”

Kyle took a step closer. Jackson backed up another step and flipped another light switch to turn on a small bedside lamp. “And bedroom.”

“Your place has all the amenities. Booze, mood lighting, a big bed and you.”



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