Sunday, June 23, 2013

Double Diamonds now available

**Note - Due to Amber Quill Press closing, this title is out of print.**
Double Deuce and Deuce of Diamonds remain available as separate ebooks.

June 23, 2013

I must have missed the publisher's announcement this past week that Double Diamonds is available at Amazon. Not surprising considering my week started with my car getting nailed in the parking lot at work and went downhill from there. I'm amazed I got as much done as I did, but remember that I am woman. Hear me roar in a positive, kick ass, get it done and keep moving forward sort of way. I keep writing every day which is my version of taking a happy pill. And, for me, it works like sunshine!  

So I'll stop rambling and get to the promo - Double Diamonds is now available at Amazon. Yea! Double Diamonds is a single paperback containing the stories Double Deuce and Deuce of Diamonds, the story of Ian Coulter and Rick Mohr.

For more about Ian and Rick, please visit my website at

Contemporary gay romance mystery
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available now at 
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KC Kendricks

Monday, June 17, 2013

Accepting responsibility for your actions

June 17, 2013

It started out as any other Monday. I got up, went through my morning routine, drove to work, parked my car in my usual spot, and went inside to take care of business. I didn't get far.

I barely had the computer booted up when our custodian came into my office (a very excitable fellow on a good day and this was not) and said there'd been an accident in the parking lot involving my car.

Excuse me? My car?? My car was parked. I left her sitting in the sun, soaking up the rays, her pristine silver finish glistening with flawless perfection. When I parked her this morning she had not a scratch on her.

Then a woman driving a Ford Explorer somehow backed into my car. She cut across the parking lot and then backed up. And she backed up into the side of my car. Did I mention the lot I park in can accommodate seventy-five cars, but at 8:00 AM only three cars are on the lot? Mine, the custodian’s, and director’s. We’re the early birds - in early and out early.

Three cars in a huge lot and this careless woman can’t avoid them. 

Luckily for me the custodian and the financial director were in the parking lot at the time and saw it happen. Unluckily for her she wasn't able to rabbit out here, which by all reports was her first impulse.

What's wrong with people anyway? You make a careless mistake in your first impulse is to run and hide and try get away with it? Is that really where we’re going in this country?

I don't know why she thought she could run. Why would she want to bother trying to get away? How was this going to ruin HER day?

She's not the one who had to spend several hours on the phone with insurance companies. She's not the one who had to leave work and go to the body shop and get an estimate. She's not the one who had to go to the claims office and process a bunch paperwork. She's not the one who’s going to be driving some shit piece of rental car crap for four days. She simply thanked the police officer and merrily drove away. It's just not right.

I was minding my business. I was legally parked on my employer’s lot. She was on private property that doesn’t belong to her. And now I've lost a morning's work, my car is damaged, and I'm the one inconvenienced all the way around. And the person whose careless inattention caused the accident gets to drive away like nothing ever happened. It's just not right.

Just not right.


Saturday, June 8, 2013

A June Wedding

June 8, 2013

Today marks what would have been my parent's 58th wedding anniversary. My parents met when my father's sister married my mother's brother a few years earlier. The wedding was a small, private affair as my mother has never been fond of the "big and splashy" anything. The marriage lasted until my father's death in 1983.

This is one of only five pictures I have of that day. Mom's dress was tea-length with lace overlay and must have been expensive for its time, one of the few store-bought dresses she had up to that point. (Mom was an excellent seamstress in her day and we both dressed well for pennies.)

I wonder what my parents would be like together today. I know I'd no longer be embarrassed by their antics. Being older and hopefully wiser, I look back at them and realize how lucky I was to have parents who chased each other around the house.  How I ended up an only child is a real mystery.

Their future didn't work out as planned on June 8, 1955, but they made the best of the time they had together, and that's a lesson we should all take to heart.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

It's 4.5 Nymphs for Deuce of Diamonds

Thanks to Chocolate Minx at Literary Nymphs for her 4.5 Nymph review of Deuce of Diamonds. She gives a short story synopsis and then says, "KC Kendricks has created a splendid as well as an exceptionally enjoyable follow-up to Double Deuce."

Not a lot to work with on the promo circuit, but enough of a snippet to get the job done. I like her review style in that she doesn't use a review to promote herself. A review is supposed to be about the book and this reviewer sticks to business. And that's the highest praise KC will give.

You can read the entire review at:

And while we're doing a little promo here, Double Deuce and Deuce of Diamonds will be together in a single paperback, Double Diamonds, sometime this summer. I'll give a shout out on Twitter when it's available. Heck, I might even make it over to facebook.

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Contemporary gay romance mystery
available now AmazoniTunesBarnes and Noble, and Kobo.