Saturday, February 29, 2020

He and Me

February 29, 2020

Silently it prowls on the mountain, this misty fog,
Blanketing the winter world in stillness.
The trees stand as sentinels, 
unwavering and ghostly,
Watchers across the speeding years,
they can be no less.

Inside we sit, shoulder to knee,
sleek black head resting, eyes alert.
Outside the wet gray squirrels
rummage under his sharp gaze.
Whiskey brown orbs reveal the
dog’s interest, albeit covert,
No better companion could I ask for on this softening afternoon.

Daylight wans else we’d take to the woods
for a walk, and to talk.
He listens attentively to each word I utter,
praise to his beauty among them.
It needs wait for a warmer day to find a
bushy-tailed critter to stalk.
A starless night shrouds the outside world,
but we are content to breathe, he and me.

KC Kendricks

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Steel Wheels - a 5-star rating at Goodreads

February 16, 2020

Happy Daytona 500 Sunday! Don't call me this afternoon. Daytona is one of the few races I watch start to finish instead of tuning in late to see only the finish. 

But that's not the real news. The real news is Steel Wheels has a 5-star rating at Goodreads! Who knew? I didn't. I don't visit Goodreads often. It's more for readers than authors so I don't visit. Yes, I'm a reader, too, but authors with a big presence there tend to get themselves skewered for saying the wrong things. The readers at Goodreads can smell someone there simply to promote five mouse clicks away. It's their turf.

Well, here's to a little promoting on my own turf. So I snatched a screen cap. I'm delighted to learn people are enjoying the Ian Coulter series. 

The entire series is on Kindle Unlimited through April 2020. It's a trial run to see how well KU works, so my apologies to everyone who purchases through iTunes and other vendors. Be patient because the series will be available everywhere in May 2020. 

Until then, Steel Wheels can be found at

ABOUT Steel Wheels

Contemporary gay romance/Mystery/
Book 5 of Ian Coulter’s Amethyst Cove

When Amethyst Cove’s reigning drag queen is blackmailed, private investigator Ian Coulter searches to find the truth. He doesn’t believe his friend committed a murder and he won’t allow money to change hands. He gets support from his FBI lover Rick Mohr.

Ian and Rick have conquered a long road to be together. Working together is easy. Keeping their relationship strong is more difficult. With their wedding day approaching, Ian questions if he can go through with the ceremony but not his love for Rick.

When Ian is propositioned, Rick falls back into old ways. Ian’s guiltless but overcoming his jealousy isn’t easy for Rick. With time running out, they leave no avenue unexplored in their quest to find the truth and the blackmailer – before the honeymoon cruise. 

KC Kendricks

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Ian Coulter series now on Kindle Unlimited for a limited time

February 2, 2020

Happy Groundhog Day! This year, good old Phil says it's an early spring. He won't get an argument from me. I do see several green sprouts in the flower beds (I'm sure they're daffodils peeking up). 

To celebrate the coming spring, I've put all five of the Ian Coulter series on Kindle Unlimited for a limited time. Yep, they will be on KU until April 30, 2020. 

There are five books in the series - Double Deuce, Deuce of Diamonds, Ace Deuce Trey, Circle of Steel, and Steel Wheels. Private investigator Ian Coulter meets undercover agent Rick Mohr and sparks fly - until Rick solves his case and goes back to his life. That's not the end of their relationship, though. 

Rick can't move on. He knows he made a mistake walking away from Ian and they reconnect. They may have had a rocky beginning, but working through those trials cemented their relationship. 

Ian and Rick are my favorite couple. They do real life. They argue. They sometimes struggle. They love. They make it through a life-shattering event when Rick is wounded. They forgive and they work it out. When friends are threatened, they pool all their resources to keep them safe. Two strong - and headstrong - guys making a life together. 

I hope you'll give the Ian Coulter series a read. You won't regret it. 

You'll find excerpts and links at . 
Or you can go straight to my author page at Amazon

I think you'll enjoy Ian and Rick's journey. 

KC Kendricks

PS. To my dearly missed buddy the late Chris Grover - yes, I put books on KU. Please don't hold it against me.