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Before I started to write as KC Kendricks, I wrote under the pen name of Rayne Forrest. Publishing was different at the turn of the millennium with epublishing taking off and before the rise of the independent author. I wrote more traditional romance because that's what publishers wanted. I saw the m/m (slash) genre start to take off and since I enjoyed reading m/m, decided to write a couple of stories. But should I publish them under the Rayne Forrest brand?

The prevailing wisdom was no, I should not. Rayne Forrest's "brand" was not m/m, and KC Kendricks came into being. I never expected to eclipse the success of Rayne with KC, but that is what happened. 

The Rayne Forrest books are near and dear to my heart. I could shutter them, but having them available to readers is the better option. I hope you'll find a story among them that speaks to you. Enjoy!



The Rea Cheveyo Chronicles

                                         Kiana                         Talyss                              Reza

(The Rea Cheveyo Chronicles is a trilogy with a single story arc.
It is best enjoyed if read in this order.)

                           A Hero's Bargain                Across Time              A Hidden Heaven

                     Mischief at Midnight        The Curiosity Shoppe       To Bed a Spy

                   Money Back Guarantee       Beyond the Night             One Summer

                         Loving Luke                Right From the Start      After the Sea Sprite Ball

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