Thursday, January 30, 2014

I feel so techie!

January 30, 2014

Well pat myself on the back! 

Like a lot of writers I use a voice recognition program from time-to-time. It has its drawbacks as well as its pluses and the main thing I've never liked about it is the uncomfortable headset. Having my head squeezed so tightly to where I get a headache isn't conducive to producing quality work. (Nor is feeling like your brains are going to be squeezed out of an orifice, that's how tight the headset is.)

Somewhere along the line in my constant Internet browsing and reading to educate myself, I learned that I could possibly connect my Bluetooth earpiece to my computer and use it with the voice recognition. 

Really? It was a revelation that for a measly $20 I could get an adapter and do away with the headset. Saturday, when the spousal unit and I were in town for dinner, we stopped at the local electronics store (you know the one with the big blue and yellow sign) and got an adapter. In due course I settled down at the computer, loaded the software, and read the instructions on getting the new toy tool up and running. 

It was actually easier than what was described on several tech sites. 

1) Set the Bluetooth into discovery mode, which for my type was nothing more than holding a button down until it blinked red/blue at me
2) Click on the icon that popped up to accept the connection
3) Open the voice recognition software and hit the hot key to activate
4) Start talking.

Yippee ki ay!  

KC Kendricks

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Lady in Red

January 28, 2014

I'll confess to be a bit of a Duchess of Cambridge watcher. It's her shoes, okay? I'm not thirty-something and I have a drudge of an office job. Evening gowns have no place in my wardrobe. But shoes? Oh, baby, I can do shoes. 

So being in the market for a good pair of boots - who ISN'T in the market for good boots? I don't need to explain good boots to anyone. I'll move on.

I googled "Kate Middleton boots" to refresh my memory about a pair of black suede knee boots I remembered had something sort of cool going on with the zippers. This photo popped up and I about choked on my coffee. 

If ever a photo captured a woman, this is the one. Striding confidently with her lover and flashing a big smile. 

Yep. She'll do. 

Great boots, too.

KC Kendricks

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Leather Jackets for a cold My Sexy Saturday morning

January 25, 2014
**Updated 4/2/21 - the My Sexy Saturday blog hop has been discontinued.**

It's another My Sexy Saturday and this week I have seven sexy paragraphs from Leather Jackets. I chose Leather Jackets because I wore mine one day this past week and about froze my a$$ off. For the record, I'm done with this winter stuff. Enough, already!

So let's warm up a bit with Wynn and Jude.


Book six of the Men of Marionville series
Contemporary gay romance available now 

AmazoniTunesBarnes and NobleKobo and other online book sellers. 

“Maybe, Wynn, but perhaps not. You had things you had to do. I had things I wanted to do.”

“Having you with me would have made it all sweeter.” He lowered his mouth to mine.

I was startled by the gentle poignancy of his kiss. For a split second, he laid himself bare for me, then I opened my lips and invited him in. The change in him was swift. A deep groan rumbled in his chest. His pelvis flexed to mine. My balls drew up as my cock swelled, eager for his touch, for the wet swipe of his tongue.

Wynn’s lips trailed fire down my neck and along my jaw line. My heart pounded as the skin on my back and buttocks prickled. Deep inside, small muscles twitched with anticipation of something I couldn’t be sure would happen. I hooked my foot around the back of his knees and rolled us against the other seat. We ended up on our sides facing each other.

“Damn, it’s tight quarters in here.”

Wynn’s big hand clamped onto my ass and squeezed. “We had to promise no sex in the limo to keep our driver happy. But he turns a blind eye to the occasional little grope-and-pant session.” His cool hand dipped under the waistband of my pants and his long fingers wrapped around my hard shaft and moved in short strokes. I rested my forehead to his.

“Oh, God. Every time I jerk off, I think of your hand.” I cupped his balls through his slacks.


 KC Kendricks

Life through the eyes of Greenbrier Smokey Deuce:

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Deja vu strikes

January 22, 2014

All you retailers out there, read up. Us middle-age folks just don't understand all these new-fangled gizmos you're using. We've got money, honest we do. Let us select our purchases, put them into our basket, and continue shopping. We get a little testy when you treat us like criminals. We're hard-working-tax-paying-born-on-American-soil-go-to-church-meeting-law-abiding-baby-boomer-citizens. While we don't excuse our little laspes, such as leaving a mess of men's toiletries lying in the aisle, we are far from contrite. In fact, some of us will never be contrite again.

To what do I refer?

The spousal unit decided he needed a new electric shaver. No problem - or so you'd think. It turned out to be a big problem, same as the last time.

We hopped into his full-size Chevy Silverado pickup with an extended cab and honking big redneck tires able to plow through a foot of snow like it's confetti, and we did sally forth into the bitter cold night to the not-so-local pharmacy. It's about ten miles from our home to what passes for a town. And did I mention it was freakin' cold?

The spousal unit drives through the parking lot and not finding a reserved handicapped parking space (yes, he has HD license plates) he picked out a really tiny parking space in which to park his truck. (Please refer back to the line which describes said truck as a full size Chevy Silverado.) We slip and slide across a poorly plowed parking lot into the pharmacy and find the aisle with the electric shavers and that's when the trouble started. Again.

Yes, we've been down this particular ugly road before, about seven years ago, and with the same consequences. It was deja vu in a different store.

The security boxes will not, WILL NOT, come off the hook on which they attached. We looked for the security latch, but no luck. So my beloved gave the box a good yank. Giving the box a good yank had consequences. Remember Newton's Law that states for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Right. The box was attached to the metal pegboard-thingee which was attached to the shelf-unit-thingee which was not attached to the floor.

Also not attached to anything - men's deodorant, men's hair color, men's shampoo and, of course, condoms. At least nothing shattered into a million pieces upon landing on the floor. BUT the electric shaver came loose and we ran to the checkout as fast as we could knowing one true fact:

The only safe place for us is on our mountain.

We have no clue as to why electric shavers are hot contraband. I have no clue why we couldn't convince the clerk to help us, either. Apparently she couldn't lock the cash register and come help. The experience has left us a bit jaded and thinking maybe we need to reconsider big online retailers. And that's a shame because we think buying local is important and we endeavor to do so.

But I'm not sure we can go back to that pharmacy. Considering the mess we left in our wake, they might not allow us in the door....

KC Kendricks

Saturday, January 18, 2014

A dusting of snow

January 18, 2014

I missed signing up for today's My Sexy Saturday and the sky did fall - we got a dusting of snow in the overnight hours. My world looks white and clean this morning, but it won't last. The fine powder is already blowing off tree limbs and branches, and in a few hours will be gone. It was pretty to wake up to, though. 

It was a hectic week. Getting the new processor up and running has taken a lot longer than I thought. You see, the moment I mentioned I had purchased a new processor, my lovely stepdad had to rush out and get one, too. Guess who he called for help? 

Laughing at the man who takes care of your mother, and does it quite well, simply isn't very kind, but I couldn't help myself. I hope that doesn't make me too much of a bad person, but ....okay, I'm laughing again thinking about it so maybe I should move on. He's really a great guy and it's nice to be needed, isn't it? 

I'm not sure where the hours will lead me today. The dusting of snow tempts me toward the outdoors for a walk, but since my old dog's arthritic feet don't allow him to travel far, the lure of clean, crisp air is muted. I miss his presence on my walks but I can't bring myself to get a pup. How could I take off on a walk with a young dog knowing it would distress my poor old love to be left behind? I can't do that. So if I go for a solitary walk, I'll sneak out of the house while he's napping. 

The fact that part of my day will be spent working on a story goes without saying. I'm down to the very last pages in Fallon and Sundown's latest adventure. A lot of truth about the Chal shapeshifters come to light in this story and it leaves Fallon wondering about his total involvement with his lover. Maybe not a happy thought, but certainly a natural progression to their story. 

With that said, it's time to get to it. The cup of coffee I made in our handy-dandy K-cup machine needs a trip to the nuker to be warmed. Being Saturday, I need to check for updates on all the electronic gizmos that crowd my life these days and then I need to get some writing done. 

Have a great Saturday! 



Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Hard Habit to Break for My Sexy Saturday (week 31)

January 11, 2014

**Updated 4/2/21 - the My Sexy Saturday blog hop has been discontinued.**

Baby, it's cold outside! So let's heat it up a bit for the first My Sexy Saturday of the New Year with a first kiss from A Hard Habit to Break, the first book in the Men of Marionville series.

(I had a little trouble getting the linky-list to show at the end of this post so click My Sexy Saturday to see this week's participants if it's not there.)

= = = = = = = = = =
Crap. He was sliding downhill fast. How much alcohol had he consumed before I arrived? I put my arms around him, drinking in the feel of his lean body against mine. He held me tightly, clinging like a man drowning. Maybe he was, and not from the booze.  “Let’s go to your place. We can stop and get some coffee on the way.”

His eyebrows shot upward. “No food or drink in my car, Heath Kelley, or have you forgotten?”

I’d never forget dumping soda all over the inside of his first car, and apparently neither would he. I licked my lips. “It was an accident. Besides, you were the one that hit the pothole and bounced me around.”

Before he could reply, I pulled his mouth to mine.

The touch shot through me. I meant to keep the kiss brief, even chaste, but Travis seized the advantage, his lips moved hungrily over mine. My mind whirled with memories of that long-ago kiss, which had been almost innocent, and his more recent words of denial. Heat swept through me, even as I tried to pull away. I couldn’t do this tonight, not when he might regret it once he sobered up.  I broke off the kiss so I could gather my wits. Travis grabbed me, his arms like steel bands around me.

“Don’t run, Heath. I’m sorry.”

I held him as tightly as he held me. "Don't be sorry, not for this C'mon. Let's get you home."
= = = = = = = = =

For more information and a longer excerpt from A Hard Habit to Break, click here.

KC Kendricks

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What's ahead for 2014? Wouldn't it be nice to know?

January 8, 2014

What AM I going to do in 2014? 

I did a 2013 year in review blog so it stands to reason I should follow it up with the prerequisite speculation into 2014. The only problem with that is.... well, hell. It's Wednesday. My desk has neat little piles of all over it, and I can't think past the fact the copier sounds like it's about to croak. I sure picked a bad time to thing about blogging. But perhaps I digress.

I'm stepping into 2014 with a new processor, which should be interesting. I haven't gotten a new machine in quite a few years and so have skipped over a few operating systems. I suspect I'll be purchasing new software, too. Will it help me write faster? I doubt it since I'll still have my same trusty wireless keyboard that sometimes forgets to register keystrokes. (I mention that in case my editor reads this and starts to get excited about maybe finding an "s" everywhere one is supposed to be. Not gonna happen, I'm afraid. I know myself and that keyboard too well.)

On the writing front, I find I'm not as far along as I'd hoped. I'm working hard on the next Sundown story and making lots of notes for the next Ian Coulter tale, a follow-up to Deuce of Diamonds. Yes, there is some big, let's say BIG news on the horizon, but until the digital ink is on the digital page, I can't share. But you know me after all this time, I can, of course, give you a tease. 

The Men of Marionville will also be back in 2014 when a friend of Dylan's moves to town to join him in a business venture. After that, a shopkeeper hires a helper and sparks fly, and somewhere in this mix two guys in the same apartment building meet and find their careers, and lives, are about to intertwine.

So that's five books on top of family, friends, fun and a full-time job. AND let's not forget the 2014 A to Z Blogging Challenge in April. And since I'm stuck on the letter "f" I'll mention that I hope to do better on facebook now that I have a handle on Twitter.

It looks like 2014 is going to be a fantastic and fulfilling year. I hope you'll come along for the read. 

KC Kendricks

Monday, January 6, 2014

It's a shopper beware world

January 6, 2014

Happy Epiphany! Today, in Christian circles, marks the arrival of the three wise kings to greet the newborn Jesus. A lot of folks leave their decorations up until today, but I jumped ship on that this year and took it all down on New Year's Day. But I'm not blogging today to talk about camels. I wish I were. 

Today was not a good day and I feel compelled to tell my story as a warning to others. 

I visited a warehouse "Club" today to get a few things. At the checkout, I handed the cashier my club card and my check. Her cellphone was lying beside her drawer. As she processed my check, she lifted her cell phone in a what I thought was a strange manner and slipped it into her pocket. 

I immediately confronted her, point blank. "Did you take a picture of my check and card with your phone?" 

She replied she did not - what else would she say? I was not reassured and went to the membership desk and asked to see a supervisor. I told him what had happened and he confirmed the cashiers are not allowed to have their cell phones out of their pockets while at the register. I asked them to issue me a new account number on the spot, and they did. 

More worrisome was that she might have gotten my checking account number. 

I went to my bank, had a very enlightening chat about my legal options with bank personnel, and transferred all but the minimal amount to cover the check I'd just written to another account. The bank will assist me in watching to see if anyone attempts to access my checking account.  

Suffice it to say, I'm concerned. 

The management of the big "- Club" pulled the cashier off her station immediately. I hope they insisted on seeing her phone. (Actually, bitchy as it is of me, I hope they fired her to protect themselves. She broke a rule of employment to their detriment and an unhappy customer is blogging about it. They can't view the end result as good promo.) 

I would hope the cashier is smart enough to know I have her name should I suddenly begin to have identity theft problems. Heck, I have a cell phone of my own. I might even have a picture of her stored away for a lawsuit should "problems" arise within my financial empire. I think I'll snap a photo of everyone who is about to handle anything that touches my finances. 

Will I shop at that "Club" again? Not for a long time. Maybe never again. Right now I'm leaning toward the never again, but I might work past it. I'll see how I feel when my annual membership fee is assessed. 

This all happened in the blink of an eye. Had I not been paying attention, she'd have gotten away with it, if in fact she did snap a photo of my information. 

I trusted my instincts which say better safe than sorry. This is the first time I've experienced this and it will change the way I shop. I don't know what has happened to the world in the last few years. Five years ago, I don't think it would have happened. 

If you work as a cashier and your employer says no phones at the register, please remember this rule of employment can also protect you. 

When you shop, be alert. Trust your instincts. Don't be afraid to inform management if you suspect a problem. You may save more people than yourself - even your grandmother. 

KC Kendricks