Saturday, December 27, 2008

In the running for a 2008 CAPA

**updated 6/26/17**

Some things sort of sneak up on a person, like getting a 5-Heart review for Passion's Victory at The Romance Studio. It was rewarding to get that review back in September, but at the time, I didn't connect the dots.

By virtue of that 5-Heart review, Passion's Victory is in the running for a 2008 CAPA in the erotic contemporary romance category.

Woohoo, baby! Very cool!

KC Kendricks

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Shining Victory gets two great reviews

December 13, 2008

Shining Victory has gotten two great reviews, so far. A 4.5/5 star review from Jesse Wave, and a 4 Star (that equals 'great' on their scale) from Rainbow Reviews. My thanks to the reviewers for all their kinds words about Shining Victory.

Matthew at Rainbow Reviews said, "Shining Victory by KC Kendricks is terrific, very romantic, passionate, and sexy."

Jesse Wave said a lot - all good, so go read the review :) One thing said did say really meant a lot: "I love this writer in the way her stories end and she doesn't insult the reader's intelligence." 

Wow. That's the best thing anyone has ever said about me in a review, to date.

Coming soon! A Taste of Victory. All three Victory stories in one paperback. I don't have a release date yet, but it will be soon :)

So that's my news of the week as I get ready to head out to one of the many Christmas gathering I go to every year.

If I don't make it back before - have a wonderful holiday season!

KC Kendricks

Friday, December 5, 2008

Amber Allure/Amber Heat November Top Ten Lists

December 5, 2008

The Top Ten list for November 2008 is out, and I'm very pleased to see Shining Victory ranked at number SEVEN!!! That's just for three days in November!!!! Yes, I'm practicing cartwheels. I don't care if it's undignified.
Thanks to everyone who purchased (or will purchase) any or all of the Victory series. It's very rewarding to have these stories so well received. - KC
1. Beautiful Disaster - J. M. Snyder (Gay / Contemporary)
2. Interlude - Vivien Dean (Gay / Contemporary)
3. Pulling Away - Shawn Lane (Gay / Contemporary)
4. Calendar Boys-November: Over Here - Jamie Craig (Gay / Werewolf)
5. Hot Male - Adrianna Dane (Gay / Futuristic)
6. The Gallery On Main Street - Christiane France (Gay / Contemporary)
7. Shining Victory - KC Kendricks (Gay / Contemporary)
8. VGL Male Seeks Same - Rick R. Reed (Gay / Contemporary)
9. Portrait Of A Kiss - T. D. McKinney & Terry Wylis (Gay / Paranormal / Ghosts)
10. Elected - Pepper Espinoza (Gay / Contemporary)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Shining Victory is now available

**updated 6/26/17**

November 28, 2008

Shining Victory
m/m contemporary

Stacy James survived a life-shattering accusation to become a successful businessman with a lot to offer a partner. He's finally put his ghosts to rest, and is ready for someone in his life if the right person comes along.

Young and wild, ace mechanic Levi Wright builds engines made for speed. When Levi's volatile temper lands him nose-to-nose with trouble, Stacy ignores his own rules and steps in to save Levi from making a big mistake. But Stacy can't ignore Levi's smoldering sexuality as the younger man then pursues him.

And Levi has made it clear he's out to get his man.

…He stood still, motionless, as the light from the window formed a sunburst around him. His blue eyes searched my face with silent questions, ones I knew, although I was unsure about the answers. My lips tingled with the memory of his kiss. I reached out and gave his shoulder a light squeeze. The corner of his sensuous mouth twitched into a quirky, lopsided smile.

Low and husky, his voice made me shiver with longing. “You think I bite, Stacy James?”

I trailed my hand down his arm and grasped his wrist, pulling him a step closer. “What if I do, puppy? You don’t know a thing about me.”

The smile on his face widened. His gaze never left mine. “Sure I do. You’re the hottest old man who ever threw a punch to save my ass.”

I reached out with my other hand and tucked my fingers beneath his belt to yank him against me. Heat rolled off him in tiny waves, but the skin on his arm prickled with gooseflesh as I ran my fingertips across it.

“Call me old again, and I’ll show you what old can do.”

Levi licked his lips, taunting me. “So show me…old man.”

I pulled his lips to mine until they almost touched. “You’re too eager,” I whispered.

His hand cupped my aching balls as his thumb ran across my bulging zipper.

“Eager? Me? You’ve got some nerve calling me eager.”

Quick as lightning, his hand snaked down the front of my jeans…

Shining Victory is available at:

KC Kendricks

Thursday, November 6, 2008

What's new in KC's world? Updates, galore!

November 9, 2008

Suddenly, I seem to have a lot of updates. Oh, they didn't all happen at once, but I've been so immersed in the day job, and writing a story, I wasn't paying proper attention. Now it's time to lift my head, blink at the bright lights, and take in the new scenery around me.

First up! Shining Victory, the third and final story in the Victory series, will be released later this month. Originally, it had been slated for the sixteenth, but the publisher needed to juggle, so Shining Victory took the hit. These things happen in publishing, and if you're an aspiring writer, all you can do is grin and bear it. And if you have a great publisher like Trace, you can threaten him with wet noodles.

Now.... drum roll, please.... All three Victory stories are going to be combined into one great paperback edition! I'm thrilled! That's the 2008 Amber Heat Wave Winner, Surrendered Victory, Passion's Victory, and Shining Victory, all in one paperback - A TASTE OF VICTORY. Yea!!! That should be available sometime in December if all goes well. **6/26/17 update - A Taste of Victory is no longer available.**

And if that's not enough, I signed up for my first Amber PAX, coming in 2009. The theme is rich man, poor man, and as soon as I saw it, I had an idea.

Surrendered Victory and Passion's Victory are now available at All Romance eBooks. I missed that move completely until this past weekend. If you've not opened an account at ARE, you should, and here's why. Let me just step out of the way, first, so no one knocks me down. Okay.... ARE has free reads. And by some rather well-known names, too.

If you need the links to my books at ARE, please visit my website and click on the ARE banners. Now, you know I have to do something to get you to visit my website!

Finally, when you get the December 2008 edition of Romantic Times Book Reviews, make sure you check out pages 110-111 for the Amber Heat/Amber Allure ad. Yes, Surrendered Victory is there, page 110, down in the corner under your left thumb.

That's my updates for now. Just remember to visit my website at

Oh, yeah - one more new thing. I joined Twitter. You know, blogging for those with ADD, or ADHD, or CRAFT, or whatever those letters are. I'm still figuring it out, but feel free to go do whatever it is you do at Twitter. I'll catch up, sooner or later.

I'll be blogging at the Amber Quill blog on Friday, November 14th, so stop by.

Don't forget to click over to Saturday Evening Romance and bookmark it. Saturday Evening Romance is a blog where you'll find excerpts from a wide range of stories and genres, writers and publishers.

Catch you next time around.

KC Kendricks

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rare Moments

October 26, 2008

I've been a bit remiss in my blogging this month. The only excuse I have is I've been writing and enjoying the autumn weather. I also have a new wall unit in the living room. It's amazing how one new piece of furniture can inspire domicile-wide changes to accent pieces, valances, scatter rugs. Yes, amazing and expensive, and totally worth the boost in the home's energy.

All the energy spills over into the writing. The 'new story' is well underway as Shining Victory is in the editing process. My editor was easier on me this time, but that's because I've learned a lot about what she flags. Every editor is different so it takes a few books to write to their 'style' as well as your own. And you thought we just typed what we wanted. I wish.

The new story has, I hope, a different flow. Whereas 'romance' has a basic formula (she wants, but can't have, because, until), this story is more along the lines of he wants, he gets, he loses, then he regains. Okay, so maybe that's not so different, after all.

It's all about the basic struggle to find that special person, fall in love, and make it work.

It's all about those rare moments when two people can walk into a furniture store and totally agree about spending eleven hundred bucks just to have something to sit a television on.

KC Kendricks

** Update - Shining Victory is now available. More info can be found at Victory.html 


If you're a writer, check out the opportunity to post excerpts at my open promo blog, Saturday Evening Romance. Guidelines are at the blogsite. If you're a reader, check out the excerpts from a wide variety of writers.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

September Top Tens

Congratulations are in order! Here's the top ten list from Amber Allure and Amber Heat for September 2008.

No, KC Kendricks didn't make it because Shining Victory was released too late in the month, but I was there in June with Surrendered Victory, and August with Passion's Victory (and I think July, too, with SV, but the mind gets foggy some days).

1. Precious Ache - Amanda Young (Gay / Contemporary)
2. Calendar Boys-September: A Simple Truth - Jamie Craig (Gay / Contemporary)
3. Stealing West - Jamie Craig (Gay / Historical / Old West)
4. Wanted - J. M. Snyder (Gay / Historical / Old West)
5. Eight Seconds - Barrie Abalard (Gay / Western)
6. Cave Creek Cowboy Total Top - Brit Blaise (Gay / Western)
7. Spirit Sanctuary - Gabrina Garza (Gay / Western)
8. Peanut Butter Kisses - Pepper Espinoza (Gay / Contemporary)
9. A Renaissance In Blood - Jamie Craig (Gay / Vampire / BDSM)
10. Addicted - Cassie Stevens (Gay / Contemporary / BDSM)

Congratulations to all!

KC Kendricks

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Shining Victory by KC Kendricks

**updated 6/26/17**

September 27, 2008

This has been quite the year! The last installment of the victory series, Shining Victory, is contracted with a November release date. November! That's just around the corner.

Trace Edward Zaber, the guy at the helm over at Amber Allure, has once again given me a great cover that goes perfectly with the previous two (Surrendered Victory, Passion's Victory). Thanks, Trace.

Stacy James survived a life-shattering accusation to become a successful businessman with a lot to offer a partner. At forty, he’s finally put his ghosts to rest, and is ready for someone in his life, if the right person comes along.

Young and wild, ace mechanic Levi Wright builds engines made for speed. When Levi’s volatile temper lands him nose-to-nose with trouble, Stacy ignores his own rules and steps in to save Levi from making a big mistake. But Stacy can’t ignore Levi’s smoldering sexuality as the younger man then pursues him.

And Levi has made it clear – he’s out to get his man.

This was such an easy story to write. I hope you like it. (Certainly easier than posting this blog and having it look right, which it still doesn't.)

I also have a new venture, something I hope will catch on. So many people have been kind since I became published, I wanted to give back a bit. To that end, I opened Saturday Evening Romance at for readers to discover new-to-them writers, and to give writers a place to promote their stories regardless of their publisher.

Happy autumn, everyone!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Buzz on Passion's Victory

Good things seem to come in fits and spurts, have you ever noticed? This week, Passion's Victory has gotten two new reviews.

From Rainbow Reviews: "Passion's Victory is a story with heat and heart."

I don't know about other writers and how they react to things like that, but that got me right in the heart. What a wow! thing for someone to say about one of my stories. Excuse me if I sniffle, but as I said in an earlier post, I just can't pretend I'm not thrilled over reviews like that.

From Literary Nymphs: "Passion's Victory is a touching, thoughtful and realistic love story of two men meeting at very different stages in their lives. KC Kendricks has again created two terrific and very likable characters in Micah and Jonas."

That's like... a double wow!

Thanks to Nikki and Woodland Nymph for the reviews. I'm so glad both of you enjoyed Passion's Victory.

KC Kendricks

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fallen Angel Reviews gives Passion's Victory 4 Angels

"Who doesn't love a good office romance story? Passion's Victory...well worth the read." - April, Reviewer, Fallen Angel Reviews

Getting a review is like fishing. You never know what you'll catch. I've been lucky so far, and have had nice things said about my stories. I hope that trend continues.

Please visit my website for more about Passion's Victory.

KC Kendricks

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Passion's Victory garners 4.5 stars from Jesse Wave

August 26, 2008

**Updated 6/26/17**

It's not often I have the chance to actually chat with a reviewer, but yesterday I had the opportunity to trade emails with the charming Jesse Wave. It came about due to a problem with blogger. Jesse reviewed Passion's Victory, and no matter how hard I tried, the page wouldn't open for me. Being the impatient sort, I emailed. In short order the problem was resolved and I was able to read the review for Passion's Victory

I have to say, it's very rewarding to know a reviewer has actually read a story, and not written a review based on the website blurb and excerpt. And when you know they've read it, and they give it 4 1/2 out of 5 stars, it's great.

See, I just can't pretend it's not thrilling to get a good review. I can't play it all laid-back and cool. Don't know how. If I thought I could still pull off doing a cartwheel without breaking my neck, I'd be doing them!

For more information on Passion's Victory, please visit my website at .

KC Kendricks

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Passion's Victory is now available

August 16, 2008

**Updated 6/26/17**

When passion is the prize, it’s time to change the rules….

About Passion's Victory:

Micah Souther is young, talented, and gay. As the junior owner of the family business, he knows better than to look for love “on the clock.”

Jonas Chadwick is the new guy at the firm. Older, wiser, and a survivor of the school of hard knocks, he’s not in the market for an office romance, even if he knows for certain his young boss is gay.

One kiss is all it takes to send Micah and Jonas on a collision course, and when bodies collide, the friction gets hot...

To read a long excerpt, please visit .


Writing is a strange profession. Like a lover, it teases, pleases, and fulfills. And like a lover, it is sometimes full of surprises. Passion's Victory gifted me with a wonderful surprise. Micah and Jonas refused to stay with the original plot, and their story became better because of it. I hope you'll enjoy Passion's Victory. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Still more surprises!

July 29, 2008

The quarterly best seller list came out at Amber Allure, and Surrendered Victory came in at #4 for the entire second quarter.

Yes, I looked at that list, squeezed my eyes tightly closed, and looked again. Well, stared at it is closer to the truth. No matter how many times I blinked, it stayed at #4.

Do I feel a wee bit sheepish? Yes.

Am I thrilled? Yes.

Am I enjoying the ride? You betcha! It wouldn't be honest to say I wasn't :)

With the fun of having a story hit the lists comes the "what ifs." What if the next story doesn't do as well? What if the reviewers don't like the next story? You know what? That may be the case, and if it is, then so be it. Even Cal Ripken didn't hit a home run every time at bat. All I can do is keep having fun with my writing.

What makes this so sweet is that I love Surrendered Victory, and I think it's okay to admit that.

The next story? The first round edits of Passion's are done and it's sitting in my editor's files as I type. In the midst of editing, the Big Idea struck me how to make the current work-in-progress a bit more interesting. Now if the Big Title would do the same....

KC Kendricks

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rainbow Reviews gives Surrendered Victory 5 Stars

July 17, 2008

"Surrendered Victory is a brilliant story...a highly recommended erotic romance story that persuades not just on the erotic part, but also on the romance part." - Rainbow Reviews

Someday, soon I hope, I'll move past the shell-shocked phase of great reviews, crawl back into my office, and go back to writing. In typical fashion, I'm amazed that people like my story. I mean, I LIKE IT, but I'm supposed to like it since I wrote it.

My thanks to shoganrea at Rainbow Reviews for such a wonderful review and so many kind words. I hope my next story, Passion's Victory, fares as well.

More information about Surrendered Victory is available at my website. 

KC Kendricks

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Passion's Victory

**updated 6/26/17**

July 13, 2008

I'm not yet over the excitement (and writer's satisfaction) of having Surrendered Victory hit the best seller list at Amber Allure and today I get a new thrill. The cover for Passion's Victory is finished! Not only is it finished, but I love it. Kudos go to Trace Edward Zaber at Amber Allure for a great set of covers that compliment each other so well.

For more about Passion's Victory, coming soon, please click the link to visit my website.

KC Kendricks

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Surrendered Victory - #2 Best Seller in June '08

July 2, 2008

What a month it's been! Having Surrendered Victory be released was pretty cool. I think it's a neat little story, but hey, I wrote it so I'm supposed to feel that way. Yesterday, it got even better.

Yesterday I ran through my emails and found one from our fearless leader at Amber Allure, Trace, with the June 2008 Best Seller listing. Surrendered Victory was #2.

TWO!! TWO!!! TWO!! I'd have tried a cartwheel but I know better.

Number Two on the best seller list with my first male/male romance. Yes, I'm stoked.

Maybe I should play it coy, duck my head and say something inane like how it doesn't really matter, but I won't. Nope. Not me. I'm not into faking it.

I'm stoked, boys and girls. I lift my glass of Bailey's over ice in celebration! I may never make it here again so I'll rejoice while I can.

Surrendered Victory is #2 on the June 2008 best seller list at Amber Allure!

KC Kendricks

Saturday, June 7, 2008

It feels like the first time

June 7, 2008

It's almost time, so I've "acquired" the Amber Quill Press Amber Heat Wave Contest Winner 2008 logo for on my website and blog. Don't you love that right click, save as feature?

I've added the link to Surrendered Victory on the APQ site, and taken a deep breath. I'm not really sure what I expect to happen when this story goes live, all I can say is it feels like the first time all over again. I'm excited, and a little scared. What if no one likes the story? We writers can be an insecure lot, you know.

My second KC Kendricks story is finished and it's time to send it off to my editor and see what response I get. Maybe I should have sent it in sooner. Hmmm. Did I mention we writers like to second-guess ourselves, too?

Maybe I'll just go watch the Belmont Stakes, root for Big Brown, and then get back to work. That sounds like a good plan for a quiet Saturday night when it's too hot to sit on the porch swing and swat at the bugs.

More about Surrendered Victory at


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Kid on the Block

June 3, 2008

Being the "new kid" on the block isn't easy, especially if in another life you're the old veteran. Everyone at Amber Quill that I'd had occasion to speak with has been kind beyond measure. It means so much to be in a group with such spirit of generosity.

My thanks to Adrianna Dane for setting me up on the Amber Heat and Amber Allure Authors blog so I can blog there on June 22, 2008. And here. Blogs everywhere. Ain't it grand?

KC Kendricks

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The touch of a hand

May 28, 2008

I should be past this stage. You know, the stage where the butterflies hit the stomach and have a little party. The tentative release date for Surrendered Victory is June 8, 2008. Do you believe in signs? Sometimes, I do. June 8th would have been my parent's wedding anniversary. My mother and I still always mention it. It's hard to believe my father has been gone for twenty-five years.

Maybe having a tentative date of June 8th is a good thing, then. I'm going to say that it is.

This past weekend I got the galley for Surrendered Victory. The galley is the last chance a writer has to go over the story before its final format. I'm pleased to say I only saw four or five things, and they were small. Like changing the word 'bar' to 'pub.' That sort of thing. The changes make no difference to the story, just improves visualization for the reader.

Working with Amber Allure has been a breeze. Their process is seamless and painless. The accolades they get from their authors are well-deserved. I sincerely hope I have a home there for the majority of my m/m stories. It's too bad they can't bottle their process or sprinkle it around like fairy dust to benefit all.

With the release of Surrendered Victory coming up so soon, here's a little teaser. This is what appears inside the front cover.


His hand rested on the table, palm down, relaxed. The pale band around his wrist where he normally wore a watch showed off his suntan. Slowly, he rolled his hand over. Anyone watching wouldn’t think a thing about the small gesture, so easy and natural as he did it. But I knew it for what it really was.

Invitation. Promise. Please.

My own personal Rubicon lay before me. The line that once crossed changed worlds. What was would cease and what was to be would come to life with the touch of that hand, and I trembled in the face of it.

Always before I’d shied away from this moment, running from the commitment the acceptance of truth would bring to my door. There would be no more denials, no more flight. If I crossed my Rubicon, I would be forever changed.The freedom that beckoned took my breath away in much the same orgasmic way Dalton did…

Surrendered Victory by KC Kendricks
more info at

KC Kendricks

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Surrendered Victory - The Cover is Up!

May 3, 2008

**This post has been edited. This is the second cover for Surrendered Victory**

Sometime today while I was out getting groceries and living a mundane life, the cover for Surrendered Victory arrived. Yea!!

Talk about butterflies in your stomach. There's a whole swarm, or flock, or herd, or whatever a group of butterflies are called, in there flapping around.

I think it's a great cover for the story.

The KC Kendricks website is coming along nicely. The first excerpt from Surrendered Victory is posted. If you're over the age of 18, check it out.

Have a safe and happy Saturday night.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

By Any Other Name

March 27, 2008

It’s official. I’ve signed the contract for Surrendered Victory, filled out all those annoying publisher forms, sent them back, signed up at various social media sites, and gotten a website. All in the name of KC Kendricks. I’d forgotten how much work is involved in launching a new name.

Or maybe it just seems like more work because I know and want to get everything done NOW! Whatever it is, I’ve made good progress this past month.

Now it’s time to start doing some promo, like blogging, and what better topic to being with than an explanation of why a multi-published author would suddenly decide to reinvent herself under another name. The answer is easy: subject matter.

Not everyone wants to read homoerotic stories. I don’t want those readers familiar with my work to pick up a book and discover it’s something they would never, ever read. I want to do everything in my power to respect those readers and delineate between my more traditional stories and my GLBT stories.

If you happen to like both – great! I’ve discovered I like writing both. It’s a match made in epublishing. I try to approach both styles with an eye to the sensual and the sensitive.

Readers familiar with the chatter on the Yahoo loops will recognize the word, “branding.” Simply put, branding is the connection you make when you see or hear an author’s name to the content of the stories she writes. KC Kendricks brand is what is lately called contemporary male/male romance, or contemporary GLBT romance.

So is it worth all the effort to brand KC Kendricks to one style of writing? You bet. Come along for the ride and see.


PS. What does the KC stand for? Nothing. I just like the initials.

Surrendered Victory - more information at

Saturday, March 1, 2008

You Got to Know When to Hold 'Em

March 1, 2008

The email came this morning. The first official submission by KC Kendricks has been accepted by Amber Quill Press for publication this summer.

Amber Quill only accepts submissions for two weeks out of the year in a contest format. Competition is stiff. I've been published under another name for several years, but would an unknown name stand a chance among 200 entries?

Obviously, yes. This is doubly affirming for me. In an industry where praise can be merely lip service, the writer constantly wonders if they actually live up to some of the hype. It's nice to know that occasionally we do.

Now there is much to do - a website to create, and promotional material to design. I'm excited - thrilled even - to be starting a new venture.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Tumblin' Dice

January 1, 2008

With a new year comes new challenges. The first - "KC Kendricks" becoming a published author. Writing the stories has been easy. Getting them contracted as an unknown will be difficult. I'm up for challenge, I think.

First up, a roll of the dice with the Amber Quill yearly submission call. I'm submitting a piece to Amber Allure. You don't know me as KC Kendricks yet, but maybe you will. 

Wish me luck!


KC Kendricks