Saturday, September 30, 2017

Surrendered Victory by KC Kendricks

September 30, 2017

Surrendered Victory is now available at iTunes, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo! And with a bit of luck, it will be live at Amazon tonight!


Surrendered Victory

Contemporary gay romance

Dalton makes Reed tingle in all the right places. Now Reed’s ready to answer the question that’s haunted his every failed relationship. Is he really gay?

Reed walked into Dalton’s life and everything changed. This time, Dalton won’t hide the fact he’s gay from anyone, even his son.

Together they surrender all to each other and claim the ultimate victory.


…Dalton's hand rested on the table, palm down, relaxed. The pale band around his wrist where he normally wore a watch showed off his suntan. Slowly, he rolled his hand over. Anyone watching wouldn’t think a thing about the small gesture, so easy and natural as he did it. But I knew it for what it really was.

Invitation. Promise. Please.

My own personal Rubicon lay before me. The line that once crossed changed worlds. What was would cease and what was to be would come to life with the touch of that hand, and I trembled in the face of it.

Always before I’d shied away from this moment, running from the commitment the acceptance of truth would bring to my door. There would be no more denials, no more flight. If I crossed my Rubicon, I would be forever changed.

The freedom that beckoned took my breath away in much the same orgasmic way Dalton did…


Dalton spoke so softly in my ear, his voice low and rough, that I marveled I heard him above the pounding of my heart.

“Trust me, Reed. Tonight is for simple things. I want to fuck you in the worst kind of way, but maybe not tonight. You set the pace. Just relax and enjoy. Okay?”

I nodded, relieved and yet disappointed. I wanted to fuck him, too, and in my ignorance wondered how much of a problem that posed for him since he wanted me. His hands slid around my waist, down across my hips to grip the inside of my thighs.

Arousal shrieked through me. As I pressed firmly back to him, his hands held me to his pelvis, his cock pressed firmly into the cleft of my ass. Something gave way within me. I’d let him fuck me. I wanted him. I rocked into him, and he grabbed me. I tried to turn, to shove him to the bed. His balance was too good. He didn’t budge.

“Slow down,” he urged me breathlessly.

I couldn’t.

I bucked wildly against him, but his strength at least equaled mine. His arms tightened like bands of steel around me, holding me, forcing me to be still. I couldn’t breathe. Sweat trickled down my chest. I hung on the verge, riding the knife-edge of impending orgasm. I fought my way back to sanity, struggling to hold on to his words,  “Slow down.”

I longed for so much more than a quick fuck, a fast easing of the need demanding release now. I’d be cheating myself, and him, if I didn’t get a grip on myself. The red haze lifted from my mind.

Damn, but my balls ached.

I laughed, sort of, as I relaxed into him. He eased his hold on me, and I sensed his relief that I’d come back from the edge of insanity--so he could send me there again.

Dalton unzipped my pants, let them fall, and wrapped his long fingers around my shaft, his grip firm. He stroked me, rolling the tight skin all the way over the glans. I’d waited my entire life for the touch of another man. I soared.

“I’m cut, too, if you’re curious. Is this all you want?” Dalton purred in my ear.

Curious was too mild a word when I wanted to strip him naked and give all eight inches of him a very clinical examination. Other than my own I’d not seen an adult male cock fully erect, except in photographs and that didn’t quite do it for me. I was intensely curious.

I shook my head. It most certainly was not all I wanted. His slow strokes had me ready to beg, and I would have if I’d known what I wanted most, besides everything.

The arm he held me with dropped away and he fumbled with his zipper. I laughed breathlessly as he teased my ass while pulling down the tab. His pants joined mine on the floor. His stiff cock pressed into the dark crevice of my ass where his fingers had just teased. I tensed, unsure if he planned to fuck me standing here, or just tease me until I passed out from lack of orgasm. He released me, leaving me bereft of his heat, even though I was drenched in sweat.

He smacked my ass with some force. I yelped in surprise and rounded on him, ready to show him if he wanted to play rough, he’d better take it as good as he gave it because I could give it. He grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and took my mouth. My protest at being struck evaporated. I plastered my body to his, dug my fingernails into his ass cheeks ass and boldly teased him as he had me. Dalton dropped to his knees in front of me and took me in his mouth.


Surrendered Victory is now available at iTunesBarnes and Noble, and Kobo!
Coming soon to Amazon.

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 KC Kendricks

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Reaffirming the bond

September 24, 2017

Yesterday I finally had a long overdue day out with my cousin Linda. She came to my house and I drove to the Mountain Heritage Arts & Crafts Festival. The weather was almost as perfect as the company. 

Linda and I were constant companions in our formative years. She was my first best friend. We spent weekends at one house or the other almost every week. In the summer, the weekends were weeks. Looking back, it probably kept our parents sane. 

I loved my cousin's beautiful red hair. Even now it's faded to a gorgeous pale blonde instead of gray. Some girls have all the luck. These days when she calls me, the Paul McCartney song, "Lovely Linda," plays. How apropos. 

After high school, we drifted a bit apart. We both married and the usual busyness of life took over. Some years our conversations were reduced to the birthday phone call. But we never forgot a birthday and we never forgot to end the call with "love ya." 

I hope now that we're older we'll be able to schedule more time for each other. We both know that as our working years come (gratefully) to a close, a new world is opening up. It's a world with time to spend together. I'm a bolder adventurer than she, but I suspect if I'm driving the car, she'll go wherever I want to go. 

It sounds like the perfect plan to me. 

KC Kendricks

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Seducing Light for the MidWeek Tease blog hop

September 13, 2017

**Updated 4/2/21 - the MidWeek Tease blog hop has ended.**

Welcome once again to the MidWeek Tease Blog Hop! This blog hop is where a group of authors each share an excerpt from a published book or a work-in-progress. Be sure to check out all the participating authors on the list at the end of this entry. This week, I have an excerpt from Seducing Light. Enjoy!


Nick stopped on the porch and turned around, putting one large hand in the middle of my chest. No bolt of lightning from the approaching storm could have singed me more. Suddenly he was a flesh-and-blood man to me, not a movie star.

“Hold on a minute, Myles. Let’s get one thing straight before you invade my space.”

I nodded. Hell, I’d agree to anything he wanted.

“Your equipment stays in the case until I tell you that you can get it out. Got it?”

“Yes, sir.”

Nick opened the door to the house, and I followed him inside. He set the case down in the spacious, two-story foyer and motioned for me to tag along behind him. The hallway opened into the grandest kitchen I’d ever seen. Taking up the entire southwest corner of the house, the room was modern, warm, and inviting. Bay windows with red and white gingham-covered cushions on the window seats flanked the massive stone fireplace.

My photographer’s eye filled the room with afternoon sunlight. I had a vision of Nick Light sitting at the table in the large bay of windows, in that sunshine, smiling at me. That would be a money shot I’d never share with anyone. His voice, sharp with annoyance, brought me out of my reverie.

“Do you want something to drink, or not?”

I squared my shoulders and replied I’d take a soft drink, cola if he had it. He nodded and pointed at the oak table in the sunny corner breakfast nook.

“Set your notebook up. I want to see your work.”

Nick placed a full lead crystal tumbler down in front of me as my laptop booted. I thanked him and drank, grateful for the cold, dark liquid fizzing its way down my parched throat. He spun the computer to face him, typed in his access code for his wireless connection, and turned it back to me.
I cleared my throat and typed the URL for my website.

“Okay, Mr. Light, here’s a little—”

“Nick. Call me Nick.”

I nodded and hoped I didn’t stutter when I tried to say his name for the first time. “Nick. I’ll just point out that all my professional information is on the website and move on to the photos.”

“I see you have references. Are they valid?”

Fuck. He had heard the stories.

I rolled the cursor over the link and the page opened for him to see. He read the names, then nodded. “I don’t know any of them, so you won’t mind if I call them, right?”

“Sure. Call ’em. Just don’t be surprised if they don’t believe you’re Nick Light.”

He snorted again, the corner of his mouth quirking up in what might actually be a little smile. “I get that a lot, boy.”

I didn’t answer, just clicked on the slideshow and leaned back to watch it with him. His focus shifted to the screen. I watched him as the pictures scrolled. Every so often, he’d nod or cock his head, but he didn’t speak. We sat there in silence as the clouds slid past the sun and the rain dribbled down the outside of the windows. Finally, he spoke.

“Okay. You’re good. But with your reputation, how’d you get this job?”

I met his gaze. “Don’t believe everything you hear about me.”

His chin lifted. His eyes narrowed. “Why not?”

“Because it’s not true.”

Nick crossed his arms over his chest. “Tell me your version of it then.”

My temper flared. “I was hired to do a job—take a photo shoot of your ranch. I have a copy of the contract in my case, and nowhere in that contract does it say I owe you any explanations.”

His response was unexpected. “You want that sandwich now, boy?”

Tired of him referring to me as “boy,” I shot him a look and froze at the glittering curiosity in his eyes. He studied me, his green gaze a mix of wary caution, grudging respect, and more. I fell into those mystical depths, forgetting to breathe as the blood pooled in my groin.

My heart stuttered, then hammered in my chest. I couldn’t look away, even as my face grew hot under his scrutiny. My cock swelled, rising as the phantom of my nights stared at me with witchy interest.

Nick Light was gay.



Asher Myles struggled to put his life back together after an identity thief stripped him of everything but his talent for capturing light and shadow with a camera lens. With a new job and a new start, Asher’s on his way to Montana – and a meeting with the man he’s fantasized about since he first saw him on the silver screen. 

Nick Light, actor, director, and Hollywood royalty, doesn’t like paparazzi. When he agrees to have his Montana ranch photographed for a style magazine, the unexpected happens. Asher's not the man Nick expected to find behind the camera. Asher knows he'll have to convince Nick they belong together, but he has an edge.

Because if there’s one thing Nick can’t resist, it’s a man with a talent for seducing light.

SEDUCING LIGHT is available at iTunes, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo.

KC Kendricks

Sunday, September 10, 2017

A Touch of Orange

September 10, 2017

There's more than a hint of autumn in the air. Today, on this last day of my end-of-summer vacation, it was a mere 48F when I rolled out of bed this morning at six o'clock. As my coffee brewed, my thoughts were to the effect of it was going to be chilly at the last family reunion of the year, this being my maternal grandmother's family. And it was. 

Cool and breezy aside, I enjoyed the reunion. It's nothing like the reunions of the past when my great-grandmother and her brood were alive. It's sad in some respects but this is the way of world. The eleven siblings of that first generation have passed. The second generation has lost a few owing to the fact that there were so many of them and the age spread is vast. The cousin I grew up with, she and me being close in age, is part of the second generation with my mother yet she is only a year older than me, and twenty years younger than my mother. It's this age spread that makes the family genealogy great fun to work. 

I noticed something else this morning as I stood on my little private porch. The maple tree on the crest of the bank is displaying a touch of orange. Of all the trees on my property, this tree is the show stopper as this old photo attests. 

It's grown a bit over the years. We're preparing to cut down the tree behind it to give it some extra room. It's simply too beautiful in the fall to let the other trees crowd it. 

With autumn arriving early, I ponder the summer just past. It almost feels like summer bypassed the mountain. We're using to week after week of hazy, hot, and humid days - Triple H days. We had too few to even remember. 

Dry? Drought? Burning bans? No, not this past summer. The grass is greener than green, full and healthy. No browned out spots at all. The old Jackmanni clematis had blooms on it all summer long - still does for that matter. That has never, ever happened before. 

Going back to the day job tomorrow will be difficult. I hate to miss these glorious days and be cooped-up inside an old dusty building. Every day I'll drive up my lane and take note of the maple tree on the bank. When the orange leaves finally drop, I'll prepare myself for another winter, and try to remember the summer that never really arrived. 

KC Kendricks

Cover reveal - Surrendered Victory

September 10, 2017

It's been a long time coming. I'm finally ready to put Surrendered Victory back out into the world. This is the book that launched KC Kendricks so as you would imagine, it has a special place in my heart. 

My number one task for this coming week is formatting the manuscript, but the cover is ready so why not share it now?

For more about Surrendered Victory, please visit . I'll get the book page set up here at the blog before long, too. 

Surrendered Victory coming soon!

KC Kendricks