Friday, July 31, 2015

ACBW - Open Wide, Bite Down

July 31, 2015

 I have a toothache for the last five days, so I didn't make it past watching Sleepy Hollow last night. This morning I go to the dentist and find a miracle cure.  - Brenda Williamson
I went to the dentist for what I thought was the last small thing that needed done. Aye. Right. She started looking at an old silver filling and said she thought it was cracked, too. So she took an x-ray and it wasn't cracked. There was decay under the old filling. So she fixed the little one and then dug out the old silver and put in the white composite. Now that's all fine with me but dang it. My upper lip is so numb I can't drink from a water bottle without dripping and drooling like a 1-year old. - KC Kendricks

Monday, July 27, 2015

Surrendered Victory by KC Kendricks

July 27, 2015

It's been a while since I've done a promo on the very first KC Kendricks book ever written. This evening seemed like a good time to share one. -KC

Surrendered Victory
KC Kendricks

Contemporary gay romance

Dalton makes Reed tingle in all the right places. Now Reed’s ready to answer the question that’s haunted his every failed relationship. Is he really gay?

Reed walked into Dalton’s life and everything changed. This time, Dalton won’t hide the fact he’s gay from anyone, even his son.

Together they surrender all to each other and claim the ultimate victory - love.


We tapped our shot glasses together and downed the golden-brown nectar in unison. Funny how I’d never cared too much for the stuff and now I liked it. Dalton flopped down on the bed beside me. My gaze dropped to his groin.

He shook his head. “First, I have a question.”


He grinned, showing even white teeth. “Does the elder Mr. Kauffman know you’re gay?”

I snorted. “What makes you think I’m gay? Because I’m naked in bed with another man?”

“Well, Reed, that is sorta my first clue.”

The nervous tapping of his left index finger drew me. “If you want a cigarette, go get one.”

Dalton shot me a sideways glance. “I’ve had my one for today. I’ve come this far to quitting, I’m not backsliding now.”

It didn’t seem wise to point out to him if he could get by on one a day he could get by on none. I chose a safer course. “Congratulations. It’s a tough addiction to break.”

“So is boffing guys up the ass. I’m not even going to think about rehabbing myself on that. Are you going to answer my question?”

“I wouldn’t want you to, and no, dear old Dad does not know for certain his heir likes boys,” I told him dryly.

“That’s not the talk.”

“Oh? That’s always been the talk, and I’m sure he’s heard it. That’s why, when I broke it off with the last girlfriend, his head exploded. The fallout of that eruption landed me out here where he doesn’t have to look at his ‘failure.’” I sighed and stroked his cheek with my knuckles.

“His loss.” Dalton propped up on his elbow and looked down at me, his face earnest in the light from the bathroom. “Do you think you’re a failure?”

“Because I’m gay?”

Jesus, I’d uttered those two syllables as though they were merely words and didn’t define my past, present and future all at once. I’d come a long way in the space of a few hours. Or had I? I’d been moving toward tonight for a long time.

Dalton splayed his hand in the center of my chest, his middle finger gently tapping the flat disk of my nipple.

“I’ve failed at a lot of things, but never at being me,” I said.

His face underwent a curious change, morphing from earnestly curious, to surprise, to something akin to pleasure, before turning sad.

“You’re one of the lucky ones then.” He trailed his hand down my torso to my belly button. I nipped his shoulder.

“Go lower, Dalton. Just a few inches lower.”

He pinned me to the bed with a quick, controlled roll, the move of a street fighter. A frisson of excitement, mixed with trepidation, swept me. Those large, calloused hands cupped my face.

“Reed, you have to be sure. If you’re not, we’ll call it a night.”

That notion scared me worse than anything he would physically do to me. If he backed off now, I’d never get this close to him again. The demons we both danced with would see to it.

Before I could answer, his mouth claimed mine, searing my lips as his fused to mine. My world reeled as his kiss stole my breath. His body covered mine, tense with the urgency of his desire and his demand. His intention was clear. He meant to have me before I could change my mind. I cupped his ass and pulled him closer.

A low moan rumbled in his chest as his arms held me still. My cock filled to bursting. He guided my hands to the headboard and I grasped the rail and held on as he licked his way down my chest.

Surrendered Victory
more info at

KC Kendricks
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Saturday, July 25, 2015

MSS#102 - Between the Moon and the Deep Blue Sea by KC Kendricks

July 25, 2015

Ocracoke Island. The Outer Banks. Pirate lore. The lighthouse. Sixteen miles of clean beach.
One house. Two men. Three months.
Starting over.



More about Between the Moon & the Deep Blue Sea:

His intent jolted through me. He meant to fuck me right here on the floor. I held him at arm’s length. “Now, wait a minute. This isn’t going to work for me.”

Darcy froze. His expression darkened as he moved toward anger. “You think it’s acceptable to leave me hanging, all hot and bothered, so long as you get off?”

“Don’t get pissy with me, Darcy. I’ve never let a guy up my ass, and this…”


“For God’s sake, don’t look so shocked. I’ll laugh, and you’ll be all hurt.” I twisted out of his grasp and tried to yank my jeans up. Strong hands closed around my hips to pull me back into the curve of his body. Soft lips nibbled on the back of my neck as his fingers teased my ass.

“I agree. The kitchen floor isn’t the place for auspicious beginnings. My bed is.”

I’d gone all shivery from what he was doing to my butt. The light strokes of his fingertips brought to memory the moans of pleasure I’d drawn from other men. Could he do that to me? 

Available at Amazon and other online book sellers


Chad Collier’s had enough of providing stud service to rich men. It’s true he’s had more fun than any one man deserves, but now it’s time to make a plan for the rest of his life. At the urging of a mentor, he takes a leap of faith and breaks with his old ways. Yet a job interview lands him smack in the path of Darcy Paulson, the sort of rich man Chad vowed to avoid.

Darcy Paulson came of age as the prodigal son in a wealthy manufacturing dynasty. Every man he’s ever met has been after his money, until Chad Collier shows up on his doorstep. Darcy finds Chad prickly, standoffish, and utterly irresistible. Smitten by Chad’s dark good looks and determination to stand on his own two feet, Darcy is happy to give him an opportunity. It doesn’t take long for them to figure out that some private, no-strings fun is what they both need.

An unexpected event brings them face-to-face with the truth. The magic that happens between the moon and the deep blue sea is something a man can’t own, and it can be fully experienced only in the arms of a lover...

Welcome to the 102nd My Sexy Saturday blog hop! My Sexy Saturday gives you seven sexy sentences or seven paragraphs from some of the best romance available today. Use the list below to check out My Sexy Saturday participating authors.

Friday, July 24, 2015

A Conversation Between Writers (ACBW) - Penny Pinchers

July 24, 2015

Peace and quiet and routine can be blissful. We got up early and went to Wal-Mart for a pantry run. I doubled up on everything we need to the tune of $217. I've been using that Wal-mart Savings Catcher app on my phone. The last trip it generated a coupon for $8.72. Good deal! - KCKendricks
I put the app on my phone too. I've never gotten that much of a savings at once. But the few cents I get here and there add up. Everyone thinks I'm crazy, but it really takes no time at all. - Brenda Williamson

Friday, July 17, 2015

Catching Fireflies and two 5-star reviews

July 17, 2015

Sometimes I feel like a bit of misfit. I don't go out and woo reviewers. Honestly, it's not because I get bad reviews - just the opposite. Reviewers generally say kind things about my work. My reticence is due to the fact I've read some scathing reviews that were not at all about the book but were instead about the author herself/himself or the publishing company handling the book.

Personal attacks on an author just because you don't like a particular book are unwarranted, not to mention unkind. I think they reflect poorly on the reviewer and call into question everything that reviewer ever said about every book they ever reviewed.

To attack a publishing company through the review process, for whatever reason, is also unfair to the author and to her/his story. Trust me. We lowly authors have no control over publishing companies, hence the proliferation of indie published books. I went indie on Hey, Joe because I wanted the cover the way I wanted it and refused to engage any discussion on anything else. It wasn't about the money or that I distrusted anyone. It was all about the Hey, Joe cover. But I digress...

I wanted to create a little Twitter promo pic on Catching Fireflies and found I had no reviews in the file. So I went searching to see if there was any reader comments I could use. I googled and Barnes & Noble popped up two 5-star ratings. So that's two out of two at five stars from readers. Huh.

Even at such a fine percentage, there wasn't much to use. So I did the next best thing and took a screen cap. 

Here comes the promo:

Catching Fireflies is available at
AmazoniTunes/AppleBarnes and NobleKobo,
and other online booksellers. 

How's that for working promo on the backlist this Friday? Considering how few readers actually comment on books, I'll take these two and be happy.

KC Kendricks
My home on the web- Between the Keys:
My country life at Holly Tree Manor

A Conversation Between Writers - Cover Obsessions

July 17, 2015

Spanking the Goddess is the last short I have. Everything else falls in the category of 20k or larger. Mostly larger, so you shouldn't get another from me in a while. Now you need to catch up. Here's the cover. Maybe tonight I'll have finished reading the story. This afternoon I'm off to a baseball game. - Brenda Williamson
 OMG. You have a bare ASS on your cover. You trollop LOL!!!!  - KC Kendricks

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Highway Nights by KC Kendricks

July 11, 2015

** My Sexy Saturday was a weekly blog by a group of writing joining together for promotion. It ended in 2017.***

Welcome to the My Sexy Saturday blog hop. Today is the actual one-hundredth Saturday. Congrats to everyone who participates! This week MSS is all about sexy men and right away I thought about Oliver. Why is he sexy? He has a bit of maturity, knows himself, knows what he wants, and he won't step on anyone to get it. Just an all-around good guy who made some mistakes and learned from them. I think that sort of smart in a man is very appealing.

Here are seven sexy paragraphs from Highway Nights. 

= = = = 

Garrett lay sprawled on the far side of the bed, the covers pulled up to his waist. Oliver slipped between sheets that held the musk of their sex to lie on his side next to Garrett. He rested his palm on the younger man’s stomach.

“Are you sure you’re all right? That wasn’t gentle.”

“I didn’t want easy.”

“Do you want to tell me about your ‘dry spell’?”

Garrett looked at him in silence for long moments, then shook his head. “It’s a common story. Boyfriend takes all and leaves. I haven’t… I guess I was burned badly enough to need a vacation from the whole sex scene.” He flipped onto his side to face Oliver and smiled. “I’m glad the break is over. Do you want to tell me about the ‘souvenir’ of your misspent youth?”

Did he? Not many people knew his past. Maybe Garrett deserved to know. Something strong vibed between them, unexpected in its power and purity. Oliver feared it, even as his hesitant soul stretched toward it.

It didn’t matter. Garrett was far too young for him. Hitting the sack every now and then was one thing. Getting serious was out of the question. Maybe his past would provide sufficient deterrent to Garrett believing this was more than sex.

Available now at Amazon

About Highway Nights:

Garrett Webb has a five-point plan for starting his own business. To keep it on track, he takes a second job and settles into the evening delivery run between Owensville and Mt. Franklin. The solitude of being on the road clears his head and enables him to chart a better future for himself. When a foggy night sends him to the safety of The Downshift Diner and its owner, Oliver Sanderson, that future takes an unforeseen turn.

Oliver Sanderson enjoys a quiet life along the lonely stretch of highway that’s home to his diner. The road brings all manner of interesting souls to his door. When Garrett Webb steps out of the fog seeking shelter, his openness and honestly draws Oliver’s interest. He’s ready to take the next step, but needs to be cautious. Trouble is coming to the diner, and Oliver wants Garrett clear of it.  

Good intentions can’t hold out against their budding attraction. Garrett makes the diner a regular stop during his nightly run, and the men get better acquainted. But Garrett’s past isn’t done with him. In a single heart-stopping moment, Garrett is forced to a decision that risks Oliver’s life – one that could forever end their highway nights.


Available at:

 Amazon US:

 Amazon UK:

 Amazon CA:


 Barnes and Noble/NOOK:


 Universal link to additional booksellers:

 Highway Nights webpage:

Life through the eyes of Greenbrier Smokey Deuce:

Friday, July 10, 2015

ACBW - Tread Lightly

July 10, 2015

We purchased a treadmill and set it up this morning. Now I have no excuse not to get off my butt. We put it downstairs in the den in front of the TV. That should be a help. I can watch cooking shows while I walk. I read yet another article on the benefits of vitamin D-3 to metabolism, so I got a bottle at Sam's Club. See if that gives me extra energy.  - KC Kendricks
I have a treadmill, a stepper, a bike, a weight bench and a half dozen other contraptions I don't use. I even have a Hawaiian Chair. I saw it on TV and had to have one. But gives me a stomach ache. - Brenda Williamson

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Bored, Stroked and Blueprinted - celebrating American muscle

July 4, 2015

** Up dated 4/2/21 - My Sexy Saturday was a weekly blog by a group of writing joining together for promotion. It ended in 2017.***

Happy Independence Day! July 4th means different things to folks but most Americans do stop and remember the significance of the day. I've been known to have a thing or two to say about it here

Being Saturday, it's also time to celebrate all things romance with the My Sexy Saturday blog hop. This is MSS #99 - quite an accomplishment. Kudos to organizer Lynn Crain for her dedication to all of us who participate. 

Few things speak to me the way the American Muscle Car does. Yes, I put that in caps. It's a breed all it's own. So for Independence Day I'm throwing in a classic American - a 1969 Camaro - along with two sexy guys. Here are seven sexy paragraphs from Bored, Stroked and Blueprinted. 

= = = = = = 

Logan leaned toward me as his right hand slid behind me to rasp the back of my neck. Surprise snapped through me followed by a jolt of electricity as his soft lips touched mine in the sweetest kiss I’d ever been given. Logan didn’t press or seek to arouse me. It was so much more. That careful kiss was a greeting and a question wrapped up in a quiet, unassuming intention to get closer to me. I fought against the rush of blood into my groin, pulled away and looked into his dark gaze. I didn’t want to turn into a horny fool and scare him off.

“Wow, Logan.” I swallowed, desperate to ease my dry throat. “I mean, that was…a surprise. I liked it.”

“Me, too.” He licked his lips. “What’s the first thing we need to do to the car?”

“Um, a detailed evaluation. I, um, have a form I use.” I straightened and frowned at him.


“You’re sort of, um, stammering. It’s interesting.” Logan leaned toward me again, and my brain lost some higher functions. I leaned in and kissed him.

His response was swift. He cupped the back of my neck again and thrust his tongue past my lips. My cock filled in a throbbing, wonderful rush as the pulse beat in my ears deafened me. I sucked in a quick breath laden with the scent of his skin.

= = = = = 

About Bored, Stroked and Blueprinted: 

As a boy, Mick Ambrose fell in love with cars. Now he owns and operates an auto restoration shop specializing in all things American Muscle. When the black 1969 Camaro Z/28 he years ago dubbed Onyx pulls into his garage, Mick forgets his first love in favor of her driver, Logan Gregg. Mick’s interested and cruises Logan at a speed worthy of the car he drives.

Logan Gregg’s plan to avoid entanglements in his life drives away when he stops at American Muscle to ask a few questions about restoring the Z/28 he inherited from his uncle. The owner of the shop is smooth as a well-tuned V-8 engine and twice as hot. Logan is quick to shift gears and take a closer look at Mick Ambrose and the road ahead. When Mick wants to get too close, too fast, Logan backs off. His past holds painful memories he can’t escape and the tattoos on his arms aren’t just for decoration.

Working on the Z/28 brings the men closer, but Mick makes a mistake when he confesses his knowledge of the past Logan wants to keep buried. Mick knows a man has to settle his past to step into his future, but Logan’s unconvinced. To slay his personal demon, he’ll first have to look it in the eye. 

KC Kendricks

Friday, July 3, 2015

A Fine Foggy Morning

July 3, 2015

It's a fine foggy morning in my corner of the world. Being the start of a four-day weekend, I'm not surprised. To make the best use of the weather, we're setting fire to a brush pile later this morning. Mother Nature provides no shortage of tree limbs for our little fires. It's up to us to burn wisely, that being when the ground is damp and there's no wind to speak of. 

The ground here is most certainly damp. This June just past has been quite the rainy season. The annuals in my big pots have loved it, but notice the pool in the background? I've been in the pool exactly THREE times. 

Yes, yes, I'm well aware the average temperature in my location for June hovers around 72F. I know this because of local meteorologists keeping records for over a century. ( Anyway, with all the talk of global warming, I expected better pool temps. Apparently I'm not the only one who's wrong on that. Ten years ago the average temperature for June in my neck of the woods was 73.4F. This year, with global warming, it was 72.6F. I should have gotten a pool thirty years ago and saved the planet. 

Yes, my sarcasm is showing and that usually happens only at the day job. My apologies. 

To remedy the cool-and-not-in-a-good-way pool temps, we've purchased a solar heating mat. Cost about $25 at that big online monster we all have a love/hate relationship with. My plan for the morning was to hop out of bed and install that puppy asap in hopes of the water in the pool warming to a nice 88F by this afternoon. 

But it's a fine foggy morning here. I think I've time to take a cup of coffee to the patio and enjoy the quiet first. Fire and water can wait. 


A Conversation Between Writers - Let it Roll!

July 3, 2015

I finished writing that book I told you about. Now I'm free.... free to go to Biloxi, MS to gamble the middle of next month and squander money I should spend elsewhere. - Brenda Williamson

Gambling is good! I won $2 on the Powerball and said "let it roll..." I hope you hit big :) - KC Kendricks

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

IWSG: Write the Story You Want to Tell

July 1, 2015

The Insecure Writer’s Support Group

I must confess the Insecure Writer's Support Group has had me perplexed for a while. Author Melissa Bradley mentioned this on her blog several years ago and I’ve lurked around the edges and read the IWSG posts from time-to-time. I finally decided to hop on the train, at least for the remainder of 2015, and see if I have any pearls of wisdom for other writers.

Insecurity is not unique to writers. We all own our fair share whether we like it or not. Personally, I get annoyed with myself when I feel insecure for no good reason. I’ve lived long enough to know there will always, and I mean ALWAYS, be someone smarter, prettier, wittier, thinner, more talented, richer and more successful than me.

There will always be those less successful, less talented, chubbier, uglier, dumber, poorer and who are severely lacking of a sense of humor, too. And no, I don’t get cocky over that fact and use it to pump myself up. That would be tacky.

I think it’s important for every writer to remember what it was that called them to write. That “something” that continues to call them to write even when discouraged or insecure. An old adage states you should write for yourself first because you’re your first reader. I can’t begin tell you how true that is.

The best stories I’ve written were for me and not for a deadline or in hopes of a decent review. In fact, I think most of those stories written to a deadline didn’t turn out all that well, but that’s fodder for another blog.

So here’s my pearl of wisdom for my first IWSG post: Write to please yourself.

Write the story you want to write and don’t worry about anything else until you’ve told it just the way you want to tell it. All the other stuff - proofreading, editing, publishing - it all comes after you write the story, so do the first thing first and do it just for you.

KC Kendricks

To the writers of the IWSG - network with me on Twitter at @kckendricks.