Friday, July 31, 2015

ACBW - Open Wide, Bite Down

July 31, 2015

 I have a toothache for the last five days, so I didn't make it past watching Sleepy Hollow last night. This morning I go to the dentist and find a miracle cure.  - Brenda Williamson
I went to the dentist for what I thought was the last small thing that needed done. Aye. Right. She started looking at an old silver filling and said she thought it was cracked, too. So she took an x-ray and it wasn't cracked. There was decay under the old filling. So she fixed the little one and then dug out the old silver and put in the white composite. Now that's all fine with me but dang it. My upper lip is so numb I can't drink from a water bottle without dripping and drooling like a 1-year old. - KC Kendricks

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