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MidWeek Tease - Netting Neptune by KC Kendricks

April 25, 2016
**updated 4/2/21 - the MidWeek Tease blog hop is no longer operational**

Welcome to another MidWeek Tease blog hop! It's been a busy few weeks for me, and Deuce was a sick puppy for a bit, but things have calmed down. I'm happy to be able to say, "she's baaack!"

This week I have an excerpt from Netting Neptune. No, it's not about Roman sea gods. It's about a sexy human swimming out of the sea in front of the man Fate has chosen for him. That's as close to mythology as we get in this story (or Taming Triton and Poseidon's Pleasure).

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Without further ramblings by the author, here is an excerpt from Netting Neptune. Enjoy!


“Listen, Colby, I’ll pay you once I get home. You’re trying to run a business here.”

“And I can afford to do a nice thing for a stranded traveler. Now give me the name of whatever official you spoke with, and I’ll make a few calls. Maybe your luggage will turn up.”

Theron pulled an envelope from his canvas duffle bag and handed it to me. The business card was stuck in the fold and I recognized the name listed. The man liked to make sure everyone knew he was in charge, but I groveled like a pro, when necessary, to get what I wanted.

“Thanks, man. I really owe you.”

I shook my head. “You really don’t, so let’s just forget it, okay? If we don’t, we’ll sit here all day and not get anything done.” I slid the cold crab dip at him. “Tell me what you think about this.”

Theron scooped up a healthy helping on a wheat cracker and shoved the whole thing in his mouth. I watched his pink tongue flick bits of dip off his lower lip. His gaze locked with mine. Very slowly he licked his upper lip. I squirmed in my seat. He didn’t even try to stop from laughing at me as he went for another cracker. I held his gaze.

“If you tease me like that again, babe, I’m gonna lick the extra off for you.”

He broke the cracker in half and handed a portion to me. “I wouldn’t want you to go to any more trouble for me.”

I took the cracker. “You’re a slick one, Mr. Bowman, but I’m known for my persistence.”

He popped a melon ball into his mouth and swallowed. “I sorta figured that out about you.”

Before I could reply, Josie tapped me on the shoulder. “Sorry to interrupt, but you’re needed at the front desk, Colby.”

“I’ll be right there.” I turned back to my guest. “Please. Finish your meal, then come inside and find either Josie or me. Josie, if you can’t find me, please take Mr. Bowman to my suite so he can get a shower and relax for a while.”

I didn’t linger. The sooner I took care of whatever problem had occurred, the quicker I could get Theron alone. After that, I was already too worked up over this guy and it wouldn’t be smart to speculate.

Right. I planned to cast a net over my Neptune and give him a Southern Cross night to remember.

The problem at the front desk was minor. The computer had pulled one of its usual tricks. I inputted my password, the software reset, and all was well. I slipped into my office and called the local airfield. Better to start with folks who were friendly. If they had off-loaded Theron’s suitcase, then I’d grovel.

They were certain Theron’s luggage had not been removed from the plane, and had no idea how it had been missed. It was likely back in Charlotte, North Carolina by now. I made another call, this one to the States to a travel agent friend of mine. He agreed to make a few stateside calls. The suitcase had to be somewhere, and I wanted to know where. Once I had the information, a decision based on my guest’s plans was possible.

Meanwhile, Theron could borrow some of my clothes for tonight.  Maybe, just maybe, I’d manage to steal a kiss, or more, before the party started. I checked the patio and he was gone, so I headed for my suite with all due haste. The sound of the shower spray zinging against the tiles greeted me.

My knees quivered with the knowledge he was behind the door, naked. I had to let him know I was here. I couldn’t let him stroll out of the bathroom in his birthday suit, all clean, smelling fresh like soap, and dripping wet. Could I?

No, damn it.

I knocked on the bathroom door and told him I was in the living area. He called back to me, his voice muffled by running water and the wooden door between us.


I raised my voice a few decibel levels. “I said I’m out here.”

“You could be in here, you know.”

Say…why the hell not?

Cock swelling, pulse skipping, I set a new “stripping world record” and opened the door. Through the clear glass enclosure, Theron’s gaze slammed into mine, wanting yet wary. I paused, shivering in the steam teasing my sweaty skin. His gaze flicked down to my erection, hanging heavy, and mine went to his.

Completely aroused, his penis jutted out, full and rosy red. Cut, he was a solid eight inches, maybe a bit more, with prominent veins. I was of an equal length, but he looked to have me on girth. From the sudden gleam in his green eyes, I didn’t think it a problem.

“Are you coming…in?” He stroked his cock with a soapy hand.



Theron Bowman is in the throes of a life crisis. He needs to make some serious decisions about his future, ones that will help him escape his past. He splurges on a two-week vacation in the Caribbean, and like everything else in his life, things quickly go awry and he ends up working at the Southern Cross resort to pay for his room. 

Forced by his father to break ties with his family, Colby Denton drifted until he came to rest on St. Lucia. With nothing to lose, he rolled the dice and bought a run-down hotel and turned it into a popular resort. To celebrate his tenth year on the island, and his birthday, Colby arranges for a series of festive beachside parties. When Theron swims out of the ocean in front of him, Colby has a brand new birthday plan – netting his sexy Neptune.

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 KC Kendricks

Life through the eyes of Greenbrier Smokey Deuce:

Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Men of Marionville: The Un-Series

April 22, 2018

There are about a gzillion writing rules to be found on the Internet. There are probably ten gzillion opinions about those rules. So it goes for writing "wisdom." Opinions abound. Some say only a series will sell. Others vow and declare series aren't worth the time. What about the un-series? 

An un-series? Yeah, that's what I call it in private. In public, I call it a collection. The Men of Marionville is comprised of stand-alone stories all set in the fictitious town of Marionville. Where's Marionville? Somewhere between the Eastern Continental Divide and the Mississippi River, south of the Great Lakes and north of the thirty-fifth parallel. It's there somewhere, if only in my mind. As with all fictitious towns, it's exact location is a bit vague. 

The un-series began with Travis and Heath finally, after many years, coming home and reconnecting. Travis has a past with an older man named Dylan, but it's cool. Next up is the hotter than hot mechanic Tyler - who just happens to know, and is loosely involved with, this same Dylan. At least he is until Noel drifts in to his shop with car trouble. Dylan finally finds true love with Cassidy. 

And what is it about Dylan? Dylan, it turns out, has become the anchor to the entire un-series. He's just that kind of guy. He knows people. He employs people. He helps people. Dylan shows up when he's needed.

Kenzie came to Marionville to see his buddy Noel. Cassidy hires Shiloh who meets Gale and adopts a kitten. Jude lives in Marionville and when his rock star ex-lover comes to town, they have dinner at Dylan's restaurant. Scott goes on a mystery train ride with Dylan and his posse and meets Dakota. Keith is an old friend of Dylan's who comes to town to work for him and falls for the realtor he gets to find his dream home, Terry.

In The Right Brew, Caleb wants to have his microbrew sold at Dylan's restaurant. He passes his card to Dylan while on a date with Hollis. In Where There's Smoke, Leon meets Dylan at the card club one Sunday afternoon while deciding what he should do about Jere. It's also Deuces' first cover! He modeled the role of Smoke. It's more serious for Kory when his father is out of town and asks Dylan to give Kory a ride home from the county jail - which is where Kory met Griff. 

And in the [currently] newest Marionville story, Twice Removed From Yesterday, Chandler comes to town to see his college buddy Travis and ends up as a temporary bartender at Dylan's restaurant, where August is the new manager. 

The Men of Marionville. No sequels or prequels. Everyone gets their own story. But what the author likes, that's me, is that I get to go back and check in with old friends. It's nice to know Travis and Heath made it legal even though Dylan and Cassidy don't feel the need for ceremonies. That shy Gale has grown with Shiloh's protective love, and Mason and Kenzie are doing alright. 

Yep. It's an UN-series. I like it that way.

KC Kendricks

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Seventy degrees and the sun is shining

April 12, 2018

Things have been a little slow in my world. It's been like molasses in a cold January. Honest. I think I have a bad case of "It Needs to Actually Be Spring!" Today is the first truly spring-like day we've had and suddenly I feel like communicating with words and not grunts and glares. It's a miracle! 

I've got a list about a mile long. My yard is its usual after-winter mess. Ditto for the patio. I'd had grand plans to get the pool filled early this year. What I didn't have plans for was to put down new flooring, but that seems to be on the spousal unit's list so guess what? We're doing the bathroom floor. That means I'll want a new countertop, sink, and backsplash. Why wouldn't I want that? And, of course, a fresh coat of paint in there. Not. On. My. List. 

What is on my list is finishing up the ghostie story. Our hero buys a house and finds it's already occupied. Then there's the boss who's a friend and becoming more than a friend. And maybe the boss had a little something to do with our hero's ex-boyfriend leaving him. And maybe the ghost had a hand in running people out of "his" house throughout the years. But maybe the three of them work it out to cohabit in peace and harmony. The story is coming along. Now if I can just discipline myself enough to finish it. The cover is ready. 

The cover that's not ready is for Bored, Stroked and Blueprinted. With Loose Id closing, I need to get the cover created. It will FINALLY BE THE COVER I WANTED FOR THIS BOOK!!!!  Seriously, with all the bitching and whining about covers, why doesn't everyone learn to do this task? It's fun, not a chore! 

Before anything else happens, I'm going to leave the day job, go home, and take Deuce for a decent walk. The poor guy has cabin fever. What's a young, energetic Lab to do when the weather is bad and his parents don't want to go outside? Get depressed, that's what. This afternoon I'll see if I can lift his spirits with a jaunt through the woods. I know it will elevate mine. 

KC Kendricks

Saturday, April 7, 2018

So Blogger taught me a lesson

April 7, 2018

Every now and again I think it might be nice to change the appearance of the background here at Between the Keys.  Next time I get those thoughts, I'm turning the computer off and going for a walk to clear my head.

Earlier this morning I thought I might look at the Blogger themes. Just look. (Just fucking LOOK, Blogger!) I toddled over to look at current themes and got caught in a Blogger loop. Scared me silly. I didn't like what was on the screen and I couldn't get back to the regular look. I hadn't changed anything. I hadn't clicked 'save' on anything. 

After frantically trying to figure out what the fuck I was going to do, I bowed to the inevitable and clicked on save. This was a bad start to the day.

But by some miracle of a power greater than Blogger, my beloved ethereal fuzzy hexes returned. All my backdoor pages, my hidden little world, returned. 

Is my background dated? Probably. But it's better than the option I almost got stuck with this morning. 

Dated, smated. I'm going to leave it the hell alone.