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Winter 2020 Updates

One thing that always confuses me is this the winter of 2020, or 2021? Winter is ten days old when we welcome a new year, so what do we go by?  Google says this is the winter of 2020 so I guess that’s my answer. Call it whatever you like, but it’s been interesting so far.

We’ve had snow this winter! The weather has been reminiscent of the winters we had when I was a girl. We had appreciable snow that stayed on the ground in December 2020, and regular snowfalls since. Even as I’m working on this newsletter, we have about five inches on the ground and more coming.  The snow of February 7 was especially beautiful. Read more about it at Between the Keys. 

Writing is coming back into focus, back into a more important place in my life. The last few years were challenging for me as I dealt with the issue of my husband’s health, my mother’s health, and my stepfather’s death. And of course 2020 was difficult on every front for everyone. COVID-19 made the world a very scary place in which to reside.  But bit-by-bit I’ve resumed a schedule similar to one before all of it crashed down on me. 

Full-time retirement, and becoming a full-time writer, is inching closer. The little counter on my phone says four-hundred forty days, or 63 weeks, at the most. Of those days, only 315 are weekdays. I don’t work on Mondays, so take 63 days away for 252 workdays. Now take 7 off of that for paid holidays between now and then, and we get 245. Reduce it another 30 days for paid vacation and we’re at 215 days in my working career remain—at the most. I get excited every time I check the numbers! This is, of course, if I make it that far. I could get lucky and Himself wake up one day and ask me to make the jump and be home with him. Maybe he’ll read this newsletter. 

One thing I never suspected when I wrote the first story was how addictive the printed word can be. I set a goal—write a book. I did that and it snowballed from there. And yet I wouldn’t change a thing. The joy for me is in the story. I confess I have a few I’ll probably never share. I’m not sure people are ready for some of my alien worlds, but I shouldn’t say never. The universe has a way of arranging things behind our backs. 

What’s important now is my life has resumed a bit of balance and order. At the end of the day, I don’t think I can ask for more than that.  Thanks for being a reader! I hope you enjoy this newsletter!  

KC Kendricks/Rayne Forrest

Works in Progress 

The question of the day, at least for me, is usually, “What are you going to do next?” I know what should be next but those plans don’t always come together in the order I think they will. That’s life! 

Here’s what’s happening now.     

IN TRITON’S TOWER - This Rayne Forrest story now has a new title and a cover. After the Sea Sprite Ball is closer and closer to completion. Set in the future in an upscale, exclusive undersea resort, a reporter goes undercover to write a review and ends up with more than she bargained for. 

THE RAYNE FORREST BACKLIST - And speaking of my alter ego Rayne, there are a few RF books I need to get covers made for and re-issue. 

CENTERVILLE  MUSCLE -  Centerville is a small town not far from Marionville. Two stories, Bored, Stroked, and Blueprinted, and Memphis take place in Centerville. The nexus of this series is Mick’s garage so you know it’ll have some cool muscle cars driving around the town. The story that jumped ahead of everything else is July Heat.  Memphis was originally titled July Heat but it took a different turn from the plot and became Memphis, which I think was right and proper. I’m good with that, but I didn’t want to give up on the July Heat title. So here we are. Almost back to where we started but with a few improvements. I’m going to drag Levi and Stacy into the Centerville Muscle realm when they take the GTO to a car show. 

MEN OF MARIONVILLE - I have two more stories on the plot board based in the town of Marionville. Not all the previous characters will make cameo appearances, but you know Dylan and Cass will. Dylan is the nexus of the series. 

FOR THE WRITER - I’d like to write another modern western. I liked my two cowboys in Ride Your Luck. I think a hard-luck case needs to show up at the ranch needing a job, and there are some lonely cowboys working at the Bar RC.  I’ve been told modern westerns aren’t all that popular, but I don’t care. Writer’s wisdom says write the story you want to read. So I might. 

Also in the works is a blog detailing the country lifestyle. It doesn’t have much to do with the books, but it will journal more of my day-to-day simple country pleasures. I’ve been adding content for a while so there will be something to read once it debuts.  You can take a sneak peek here.  (And I’ll be able to see how many people read this.)

Deuce’s Day
The life and times of a black Lab living in the country at

Deuce is certainly one of the biggest joys in my life. I’ve had a lot of dogs in my life, but this one is certainly special. I wish I could have had a blog for each of my dogs, but blogs were in their infancy when we had Jett. Before that, they didn’t exist. Creating a chronicle of Deuce’s life is truly a labor of love.

What’s my boy been up to?

Complaining at the cat again. Deuce doesn’t like it the cat can get on Mom’s lap. 

A long walk in the woods after Thanksgiving. 

Deuce got a “puppy” for Christmas. Sadly, the “puppy” lost his stuffing after about six weeks and we had to “bury” him. There’s a short video. 

One another walk, Deuce tells everyone how charming he is. 

And lastly, I’m learning to make videos and Deuce is my favorite subject. 

Adventures in Photoshop

I’m sure there is an easier, faster way to create book covers and promo items than the way I do it. I am ponderously slow working with Photoshop, creating several backgrounds, adding elements one by one,  until finished. But you know what? Having those step-by-step backgrounds come in really handy when I change my mind. And change my mind again. I’m getting better in the actual creating, but I doubt I’ll ever stop changing my mind. Such is life. One of the covers I’ve reworked multiple times is for Open Roads, the second book in the Men of Marionville series. This cover has helped me practice patience. Maybe someday I’ll actually figure this one out. Or not. It might be best if I quit fiddling with this one while I’m ahead.

That's it for this newsletter except for one fun last thing. I always like to include a bit of Pinterest Wisdom in closing. 

Thanks for checking out this edition of the Between the Keys newsletter. 

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