Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Victory Series - Book Trailer

With the closing of Amber Quill Press on March 31, 2016, this blog post is woefully out of date. I had fun making the video and hate to delete it. 

Rainy days are best spent curled up with a book - writing a book, in my instance. It wasn't to be, this rainy day. I know of little sadder than a fog-shrouded cemetary in autumn, but supporting a friend is important. After such a morning, I didn't even attempt to advance the current work-in-progress.

Unable to abandon my craft entirely, I turned to something I've not done in many years. I made a book trailer.

The new processor tried to throw me a curve, though. It didn't come with WMP.11 on it. I tried to open some old trailers from a few years ago and throught for a moment I'd time-warped back to the 1960's, or inhaled something really strange...It was easy enough to go snag the upgrade.

It turned out well enough, and reassured me that my memory still works, at least when it comes to all things writing.

So - below is The Victory Series video, YouTube cooperating, that is.



Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How bad do you want it?

“How bad do you want it?” I never asked myself that question until I heard the Don Henley song many years ago, but it’s become a touchstone question in my life - for everything. Maybe my subconscious recognized the question, but I never stopped and actively thought about it. Like many younger folks, I worked hard, played by the rules, and if something didn’t pan out, I merely moved on. I probably lost more than I’ll ever know by calmly accepting so much.

Guess what? I’m older now, and I don’t care if people think I’m a lady, or if I have that certain nebulous quality known as ‘class’. I woke up one morning with the realization I’ve only got about forty years left in this earthly realm. I’ve got to get moving. Screw being a lady. Screw class. Screw living by someone else’s society rules.

How bad do I want it? And what the heck is IT, anyway? That’s a question to make ‘most anyone lean back in their chair and scratch their chin. What is IT? I have a few ideas on what IT is for me. Right now, IT is fitting my ass in a pair of size ten blue jeans.

Excuse me. Ladies don’t use ‘bad’ words. I should say butt, not ass.

And how hard are you willing to work to get IT? That’s what I really grapple with. I drive by the Dairy Queen every day on my way home from work. Maybe it’s time to burn a little extra gas and go home by a different route. No, it’s time to just ignore the huge Blizzard billboard. I’m tough enough to do that. But am I committed enough to ignore the thought of a Strawberry Cheesecake Blizzard until next spring? How bad do I want those jeans?

With age comes wisdom, and patience (which I never had as a younger person). Wisdom says life is lived one day at a time. Failure on any given day isn’t fatal, not in this quest, because I will succeed more days than not.

How bad do I want IT? I guess I’m about to find out.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Available now! Netting Neptune by KC Kendricks

September 12, 2009

Netting Neptune
Contemporary gay romance
available now at

Theron Bowman is in the throes of a mid-life crisis. At forty, he needs to make some serious decisions about his future. He splurges on a two-week vacation in the Caribbean, and like everything else in his life, things go horribly awry and he ends up working to pay for his room.

Forced by his father to break ties with his family, Colby Denton came to rest on St. Lucia, and opened an exclusive resort. To celebrate his tenth year on the island, and his birthday, Colby arranges for a series of festive beachside parties. When a sexy sea god swims out of the ocean in front of him, Colby has a brand new plan – netting Neptune.


“Listen, Colby, I’ll pay you once I get home. You’re trying to run a business here.”

“And I can afford to do a nice thing for a stranded traveler. Now give me the name of whatever official you spoke with, and I’ll make a few calls. Maybe your luggage will turn up.”

He pulled an envelope from his canvas duffle bag and handed it to me. The business card was stuck in the fold and I recognized the name listed. The man liked to make sure everyone knew he was in charge, but I groveled like a pro, when necessary, to get what I wanted.

“Thanks, man. I really owe you.”

I shook my head. “You really don’t, so let’s just forget it, okay? If we don’t, we’ll sit here all day and not get anything done.” I slid the cold crab dip at him. “Tell me what you think about this.”

Theron scooped up a healthy helping on a wheat cracker and shoved the whole thing in his mouth. I watched his pink tongue flick bits of dip off his lower lip. His gaze locked with mine. Very slowly he licked his upper lip. I squirmed in my seat. He didn’t even try to stop from laughing at me as he went for another cracker. I held his gaze.

“If you tease me like that again, babe, I’m gonna lick the extra off for you.”

He broke the cracker in half and handed a portion to me. “I wouldn’t want you to go to any more trouble for me.”

I took the cracker. “You’re a slick one, Mr. Bowman, but I’m known for my persistence.”

He popped a melon ball into his mouth, and swallowed. “I sorta figured that out about you.”

Before I could reply, Josie tapped me on the shoulder. “Sorry to interrupt, but you’re needed at the front desk, Colby.”

“I’ll be right there.” I turned back to my guest. “Please. Finish your meal, then come inside and find either Josie or me. Josie, if you can’t find me, please take Mr. Bowman to my suite so he can get a shower and relax for a while.”

I didn’t linger. The sooner I took care of whatever problem had occurred, the quicker I could get Theron alone. After that, I was already too worked up over this guy and it wouldn’t be smart to speculate.

Right. I planned to cast a net over my Neptune and give him a Southern Cross night to remember.

The problem at the front desk was minor. The computer had pulled one of its usual tricks. I inputted my password, the software reset, and all was well. I slipped into my office and called the local airfield. Better to start with folks who were friendly. If they had off-loaded Theron’s suitcase, then I’d grovel.

They were certain Theron’s luggage had not been removed from the plane, and had no idea how it had been missed. It was likely back in Charlotte, North Carolina by now. I made another call, this one to the States to a travel agent friend of mine. He agreed to make a few stateside calls. The suitcase had to be somewhere, and I wanted to know where. Once I had the information, a decision based on my guest’s plans was possible.

Meanwhile, Theron could borrow some of my clothes for tonight. Maybe, just maybe, I’d manage to steal a kiss, or more, before the party started. I checked the patio and he was gone, so I headed for my suite with all due haste. The sound of the shower spray zinging against the tiles greeted me.

My knees quivered with the knowledge he was behind the door, naked. I had to let him know I was here. I couldn’t let him stroll out of the bathroom in his birthday suit, all clean, smelling fresh like soap, and dripping wet. Could I?
No, damn it.

I knocked on the bathroom door and told him I was in the living area. He called back to me, his voice muffled by running water and the wooden door between us.


I raised my voice a few decibel levels. “I said I’m out here.”

“You could be in here, you know.”

Say…why the hell not?

Through the glass shower door, Theron’s gaze slammed into mine, wanting yet wary. I paused, shivering in the steam teasing my sweaty skin. His gaze flicked down to my erection, hanging heavy, and mine went to his.

“Are you coming…in?”

Available at Amazon and other online booksellers

KC Kendricks
My home on the web- Between the Keys:
My country life at Holly Tree Manor

Friday, September 4, 2009

Enjoying the Labor Day weekend my way

**This post contains an updated image.**

September 4, 2009

Does a three-day weekend rate a 'halleluiah!'? I think so! I can't say as I have any real plans for the next few days, but that hardly matters. Sometimes it's good just to be home, and relax. I can probably manage to do one thing this weekend, other than play with my bookcovers, between naps. (The frame around the Surrendered Victory cover did turn out pretty good if I must say so myself.)

Make that two. If I apply myself, I can make good headway on the new story between naps. It's a big 'if', though. For some reason, napping really appeals to me.

The prevailing wisdom is you need to write something every day. Okay. I'm writing a blog before I take a nap, and I'm going to count it. I don't put a lot of stock in that old adage anyway. Working full-time, I know some evenings it, being writing, ain't gonna happen. I refuse to write garbage just to have to delete it the next night. That's silly.

I trust that even though my fingers are resting, my subconscious is not. The words will come, and when they do, they will flow. Or so it is for me in my writing process. Besides, the delete key is very scary, and I avoid it whenever possible.

So what to do on my long weekend? Now that I've actually said I want to nap, that sounds much too lazy. The southern branch of the family will probably call me when they read this and extol the benefits of napping. The northern branch will likely call and tell me I'm slothful. There's no way to win, you see.

If the truth be told, I have a little list of things I think I'd like to do. I lunched with a friend today in one of the little city parks that dot our town. The weather was perfect - sunny, not too warm, a little breeze - and I realized just how close we are to autumn.

It's time to bring in what plants I want to keep over the winter. I should go up the trap door to the attic and find some fall decorations for my dining room table. Maybe it's time for some heavier winter drapes, too. It's time to prepare my nest for shorter, cooler evenings.

And, yes, I will write. I have to. It calls to me as I go about all the little mundane chores of life. It calls to me even in the middle of the night. Whatever I do, or wherever I go, the stories are a part of me. It's what I do. It's who I am.

Have a happy, fun, and safe Labor Day weekend.

KC Kendricks

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Blogging about Give Me One Night is more fun than working

September 1, 2009

I should be working, but I've given myself the night off. It's budget time at my place of employment, and my brain shut down the moment I walked in my back door. I don't like it when this happens, but I've learned the hard way that writing on nights like this is counter-productive. Better to wait until tomorrow evening to proceed with the new story. Besides, I discovered a new review of Give Me One Night, so I have to tell everyone about it.

It popped up in a Google alert from the I Love Books blog. Lily writes this about Give Me One Night: "The writing is solid, the characters interesting and the story flows well. If you're looking for a nicely done romantic story with a happy ending I think you'll enjoy this book."

Thank you, Lily!

And so I must turn off my computer and turn on my television. That is something you will rarely hear me say, or read that I have written. I'm not a tv watcher. However, a while back a friend sent me the first set of Dexter dvds, and got me hooked. She just sent me the third season set, and I can't wait to view them. I think Dexter is a fascinating study for a writer, even a romance writer. I love how smartly the show is written.

I'm loving the way you can get DVD sets of shows, too. Dexter, True Blood, and The Tudors - I'd have never seen them but for the DVDs. The cost of Showtime and HBO in our area is prohibitive.

So I'm off to my room. Maybe the endless, boring, mind-numbing day joy won't suck the life out of me tomorrow, and I can get some writing done in the evening. I hope so, anyway.

Give Me One Night is now available at 
AmazoniTunes/AppleBarnes and NobleKobo, and other online booksellers.