Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Blogging about Give Me One Night is more fun than working

September 1, 2009

I should be working, but I've given myself the night off. It's budget time at my place of employment, and my brain shut down the moment I walked in my back door. I don't like it when this happens, but I've learned the hard way that writing on nights like this is counter-productive. Better to wait until tomorrow evening to proceed with the new story. Besides, I discovered a new review of Give Me One Night, so I have to tell everyone about it.

It popped up in a Google alert from the I Love Books blog. Lily writes this about Give Me One Night: "The writing is solid, the characters interesting and the story flows well. If you're looking for a nicely done romantic story with a happy ending I think you'll enjoy this book."

Thank you, Lily!

And so I must turn off my computer and turn on my television. That is something you will rarely hear me say, or read that I have written. I'm not a tv watcher. However, a while back a friend sent me the first set of Dexter dvds, and got me hooked. She just sent me the third season set, and I can't wait to view them. I think Dexter is a fascinating study for a writer, even a romance writer. I love how smartly the show is written.

I'm loving the way you can get DVD sets of shows, too. Dexter, True Blood, and The Tudors - I'd have never seen them but for the DVDs. The cost of Showtime and HBO in our area is prohibitive.

So I'm off to my room. Maybe the endless, boring, mind-numbing day joy won't suck the life out of me tomorrow, and I can get some writing done in the evening. I hope so, anyway.

Give Me One Night is now available at 
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