Friday, September 4, 2009

Enjoying the Labor Day weekend my way

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September 4, 2009

Does a three-day weekend rate a 'halleluiah!'? I think so! I can't say as I have any real plans for the next few days, but that hardly matters. Sometimes it's good just to be home, and relax. I can probably manage to do one thing this weekend, other than play with my bookcovers, between naps. (The frame around the Surrendered Victory cover did turn out pretty good if I must say so myself.)

Make that two. If I apply myself, I can make good headway on the new story between naps. It's a big 'if', though. For some reason, napping really appeals to me.

The prevailing wisdom is you need to write something every day. Okay. I'm writing a blog before I take a nap, and I'm going to count it. I don't put a lot of stock in that old adage anyway. Working full-time, I know some evenings it, being writing, ain't gonna happen. I refuse to write garbage just to have to delete it the next night. That's silly.

I trust that even though my fingers are resting, my subconscious is not. The words will come, and when they do, they will flow. Or so it is for me in my writing process. Besides, the delete key is very scary, and I avoid it whenever possible.

So what to do on my long weekend? Now that I've actually said I want to nap, that sounds much too lazy. The southern branch of the family will probably call me when they read this and extol the benefits of napping. The northern branch will likely call and tell me I'm slothful. There's no way to win, you see.

If the truth be told, I have a little list of things I think I'd like to do. I lunched with a friend today in one of the little city parks that dot our town. The weather was perfect - sunny, not too warm, a little breeze - and I realized just how close we are to autumn.

It's time to bring in what plants I want to keep over the winter. I should go up the trap door to the attic and find some fall decorations for my dining room table. Maybe it's time for some heavier winter drapes, too. It's time to prepare my nest for shorter, cooler evenings.

And, yes, I will write. I have to. It calls to me as I go about all the little mundane chores of life. It calls to me even in the middle of the night. Whatever I do, or wherever I go, the stories are a part of me. It's what I do. It's who I am.

Have a happy, fun, and safe Labor Day weekend.

KC Kendricks

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