Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Victory Series - Book Trailer

With the closing of Amber Quill Press on March 31, 2016, this blog post is woefully out of date. I had fun making the video and hate to delete it. 

Rainy days are best spent curled up with a book - writing a book, in my instance. It wasn't to be, this rainy day. I know of little sadder than a fog-shrouded cemetary in autumn, but supporting a friend is important. After such a morning, I didn't even attempt to advance the current work-in-progress.

Unable to abandon my craft entirely, I turned to something I've not done in many years. I made a book trailer.

The new processor tried to throw me a curve, though. It didn't come with WMP.11 on it. I tried to open some old trailers from a few years ago and throught for a moment I'd time-warped back to the 1960's, or inhaled something really strange...It was easy enough to go snag the upgrade.

It turned out well enough, and reassured me that my memory still works, at least when it comes to all things writing.

So - below is The Victory Series video, YouTube cooperating, that is.



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