Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Still more surprises!

July 29, 2008

The quarterly best seller list came out at Amber Allure, and Surrendered Victory came in at #4 for the entire second quarter.

Yes, I looked at that list, squeezed my eyes tightly closed, and looked again. Well, stared at it is closer to the truth. No matter how many times I blinked, it stayed at #4.

Do I feel a wee bit sheepish? Yes.

Am I thrilled? Yes.

Am I enjoying the ride? You betcha! It wouldn't be honest to say I wasn't :)

With the fun of having a story hit the lists comes the "what ifs." What if the next story doesn't do as well? What if the reviewers don't like the next story? You know what? That may be the case, and if it is, then so be it. Even Cal Ripken didn't hit a home run every time at bat. All I can do is keep having fun with my writing.

What makes this so sweet is that I love Surrendered Victory, and I think it's okay to admit that.

The next story? The first round edits of Passion's Victorywww.kckendricks.com/PassionsVictory.html are done and it's sitting in my editor's files as I type. In the midst of editing, the Big Idea struck me how to make the current work-in-progress a bit more interesting. Now if the Big Title would do the same....

KC Kendricks

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rainbow Reviews gives Surrendered Victory 5 Stars

July 17, 2008

"Surrendered Victory is a brilliant story...a highly recommended erotic romance story that persuades not just on the erotic part, but also on the romance part." - Rainbow Reviews

Someday, soon I hope, I'll move past the shell-shocked phase of great reviews, crawl back into my office, and go back to writing. In typical fashion, I'm amazed that people like my story. I mean, I LIKE IT, but I'm supposed to like it since I wrote it.

My thanks to shoganrea at Rainbow Reviews for such a wonderful review and so many kind words. I hope my next story, Passion's Victory, fares as well.

More information about Surrendered Victory is available at my website. 

KC Kendricks

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Passion's Victory

**updated 6/26/17**

July 13, 2008

I'm not yet over the excitement (and writer's satisfaction) of having Surrendered Victory hit the best seller list at Amber Allure and today I get a new thrill. The cover for Passion's Victory is finished! Not only is it finished, but I love it. Kudos go to Trace Edward Zaber at Amber Allure for a great set of covers that compliment each other so well.

For more about Passion's Victory, coming soon, please click the link to visit my website.

KC Kendricks

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Surrendered Victory - #2 Best Seller in June '08

July 2, 2008

What a month it's been! Having Surrendered Victory be released was pretty cool. I think it's a neat little story, but hey, I wrote it so I'm supposed to feel that way. Yesterday, it got even better.

Yesterday I ran through my emails and found one from our fearless leader at Amber Allure, Trace, with the June 2008 Best Seller listing. Surrendered Victory was #2.

TWO!! TWO!!! TWO!! I'd have tried a cartwheel but I know better.

Number Two on the best seller list with my first male/male romance. Yes, I'm stoked.

Maybe I should play it coy, duck my head and say something inane like how it doesn't really matter, but I won't. Nope. Not me. I'm not into faking it.

I'm stoked, boys and girls. I lift my glass of Bailey's over ice in celebration! I may never make it here again so I'll rejoice while I can.

Surrendered Victory is #2 on the June 2008 best seller list at Amber Allure!

KC Kendricks