Saturday, January 31, 2015

Give Me One Night for My Sexy Saturday

January 31, 2015
**updated 4/2/21 - the My Sexy Saturday blog hop is no longer operational**

Can you believe we're a month into the New Year? Is that scary or amazing? Maybe it's a bit of both. For My Sexy Saturday #77, here are seven sexy paragraphs from the best seller Give Me One Night. Enjoy!


“Are you going to tell me your name?”

I flashed my pearly whites at him. “Just before you come for the first time.”

“Cocky bastard, aren’t you?”

“You’ll have to wait a while to find that out.”

Quick as lightning, something I’d become acquainted with this evening, Blue Eyes whirled and wrapped his arms around my shoulders. His mouth came down on mine, hard, demanding. Hot. White heat coursed through me, striking my groin with a hammer-like blow and settling there with burning insistence. I opened my lips to him, allowing him to plunder, while I soared, reveling in the jolts of arousal that threatened to send me over the edge into insanity. My lungs screamed for air and I sucked in a deep breath. His arms tightened.

My turn.

I pushed my tongue past his, delving into the heat of his mouth. He moaned, a deep rumble that started in his chest and vibrated out of him. I thrust my pelvis to his, scoring the reward of knowing he was equally hard.

About Give Me One Night

Brody O’Connor joins the revelry of the yearly pub crawl hunting a like-minded man for night of fun and frolic with no strings attached. When a mystery man in an emerald shirt engages Brody’s interest, it doesn’t take long for the hunter to become the prey.

Well-matched with his mystery man, Brody regrets his ‘no strings’ approach to a night of shared passion that leaves him hungry for more. The morning after, Evan is gone as agreed. Brody knows it was a mistake to let him go, and vows to find him.

Evan never expected to meet someone like Brody. Now Brody wants to change the rules, and Evan agrees. He’ll give Brody one more night to convince him to stay.

Give Me One Night webpage:

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Our online legacy

January 28, 2015

I read an interesting article earlier today about our online legacy. Who will "handle" our online affairs when we pass to the great beyond? Having no biological children of my own, this gave me pause. 

Just who the fuck do I want seeing behind the scenes of my life? Ummmm. No one, that's who. Yet I know these things will need to be handled. 

My computer is a wonderful tool. It's like an extension of my brain. I can't imagine a time in my life when I'll walk away from the keyboard (or other interface) and never look back. Maybe when I'm 103 years old or something. As crazy as it sounds I live in my cyber world equally with the physical world around me. My cyber world is my escape. The thought of someone intruding, even after I'm gone, does not please me. 

Well, I need to get over myself. Somewhere along the line I'm going to get to the stage of life where the things of the world will slip away. Remembering that, being aware of it's approach, is incentive to make some plans now. 

Who will manage my digital legacy? It's something to think about. 

KC Kendricks

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Waiting for snow

January 24, 2015

The weather reports sounded dire. Snow. Sleet. Freezing rain. It was to begin at 4:00 pm on Friday. Then it was 7:00 pm. Then midnight. 

I went to bed without snow. 

Yesterday, my beloved drove the John Deere onto the patio and parked it, this so neither of us would have to trudge about in the snow behind the shed to get it started this morning. We anticipated putting that four-thousand dollar snow blower attachment to good use. After all, the Weather Channel predicted snow. 

It's now 6:45 am Saturday. I'm still waiting for the snow. And daylight to see the snow.

Dear Jim Cantore - I won't be pleased if when the daylight arrives I have no snow. 


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Loving the old dog

January 17, 2015

If we are very, very fortunate old age comes to us all. It should be our reward for living a long and useful life. Many of the older folks I know worry about being a burden to those they love. Old folks - get the hell over yourself. You're not a burden. 

These days I'm dealing with an old dog. He's not a burden, either. We're facing the challenges as they come but it's worth the effort. HE'S worth the effort. The old guy brings me joy every day. 

When he was young, he taught me how to put my shoes in the closet every time I took them off. Bedroom slippers, too. You know that's a good habit to form. He taught me how to make a perfect Frisbee toss and that a little peanut butter on a Meaty Bone is just the thing after a bath. 

We don't go for long walks these days. His poor, arthritic feet can't tolerate much walking. But he'll sometimes prance a bit for a biscuit which reassures me the good days are at least equally as frequent as the bad days. 

I know the day is coming when I'll make that final hard decision for him. And it will be FOR HIM and not for me. If it were for me, I'd never let him go. I'd do whatever necessary to keep him with me, but maybe that wouldn't be fair to him. Dogs are so very courageous and he'd suffer through anything and everything to please me. I can't ask that suffering of him.

I'll get up in the night when he barks and let him out, make sure he gets a baby aspirin, buy special and expensive dog food, haul his black ass to the vet once a month for a doggie pedicure, and vacuum up a copious amount of fur every day. 

I knew when I got my little black puppy with the odd-for-his-breed white toes he'd bring a lot to my life. He certainly has. He's been a constant in my life for thirteen years. 

So here's to the Old Dog. Long may you dream of past glories. 


Saturday, January 10, 2015

It's Ace, Deuce, Trey for the first MSS of 2015

January 10, 2015
**Updated 4/2/21 - the My Sexy Saturday blog hop has closed.**

Welcome to the first My Sexy Saturday of 2015! It's hard to believe the new year is underway when I have so many 2014 projects I need to complete. But that's the way of writing - every book is finished in its proper time. 

Ace, Deuce, Trey - book three in Ian Coulter's Amethyst Cove series. Ian and Rick are just plain fun to write. They're opposites in many things but that makes them a good team. And of course you know they're sexy together. I hope you enjoy today's seven sexy paragraphs.


“I’m game if—” I stopped and held my index finger up to keep him from speaking. Someone was outside the main door. I heard it open and then bang closed.

Rick reached up on the desk and snatched his Glock, while I made a fruitless attempt to get my pants up and zipped. The voices in the lobby were clearer now. Rick rolled his eyes and laid his weapon aside.

Oh, fuck. And me with my dick still hanging out.

I looked up at Sheldon and Saylor as they stared down at us through my open office door. Sheldon’s eyes were big as saucers. Saylor cackled with glee.

“Well, just look at the two of you!”

Rick flipped his jacket over my lap. “I know you’ve seen it before, Blackwood, but I’ll thank you to turn around while Ian gets decent.”

Decent? I’d let him suck me in my office, on the floor, and he tossed out the word “decent”? I thought it was funny, but refrained from commenting.

About Ace, Deuce, Trey:

Ian Coulter has his hands full with a sexy office assistant, a favorite movie star client and a drag queen determined to save the world one lost runaway at a time. He can juggle all of it because he and his lover, FBI agent Rick Mohr, are finally together.

Rick’s transfer to Amethyst Cove puts him in charge of multiple operations. When one of Ian’s clients is targeted, it doesn’t take long for Ian to suspect the con artist is on an FBI watch list. With their cases overlapping, Ian and Rick are short on time. Together they set a trap and spring it before their suspect escapes.

Doing the job is easy but figuring out the relationship is tougher. Fitting their lives together isn’t without obstacles, but one thing is certain. On or off the case, Ian and Rick always get their man.

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KC Kendricks
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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Winter Winds

January 4, 2015

Right on schedule the winter wind has arrived. From now until mid-April, the wind will be a constant companion here on the mountain, giving weather clues to those of us who would listen. Today it's gusting and that means rain or sleet. A constant strong wind brings sunshine. If I wake in the night and the wind has stilled, I won't need to look out the window to know it's snowing. 

I left the wind chimes hang on the patio this past autumn for no particular reason other than, well, no reason. I woke this morning to sound of the wind blowing through the trees and loud chimes. Now it occurs to me if I don't take the chimes down and put them in the shed, the wind might just beat them apart. 

The winter wind brings work, too. Looking out the window I see several tree branches on the ground. The first sunny Saturday, we'll venture out and start the never-ending task of clearing deadwood. The larger branches we cut for the wood stove, but most of what falls is small and we add that to the brush pile for burning. Sometimes the wind will bring down an entire tree. It's nature at work, culling the weak. 

I need to get to work, too. Just a few days ago I turned in a manuscript which has a tentative March 1 release date. I have March 1 and June 1 deadlines for a couple of stories. There's another Sundown story on the back burner, and I'd like to find another case for Amethyst Cove.

Maybe I should see if the wind will push me along. 

KC Kendricks