Sunday, January 4, 2015

Winter Winds

January 4, 2015

Right on schedule the winter wind has arrived. From now until mid-April, the wind will be a constant companion here on the mountain, giving weather clues to those of us who would listen. Today it's gusting and that means rain or sleet. A constant strong wind brings sunshine. If I wake in the night and the wind has stilled, I won't need to look out the window to know it's snowing. 

I left the wind chimes hang on the patio this past autumn for no particular reason other than, well, no reason. I woke this morning to sound of the wind blowing through the trees and loud chimes. Now it occurs to me if I don't take the chimes down and put them in the shed, the wind might just beat them apart. 

The winter wind brings work, too. Looking out the window I see several tree branches on the ground. The first sunny Saturday, we'll venture out and start the never-ending task of clearing deadwood. The larger branches we cut for the wood stove, but most of what falls is small and we add that to the brush pile for burning. Sometimes the wind will bring down an entire tree. It's nature at work, culling the weak. 

I need to get to work, too. Just a few days ago I turned in a manuscript which has a tentative March 1 release date. I have March 1 and June 1 deadlines for a couple of stories. There's another Sundown story on the back burner, and I'd like to find another case for Amethyst Cove.

Maybe I should see if the wind will push me along. 

KC Kendricks

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