Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Cat Named Hercules - new cover!!

December 28, 2011

It's new cover time!!

Look for A Cat Named Hercules on January 15, 2012.

** update**
A Cat Named Hercules
Book five in the Men of Marionville series

Now available at Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and other online book sellers. 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mistletoe Blog Hop round up

Congratulations to Gena, winner of a .pdf copy of A Hard Habit to Break.

Once again, thanks to everyone who participated. You're invited to join my new release announcement mailing list at

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Blog Hop contest is closed

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Mistletoe Blog Hop! My individual contest is now closed and participant comments hidden for privacy.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Mistletoe Blog Hop!

December 16, 2011


It's time for the Mistletoe Blog Hop to begin!

It's easy - just visit all the blogs and enter the individual contests, and then visit PJ Schnyder's page to enter for the grand prize - a loaded Nook.

To enter my individual contest for a .pdf copy of A Hard Habit to Break, just comment on the blog under this entry. One winner will be selected after the blog hop ends on December 23, 2011.

To enter the drawing for the grand prize (US only) go to and click on the entry link. The list of authors giving books for the grand prize is at the end of this blog.

Oh, and don't forget to go down the list and click "like" on Between the Keys. It won't get you a prize, but it will sure make me feel good!

Grand Prize offerings on the Nook (US only):
A Hard Habit to Break - KC Kendricks
Angel in the Middle - Marie Dees
Betting on Hope - Kay Keppler
Blood of the Maple - Dana Marie Bell
Cry Wolf - Angela Campbell
Dearly Departed - Lia Habel
Entanglements - PR Mason
Eris - D. Renee Bagby
Golden - Joely Sue Burkhart
Grey's Lady - Natasha Blackthorne
Her Dark Knight - Sharon Cullen
Hunting Kat - PJ Schnyder
Knight of Runes - Ruth A. Casie
Leading Her To Heaven - Kayleigh Jamison
Love on Cloud Nine - Linda Andrews
Lust on the Rocks - Dianne Venetta
Men of the Sea Anthology - Eliza Knight
Murdering Eve - Kelly Lee
Redaction - Linda Andrews
Relearning the Ropes - DC Juris
Risking Trust - Adrienne Giordano
Shadows & Dust - Yvonne Nicolas
Sloane Wolf - Margay Leah Justice
Snowy Encounters - Clarissa Yip
Soul Catcher - Vivi Dumas
The Alchemist's Perfect Instrument - AL Davroe
The Demon He Knows - RA Vaughn
The Fallen Queen - Jane Kindred
The Knife's Edge - Stephanie Draven
Underdead - Liz Jasper
What Not To Fear - Robert C. Roman
White Hot Christmas: Santa's Claws - Stephanie Burke

And here's the fine print for my individual contest:
- Prize is as stated. No prize substitutions or exchanges and all winners are final.
- Entering this contest constitutes agreement to all rules stated in this post.
- Rules are subject to change without notification or reason given.
- Contest begins December 16, 2011, and ends December 23, 2011, EST.
- Void where prohibited. No purchase necessary. Must be 18 or older to win.
- Chances of winning varies based on number of entries.

Life through the eyes of Greenbrier Smokey Deuce:

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Is it Friday yet?

December 15, 2011

Starting tomorrow, I'll be participating in my first blog hop - the Mistletoe Madness Blog Hop with about 50 other bloggers/authors. 

On Friday, as soon as the gods of day jobs allow, I'll post what I'm giving away and how you can enter to win it. PLUS, go to PJ Schnyder's site at to enter to win the grand prize - a nook preloaded with books from some of the participating authors (US only). 

The Mistletoe Blog Hop runs from December 16-23, 2011.

So check back tomorrow. You might get a good chuckle if the Linky Link thingee doesn't work right for me.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thoughts of the Day

December 13, 2011

I confess I have what I hope is merely a “healthy” curiosity about the news headlines. I’d hate to have to admit to obsession, but sometimes I wonder. Take yesterday, for example. I learned Katie Couric is single again (there are worse fates), that jewelry you’ve seen advertised on TV is a poor Christmas gift (get the he$$ outta town!), and finally, something really interesting, a TV station in New York, in a seventeen second loop, aired the first broadcast of the Yule Log burning in the hearth in 1966.

Okay - so I have the Yule Log DVD and I run it while I’m reading in the sunroom during this time of the year. It’s hokey, but I like it.

If you’re wondering what all that has to do with writing, let me confess that everything in my life revolves around writing. I’m a writer. Life is given to me so I can put it in a book. And I never know when some tidbit from the life will work its way into a book. Everything is relevant in one way or another.

I’m hardly unique in that. To be a writer, a person needs to have an active curiosity about many things. I think being able to maintain that curiosity as we age is important to our overall health. But beyond that, the writer has the ability to see a single item from different perspectives and blend those perspectives into one cohesive whole. It becomes an interesting gift to be given.

With Christmas almost upon us, I’ve been pondering my gift giving habits. My family and friends have been very blessed, but who doesn’t worry about the future in these trying times? Everyone I talk with confesses to less lavish spending during this holiday season and more giving to those organizations that reach out to those in need. We are among them, although there is the occasional trinket when we see something we know another will truly appreciate.

And to my partner: I’ll appreciate jewelry, especially pearls, advertised on television or not, anytime of the year.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Cowboy Obsession by Sineth Killiri

Today I'm happy to have Sineth Killiri here at Between the Keys. The Cowboy Obsession is Sineth's first release. Check out those pictures! - KC


While the word, cowboy was first used in England to refer to boys (or men) that tended cows, it was brought to America during the American Revolutionary War as a term the revolutionary patriots used for pro-British raiders who snuck around rattling a cow-bell to lure them into the brush searching for cows. Then, after the American Civil War the term grew widespread in the American West during cattle drives, and has remained a steadfast reference to the hardworking men of those times.

But what of today’s cowboys? Sure, there’s the ol’ Wild West ones, with their Western attire, big hats, and those six-shooters strapped to their strong thighs. We read about their exploits wishing we were there, so they’ll always have that timeless appeal of the untouchable past. And while we use that bygone era to dream about their prowess and fanaticize about their passion, we let them evolve.

Today the cowboy may have turned his Stetson into a ball cap, and his clothing gone plaid instead of blue or red flannel, and his pants are denim instead of canvas, but our view of a cowboy is still carrying a powerful weapon—rugged sex appeal.

So who’s my cowboy in my first Gay Romance?

Eric McCaffrey, a cattle and horse rancher, and the town mayor of Puritan, Texas. Strong and handsome, he catches the eye of woman and men alike.

Librarian Braden Hollace wasn’t open about being gay in a small Texas town, so whenever he saw the gorgeous cowboy across the street from the library, he refused to approach him and shatter his fantasy about the man. Instead, he put his focus on stopping the town council from banning gay literature.

Mayor and handsome, irresistible rancher Eric McCaffrey kept his sexual preferences to himself. He devoted his time to things he found important, and the impending literature ban wasn’t on his list. And he told that very thing to the librarian who called him to protest.

But when Braden and Eric hook up at a nightclub in the city, they never imagined their night of passionate sex could turn into an affair of the heart...


Braden tipped back his head and effortlessly downed half his bottle of beer.

Eric watched, imagining Braden's throat muscles working against his cock, squeezing and releasing, swallowing every drop of his discharge. He put his hand against his crotch and adjusted his denims to accommodate his growing erection.

Blindly, Braden placed his bottle on the bar, eyeing him with a grin, obviously aware of his physical discomfort. "Ready?" he asked, his smile widening.

"Oh, yeah." Eric led the way.

Someone bumped into them as they headed for the door. Braden touched his back and excitement corkscrewed into the pit of his stomach. He focused on that sensation as a reminder that this one-night hookup was just for a good fuck, nothing more. He didn't have room in his life for a relationship--that's why he drove all the way to Houston.

They crossed the dark parking lot to his silver Ford pickup truck. "This is mine."

"Nice." Braden walked over to it and ran his hand over the shiny clean fender, stroking it gently, showing true appreciation for the big dual wheel vehicle.

He wanted that expression when Braden's fingers wrapped his cock. "Where are you parked?" Eric asked.

"My date took my ride."

"Oh? You have a disagreement or something?" Eric leaned on the truck, worried this night might not go as anticipated.

"Or something." Braden turned to him and placed a hand on his chest.

Eric didn't let the moment pass. He grabbed Braden's head and pulled him forward. He planted his mouth over his and kissed him hard. Equally aggressive, Braden pushed Eric back against the truck, his body pressed tight, his hands a flurry of strokes at his sides.

Eric flung his hat back into the truck bed. Then he drove his fingers into Braden's soft brown hair, twisting strands for control of his head. Yet, as much as he wanted to take control, Braden had the power with his solid frame sandwiching Eric against the truck and his grinding hips pressing tight enough for Eric to feel the bulge of his erection.

Eric couldn't believe how pent up his emotions had been until that moment. The kiss was wonderful, exhilarating, the most satisfying he had ever known. He pulled Braden's head back and stared into his lust-filled gaze.

"I want to fuck you, cowboy," Braden told him with a raspy, hurried breath.

"Then I suggest we get going to my hotel." Eric released his grip on Braden's locks.

Braden stepped back and wiped a hand over his mouth. "Good idea."

The glistening traces of their kiss vanished from Braden's lips. Eric righted himself. His heart pounded furiously behind his ribcage. He couldn't recall anyone having such a profound effect on his senses before. That made him nervous, and that, too, was an emotion he hadn't experienced much.

Eric reached in the truck bed and retrieved his hat. He set it on his head, moved to the driver door, unlocked it and then unlocked the passenger door. They got in. He looked over at Braden's handsome profile. Still in disbelief of his rampaging desires, Eric tried to pass off his turbulent emotions as a lustful infatuation with a gorgeous man. He'd fallen in that trap before, so there was no reason to think about love. Eric had come looking for a hook-up and found one. Tonight was nothing more than that.


Available at Amber Quill Press.

When we see the progression of cowboys, working in the once lowly, dirty job, how do you think they became sex symbols? Was it books, movies, or is history in general romanticized?

Also writing as Brenda Williamson

It makes perfect sense to me


December 4, 2011

Instead of wrapping my brain around the concept of actually getting some writing done today, I've been playing. Or is it procrastinating? Maybe both. I have a mental "to do" list for the day and I think I need to scrap it in favor of fun pursuits. I feel like I've had my fingers to the keyboard without ceasing for far too long.

Or maybe I've allowed a conversation with my man to discourage me. Which would be my fault, not his. He's a pretty good cheerleader (as long as he doesn't wave his pom-poms and make a mess on the floor).

Being published is hard on a person's psyche. Those big pieces of yourself that you carved off and planted in a story are out there for the world to see. Most of the time all that comes back to us are the words of "reviewers," and recently the trend seems to be for really cunty snarky "reviews" - but that's another blog. I'm talking "reviews" when we hit "R" in the 2012 A-Z Blogging Challenge so I'll save it for then.

While the willingness to bleed out all over the page is a prerequisite to writing, it doesn't guarantee any given book will be well received. Some very well-written books become "sleepers" in the author's backlist, and it was this topic my partner and I discussed over shared a glass of wine.

Up until this point, my backlist contained one true sleeper - Passion's Victory. I believe this is due to the fact it garnered a 2008 CAPA nomination. Those sort of things can be like the kiss of death to a book. But from the emails I've received from readers over the years, Passion's Victory has been loved by everyone who didn't let the CAPA nod scare them off.

But now I think I have another sleeper on my hands - Double Deuce. Rather after the fact, the head guru at Amber Allure came along and said anything with a mystery tag didn't sell. Sure wish I'd known that when the concept was discussed. Of course, the problem is that Double Deuce is first and foremost a KC Kendricks romance and the "mystery" is the crime solving elements of the plot. I'm sure big name mystery writers would laugh like hyenas at the mystery tag being applied to Double Deuce. Live and learn.

What's discouraging is I've planned a neat little story arc for the two main characters in Double Deuce to carry through what I'd hoped to be a trilogy and if the sales don't back it up, I can't spend six months writing it any time soon. And that's a shame if I do say so myself, because I think readers who love romance would love, love, love what would have happened at the end of book three.

So thinking out loud here, so to blog, what do I do? Do I write stories the majority of my readers want and will make my publisher keep on accepting my stories, or do I take my own advice and write the story I want to write and to hell with worrying about it?

I guess the answer will come some morning when I put my fingers on the keyboard and the words start to flow. Stay tuned.

KC Kendricks
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Contemporary gay romance mystery
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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Unique Us

November 27, 2011

I’ve been remiss in my blogging duties this November. It’s not for lack of things to say. No, it’s more because I can barely move these days.

Remember those lovely pictures of the October 29, 2011, freak snow I posted? Remember all the damage to my beautiful trees? Scroll on down in the blog to see them. Anyway, SOMEONE had to clean up all that mess and that someone was me. My honey has a debilitating neuropathy from the two years of chemotherapy it took to save his life and suffice it to say that, physically, he’s not a lot of help. (Yes, you’re correct - he’s just FULL of ADVICE on how to do things, which he offers freely.)

Thankfully, the bulk of the work is finished. Last weekend we finally cut our way through all the downed limbs behind the shed to loop a heavy logging chain between the sizeable branch that fell on the shed and our trusty Chevy Silverado. It took a few tries, but the branch finally slid off the roof. To my relief, the shingles on the shed roof are intact.

If you’re one of those people who wonder why in the hell the world needs four-wheel drive pickups, live on a mountain for a year without one, baby. I dare ya.

It’s been a lot of hard, physical work this past month, and I’m not twenty any longer. All the brush, limbs and branches that fell needed to be cut, dragged, stacked to be split for firewood next fall, or burned. It’s been great to get outside, and who doesn’t like sitting beside a roaring fire watching brush burn? Believe me, after getting the brush to the burn ring, it was wonderful to sit a spell and rest by the fire.

As exhausting as the work has been, I have an enormous sense of accomplishment. I’m pathetically pleased this old girl hasn’t lost her country living survival skills. The sore muscles and stiffs joints have convinced me I need yoga, or at least some sort of stretching routine.

There’s a harmony in the blending all the facets of ourselves into the whole person. I’m a country girl, born and bred, but I can put on a beaded dress and enjoy an evening with the Maryland Symphony Orchestra. I am woman, wife, daughter, friend. I’m an administrative assistant and a writer. I like rock music and I sing hymns. I won’t talk on a cell phone in my car, but I’ve never met a speed limit I didn’t exceed.

Thanksgiving weekend is a time to remember to give thanks. Family and friends come together to share good food and good times. We take stock of our blessings, and we share with others who are in need. The season of Advent begins and we set our thoughts to gift giving, and to that end many go shopping.

I am thankful for my health and for all people in my life. But I think I am most grateful for all the contradictions that make me who I am. I look forward and make gift-giving plans knowing that no Christmas trinket ever given will be more than what each of us has already received.

We are each unique in this universe, and that is quite a gift to be thankful for.

KC Kendricks
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Days to Minutes; Minutes to Memories

November 8, 2011

November 8th comes around every year whether I want it to or not. The day brings myriad memories to my door, complete with the accompanying emotions. Some years I’m weepy, which I don’t like since I’m not really a “girly-girl.”  Some years I’m weepy because the memories are about something stupid and I can’t stop giggling. I don’t like that for the same reason. Too girly.

Then there are the years when I’ve been too numb with fear for the losses of the future to deal with the losses of the past. I’ve lived through too many of those in the last decade as my partner battled for his life against the same disease that took my father.

This year, as I mark the twenty-eighth anniversary of my father’s death, I’m struck by the fact that in two weeks, I will have lived on this earth longer than he did. It’s a very strange feeling.

My father is still close to me in memory. I can pause and recall the ups - and downs - of the father/daughter relationship. I wish I hadn’t taken him for granted, but who knew he’d leave us when he was still a young man. I remember my grandfather saying it wasn’t fair that a young man should be taken when there he was, an old, dried up man, still alive. My grandfather lived another twenty-two years beyond my father, but that’s for another day.

Are my memories clear? They are. Do I remember some events as they really happened? I do hope so, but I will not discount the passing of time applying a rosy hue to them. I can accept that because it’s not as if I can strip it off now that it's on. 

So what do I remember this November 8th?
  • Dad always had a camera pointed at someone - so no one could get a picture of him. (But I did.)
  • Being told I could NOT keep the stray dog that wandered in - and him suggesting we name her Reba. (So I did.)
  • Dad slipping me a twenty before my first official date with a boy who had a car - and he let me keep it when I got home safely. 
  • Me and Dad crashing into the wall at the skating rink and laughing too hard to get to our feet. (I finally taught him to skate.)
  • Riding in the Mack truck with him - and learning to drive it.
  • Dad standing on the roof of my 1969 Camaro to cut a tree limb that hung over the driveway. (You can guess my screeching reaction.)
  • Being Dad’s “remote control” for the television. (Every kid was one, back in the day.)
  • Never Coke, always Pepsi, unless there was Royal Crown Cola to be had.

Dad was a handsome man in a Daniel Boone/Fess Parker/Davy Crockett sort of way. A six feet tall, blue-eyed, broad-shouldered American truck driving man. He had presence in a room, but of all the things I remember about Dad, it’s his quiet sense of humor I miss the most.  He understood that just because you have to take something seriously doesn’t mean it’s not funny.  Of all the things he taught me, I hope that’s the lesson I learned best.

See you again someday, Daddy. Save me a seat.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Mother Nature's Trick

October 31, 2011

You may have heard about this..... It snowed on October 29th! Seriously.

Very serious. Thank God for the person who invented the Honda generator and made it possible to create this blog entry.

Seriously. We've been without power since 2:30 PM on Saturday, October 29, 2011, and Allegheny Power says it will be midnight, Wednesday, November 2, 2011 - at the earliest - until our service is restored. Say...what? I've not seen any evidence at all Allegheny Power even has a crew working in the entire county. People all around us have power, but we're orphaned. How do you say IMPENDNG SOLAR INSTALLATION?

I've lived in the woods my entire life, so I know the drill. We're luckier than most. We have a woodstove and we keep a healthy supply of firewood at the ready. A clear spring-fed mountain stream provides fresh water. Sure, we have to drop a bucket on a rope into the dip hole, but at least I've got water. Wish I had water for a HOT SHOWER but since Mr. Home Improvement installed a whole-house surge protector, the generator doesn't power the water heater - a fuck-up an oversight my honey will fix at the first opportunity if he wants to keep his happy home.

All my bitching aside, we were lucky. No trees or brances fell on our house or our vehicles. The shed took a hit, but the roof held firm. We have a massive cleanup ahead of us, but it will help supply our woodpile for next year. I'm grateful everything in the refrigator is fine and we're warm and dry.

It's time to close this entry with a few pictures. Even with generator power and a battery backup on my computer, I prefer to be cautious. I want to shut down the computer for safety's sake. And I need to dress like a lumberjack and get to work cleaning up the mess in the backyard.

Happy Halloween!

KC Kendricks

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Double Deuce reviewed by Literary Nymphs - 4 Nymphs

October 27, 2011

It's a 4-Nymph review from Literary Nymphs for Double Deuce. Reviews are always subjective to the reviewer's personal likes and dislikes, but I think the staff at Literary Nymphs understand all forms of the romance novel.

Here's a snippet from the review:

Double Deuce is an intriguing suspense, blended with humor, as well as a friends-with-benefits relationship...KC Kendricks has a distinctive writing style. The characters are amusing and the plot is delightfully unexpected. I fully enjoyed Double Deuce. - Chocolate Minx, 4 Nymphs

Read the entire review at

Thank you!

Contemporary gay romance mystery
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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Double Deuce gets its first review

October 15, 2011

I don't think I've ever gotten a review on a book this quickly. When I saw the email in the que I thought it had to be on Highway Nights, or maybe Beneath Dark Stars, but it was indeed for Double Deuce. A five day turn? Unheard of from where I sit. But hey...We go with the flow.

Thanks to Pixie at MM Good Book Reviews for giving Double Deuce 4 Hearts. Here's a snippet from the review. Click the link to read it in its entirety.

[Double Deuce]is a well written story that has a strong plot and although this is from Ian’s POV you don’t feel like it’s just all about him...The sex scenes are hot and there is a spark between them that you know could turn into an inferno if they fed it. I recommend this to those that love hot men, hot sex, mystery, a good storyline [that] leaves you with a warm feeling. - MM Good Book Reviews

Look for Ian to work another case in 2012. 

Contemporary gay romance mystery
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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Double Deuce is live!

October 9, 2011

Every new release brings something different to the author. For me, it freezes a moment of my life in my memory. I can look back to, let's say The Back Stairs, and still hear the air compressor's endless drone as the patio roof was under construction. That might lead you to believe my recollection of that time is one of annoyance, but it's not. I had to wait until the mortgage was paid to be able to afford that roof - almost thirty years! It was a time of excitement on many levels.

Double Deuce will always remind me of achievement. During the last few days I've been deeply involved with hosting a conference through the day job. It was incredibly successful, beyond anything we'd hoped for. While it was going on, the impending release of DOUBLE DEUCE was always in the back of my mind. I think I outdid myself on both ventures.

I hope you'll enjoy Double Deuce. It's the first story in the Amethyst Cove mysteries series. And now - on to the new release promo!

Contemporary gay romance mystery
available now Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo.

Free-spirited Ian Coulter works hard and plays harder. An ex-cop turned private investigator, Ian enjoys meeting new men and making new friends. A night out ends up with one man on the floor at his feet, and another asking for his help. Big trouble’s brewing in little Amethyst Cove and Ian’s a step behind. He’s quick to see Rick Mohr is the man holding the flare at the end a long, dark tunnel.

Undercover agent Rick Mohr walks a fine line, serving two masters. Insider trading, counterfeit printing plates, and a blown-up yacht have Rick stuck between two Federal agencies, one of which has been compromised. Rick has to discover the mole before it’s too late. When Ian Coulter walks into his life, Rick grabs the chance to salvage his assignment with both hands.

It doesn’t take Ian and Rick long to discover joining forces and sharing resources has definite perks - ones not found in any departmental manual.


“And yet, here you sit across from me.”

“For one thing, this is the first time I’ve actually gotten a look at you. No one ever said you were so…” He paused and blinked at me.

I helped him out. “Hot?”

Rick grinned. “The very word I was searching for.”

“You’re full of shit, Rick Mohr. What do you really want?”

“I’ve heard you like to have fun—safe fun. Was I misinformed?”

And they called me a slut. Rick had me beat for moving in on a guy fast. “I love to have ‘fun—safe fun,’ but I don’t know you. I haven’t seen you around at any of the local haunts.”

“Well, you know how it is. Boy meets boy. Boy falls in love. Boy gets dumped after eleven years and has to work hard to get back into the swing of things.”

I tapped the wide silver band he wore on his left ring finger. “Hmm. I’ve heard of that. Some weird word that starts with an ‘R.’”


I snapped my fingers. “That’s the one! Can’t say as I have any first-hand experience with it.”

Rick sighed. “I actually liked it, although I thought it would have a longer shelf-life.”

I sipped the lemony drink I’d had such a craving for. That craving, and another stronger one, was about to land me in trouble, I just knew it.

“I’ll tell you something, Rick. I don’t like men who cheat on their partners.”

His level gaze met mine. “I don’t have a partner. I have an ex-partner.”

“Why not take off the ring?”

“Truth? I’m not quite ready to have guys hitting on me. Maybe you can help me get over the hump.”

Years of cruising men, of reading their body language and looking into lots of pretty eyes gave me a good read on him. He wasn’t being honest with me about something, but it had nothing to do with the ring, the ex-partner, or the fact he liked to have control of the situation. The little voice inside, the one that never steered me wrong when it was time to cut and run, was silent, and I wanted to learn more about him.

The bottom line was we both wanted to get laid, no strings attached. I could do that for him. Call me Dr. Love or whatever. He wanted over the hump, and I was more than happy to help him out with that.

“So, Rick, why don’t we finish our drinks, then blow this joint and go find a more private place?”


The intensity of Rick’s gaze slammed into me.

“What if I told you I could give you something concrete?”

Cold sweat broke out under my arms and across my back. I shivered and sucked in a deep breath. “This isn’t the place to discuss business, Mr. Mohr.”

Comprehension flickered in his pretty eyes. He reached across the table and covered my hands with his. My skin prickled with a new awareness of him. I had the sudden urge to give him about eight inches of concrete, regardless of how bad an idea it had become.

“You’re right, of course.” I got another shock as he raised my knuckles to his lips. “How about a little stroll on the beach? We can kick off our shoes and roll up our pant legs and get our feet wet. Get comfortable with each other. Whataya say?”

A walk outside was better than a hook-up inside. For all I knew, he worked for Earl Fox and had on a wire. This could be a set-up. That’s how paranoid I was about Foxy. I pulled away from the warmth of his touch and kept my voice pitched to where only Rick could hear me.

“We’ll take my car. I’ll bring you back later. And I want you to put your cell phone in your car and leave it.”
“I understand your caution, but it’s unnecessary.”

“I’ll be the judge of that, thank you.” I set my hat back on my head, slid off the bench seat, and held my hand out to him. He took it and uncurled his long, lean body out of the booth. I had to look up at him, and I’m no little fellow at five-eleven and one hundred seventy-nine pounds of carefully crafted muscle.

His arms came around me and I realized just how big a man he really was. His lips brushed my ear as he whispered to me, “I’m going to enjoy this.”

Before I could think, much less ask him what the fuck he was talking about, his mouth covered mine. I opened my lips to protest, and his tongue slipped past my poor defenses. Little stars danced behind my closed eyes. My arms slid around his neck.

Familiar heat coiled low in my belly when his tongue danced over mine. My balls tingled as my over-eager cock hardened, swelling relentlessly to an aching fullness. I inhaled, and, under the warm, spicy scent of his cologne, breathed in the rich, earthy tang of an aroused male.

Rick’s big hand cupped my left ass cheek and pressed me tightly to his pelvis. The hard ridge of his dick met mine and I hazed on the rush of testosterone flooding into my blood. I needed to sink my root deep in this man and hear him beg for more.

What was left of my sanity shouted I was in big trouble when his lips trailed fire along my jaw line and down my neck. I ignored it and cupped his balls in front of all witnesses, covering his bulging zipper with my palm. At least eight inches.

His big hands stroked up my back, then down my sides. I leaned over into the booth and grabbed my drink with shaking hands.

What the fuck had I just allowed to happen?

Contemporary gay romance mystery
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Life through the eyes of Greenbrier Smokey Deuce:

Thursday, October 6, 2011

September 2011 Top Ten- Highway Nights slides into #5

October 6, 2011

**updated 5/17/2016, 4/1/21**
Amber Allure has closed but it doesn't negate the fact Highway Nights was on the publisher's best seller list that month. 

I've commented previously about my connection to the number five. It's everywhere in my life. September 2011 continues the trend with Highway Nights claiming the number five spot on the Amber Allure Top Ten List.

1. Ex Equals - L. A. Witt (Gay / Contemporary)
2. Acting Out - Mia Watts (Gay / Contemporary)
3. Under A Rock - India Harper (Gay / Contemporary / Western)
4. Can't Be His - Shawn Lane (Gay / Contemporary)
5. Highway Nights - KC Kendricks (Gay / Contemporary / Suspense)
6. Pushing The Envelope 1: For The Attention Of - Kim Dare (Gay / Contemp. / BDSM)
7. Cowboy Obsession - Sineth Killiri (Gay / Contemporary / Western)
8. The Wild Bunch: Casa - Deirdre O'Dare (Gay / Contemporary / Western)
9. Amor Prohibido - Ellis Carrington (Gay / Paranormal)
10. On The List - L. A. Witt (Gay / Contemporary)

Congratulations to everyone for a banner month! A special "atta-girl" to Sineth Killiri for making the Top Ten list two months running with her very first gay romance.

Also available:


Free-spirited Ian Coulter works hard and plays harder. An ex-cop turned private investigator, Ian enjoys meeting new men and making new friends. A night out ends up with one man on the floor at his feet, and another asking for his help. Big trouble’s brewing in little Amethyst Cove, and Ian’s a step behind. He’s quick to see Rick Mohr is the man holding the flare at the end of a long, dark tunnel.

Undercover agent Rick Mohr walks a fine line, serving two masters. Insider trading, counterfeit printing plates, and a blown-up yacht have Rick stuck between two Federal agencies, one of which has been compromised. Rick has to discover the mole before it’s too late. When Ian Coulter walks into his life, Rick grabs the chance to salvage his assignment with both hands.

It doesn’t take Ian and Rick long to discover joining forces, and sharing resources, have definite perks, ones not found in any departmental manual...

I hope you'll enjoy Double Deuce, An Amethyst Cove Mystery.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Highway Nights has been reviewed by The Romance Studio

September 15, 2011
**updated 5/17/2016, 4/1/21**

Having compared notes with many other writers, it seems to be a fact of life that the longer one writes the less often one gets reviewed. I'm not complaining, honest. It's not a negative reflection on the established author who continually produces work that garners 4 and 5 point reviews. It's more that the reviewers are already familiar with our work, and they're looking at the *new* writers. What can be done?

Well, I could be a reviewer hound if it really mattered, and annoy the living crap out of all the review sites begging for reviews, but that's not me. I prefer to have reviews happen organically, without any intervention from me. They mean a lot more that way.

I was very pleased to learn that my new release, Highway Nights, has already been reviewed by The Romance Studio. It's only been out since September third. That's pretty darn fast!

With thanks to the reviewer and TRS, here's a snippet from the review with a link for those who want to read the whole thing.

... I liked the realistic feel to this story. It's an honest portrayal of hard working men making their way in life, just like men we know in our own lives. When love catches them unaware, their reaction to it is the crux of the story. ... The sex scenes are good and steamy, these two really like each other. An unforeseen occurrence adds to the drama and kicks it up a notch. Highway Nights is a nicely paced story with a satisfying ending. I liked it a lot.

Here's the link to read the entire Highway Nights review at TRS.

About Highway Nights:

Garrett Webb has a five-point plan for starting his own business. To keep it on track, he takes a second job and settles into the evening delivery run between Owensville and Mt. Franklin. The solitude of being on the road clears his head and enables him to chart a better future for himself. When a foggy night sends him to the safety of The Downshift Diner and its owner, Oliver Sanderson, that future takes an unforeseen turn.

Oliver Sanderson enjoys a quiet life along the lonely stretch of highway that’s home to his diner. The road brings all manner of interesting souls to his door. When Garrett Webb steps out of the fog seeking shelter, his openness and honesty draw Oliver’s interest. He’s ready to take the next step but needs to be cautious. Trouble is coming to the diner, and Oliver wants Garrett clear of it.

Good intentions can’t hold out against their budding attraction. Garrett makes the diner a regular stop during his nightly run, and the men get better acquainted. But Garrett’s past isn’t done with him. In a single heart-stopping moment, Garrett is forced to a decision that risks Oliver’s life – one that could forever end their highway nights.


Available at:

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Sunday, September 11, 2011


September 11, 2011

Is there any among us who do not remember when they first learned a plane had struck the North Tower of the World Trade Center?

I was at my place of employment, blissfully planning and plotting my first trip to Myrtle Beach instead of working. A friend from a sister agency strolled in and told me the news.

Did we think for one nanosecond The United States of America had just been attacked? Of course not. Who would? We thought it was a terrible accident. We quickly learned how wrong we were.

Is there any among us whose life was not changed that day?

In my world, we still seek understanding and personal healing.

We seek.

We remember.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Highway Nights is now available

September 4, 2011

**updated 5/17/2016 and April 1, 2021**

Just released! Highway Nights!

Highway Nights goes way back in my stack of idea folders and stems from one of my youthful adventures. I used to keep company with a fellow a few years my junior, and we liked to trip down the Interstate to a little place by the river for a late-night snack and a few rounds of pool. I was quite fond of that little out-of-the-way place with its welcoming proprietor and friendly bartender. (At least they were to me, but I always smiled and never gave them any grief.) So The Downshift Diner is a little nod to that time in my life.

Here's the blurb and excerpts from HIGHWAY NIGHTS, now available. Thanks for reading!

* * *
Contemporary gay romance

Garrett Webb has a five-point plan for starting his own business. To keep it on track, he takes a second job and settles into the evening delivery run between Owensville and Mt. Franklin. The solitude of being on the road clears his head and enables him to chart a better future for himself. When a foggy night sends him to the safety of The Downshift Diner and its owner, Oliver Sanderson, that future takes an unforeseen turn.

Oliver Sanderson enjoys a quiet life along the lonely stretch of highway that’s home to his diner. The road brings all manner of interesting souls to his door. When Garrett Webb steps out of the fog seeking shelter, his openness and honesty draw Oliver’s interest. He’s ready to take the next step but needs to be cautious. Trouble is coming to the diner, and Oliver wants Garrett clear of it.

Good intentions can’t hold out against their budding attraction. Garrett makes the diner a regular stop during his nightly run, and the men get better acquainted. But Garrett’s past isn’t done with him. In a single heart-stopping moment, Garrett is forced to a decision that risks Oliver’s life – one that could forever end their highway nights.


Oliver settled in the booth and stared across the table. “You gonna tell me why you’re really here?”

“I told you. Food and conversation.”

The young man didn’t bat an eye. Oliver had a good sense about men, and it said Garrett was interested in a lot more than talk. He saw no point in calling the fellow on it, not yet. It could be Garrett didn’t consciously realize what he wanted. Life handed you moments like that, and Oliver had had his fair share of them. But if the lad wanted talk, he’d be glad to get the ball rolling.

“All right, then. I’ll be nosey and start our chat. So why are you working two jobs? A young fellow like you should be out clubbing every night.”

“My five-point plan suffered a setback. I’m working to recoup some losses.”


Garrett sighed. “Not any longer.”

And, no doubt, the ex-boyfriend was the reason the five-point plan had been derailed. It usually was. Oliver could say he’d been there and done that, too, but he’d wait to see if Garrett asked first. He didn’t, so Oliver tried another topic.

“Nice jeans.”

“Thanks. I got a great deal on them. Twenty bucks at a yard sale.”

Yard sale? No wonder Garrett dressed like a prince. Oliver could, too, if he had the patience to treasure hunt, because that’s what a yard sale really was.

“Good looking, hard working and frugal. You don’t find that combination every day.”
Garrett sipped his cola, his blue gaze fastened on Oliver’s. “That’s me. Do you like the back pockets of my pants?”

“Ah, a flaw. Vanity.” Oliver leaned back, unable to refrain from grinning at Garrett. “I noticed. I’ll say it since your ego appears to need it.” He leaned forward and kept his voice down. “Nice ass.”


Oliver grinned and stopped in front of him.

“Happy to see me?”

Garrett glanced down. “As happy as you appear to be. Can a guy get a soda to go in this joint?”

Oliver shook his head. “I’ve better at the house. Let me tell Shirl and Billy not to call me unless it’s an emergency.” He disappeared into the kitchen, and sauntered back out in less than thirty seconds. Oliver motioned at the front entrance. “Let’s go.”

Garrett turned and held the door open for Oliver. “What constitutes an emergency?”

“Someone is bleeding, choking, or keels over all the way to the floor.” He placed his hand on the small of Garrett’s back and guided him around the corner of the building.

Garrett leaned closer to the warmth of Oliver’s body. “Not fire?”

“That’s what the firemen are for. Call ‘em. Besides, I like firemen. Don’t you?”

“Sure. Big, burly men turn me on.” Garrett stroked Oliver’s well-formed bicep. Oliver laughed softly and backed Garrett against the rear wall of the diner, out of sight from the clientele and staff.

“To each, their own.”

Garrett grasped Oliver’s hips and yanked him against him. He held him there and soaked up the heat from Oliver’s body. The corner of his mouth quirked in a small smile.

“So, am I going to have to beg you to kiss me again?”

Oliver ran his thumb over Garrett’s lower lip. He swallowed, the muscles in his throat moving. “Garrett. Be sure you want this. Don’t lead me on then tell me to stop.”

“I came for this, Oliver.”

Something dark and unsettled sparked in Oliver’s eyes. “Don’t get too attached to me, either, boy.”

“I’m horny. I want to fuck you, not marry you.”

Oliver leaned in, his breath warm on Garrett’s moist lips. In the back of his mind, Garrett registered surprise at Oliver’s reticence but he’d ponder it later. He shifted forward and touched his lips to Oliver’s.

Need burst through him, a siren song in his blood that built as Oliver’s tongue licked into his in a bold stroke. The larger man pressed his body to the sun-warmed bricks, pinning him, his pelvis grinding against Garrett’s in a mock taking. Garrett thrust his tongue into the heat of Oliver’s mouth. Back and forth they tested, well matched, as the world spun behind his closed eyes. Suddenly breathless, Garrett tore his lips from Oliver’s. Oliver rested his forehead to his, breathing hard.

“You should go home, Garrett.”

“I don’t think so. Why are you afraid of me?” He ran his fingers through Oliver’s short hair.

Oliver brushed a kiss to his lips. “I’m too old for someone in his twenties, Garrett.”

“I’m going to surprise you. I’m thirty-two.” He laughed as the man’s eyebrows shot up. “Told you I was older than I look.”

Oliver’s eyes darkened. “I can’t tell you how relieved I am, but I still feel like a dirty old pervert chasing chickens.” He levered off the wall, grabbed Garrett’s hand, and pulled him along the flagstone path to the bungalow-style house.

Garrett fell into step beside him and slipped their linked hands behind Oliver’s back. There was one sure way he knew to find out Oliver’s age—give him a little dig.

“You can’t be that old. What are you? Fifty?”

“Fifty! No, smart-ass, I’m forty-four. Happy to know that?” Oliver eased his hand free as they climbed the steps to the wide veranda. He pulled keys out of his pocket and unlocked the front door. “I should spank you for that.”

Garrett stepped into the foyer and patted his butt. “A spanking might be fun sometime, but not tonight...”


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Friday, September 2, 2011

Amber Allure August Top Ten List - and the prerequisite mention for Highway Nights

September 2, 2011
**updated 5/16/2016, and April 1, 2021**

Congratulations to everyone at Amber Allure who had the joy of an August 2011 release. Try as I certainly did, I couldn't get Highway Nights ready in time for a slot in the August schedule. 

The good news - and the bad news - is Highway Nights is set to release this Labor Day weekend. Good news because it's a new release and bad news because it's a holiday weekend. Well, it will be as it will be, eh?

Stay tuned to Between the Keys. Highway Nights will be available September 4, 2011 (or whenever the head guru at Amber Allure pushes the button this weekend). I've got an excerpt posted on my website, but still need to do all the other links. Website work never ends. Can you hear me sigh?

So if you're needing some new reading material, check out any of the books listed above. Just reserve a few dollars for Highway Night, okay?



Available at:

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 Amazon UK:

 Amazon CA:


 Barnes and Noble/NOOK:


 Universal link to additional booksellers:

 Highway Nights webpage:


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hiding from Hurricane Irene

August 28, 2011

I in no way, shape or form wish to imply Hurricane Irene hasn't been serious business for the residents of the east coast. It has been. All the alarmists and thrill seekers on the Weather Channel aside, most folks knew without being told it was time to run or hunker down. My brother-in-law fled Norfolk, putting a mountain between his family and Irene. But where me and mine live, we already have several mountains for protection, and protect us they did.

So far we've had about seventeen hours of a steady, soft rain with no wind to speak of. The ground was a little damp to begin with, so the rain has soaked in, replenishing the good earth. It could have been very different, and indeed it was back in 2003 when Hurricane Isabel leveled an eighty-five foot tall oak within twenty feet of my house. Comparatively, Irene has been a non-event, which is a blessing for us.

America will do what she always does and rally to help those hardest hit. It's in those moments we can all be proud of who we are. Prayer and helping hands sustain us all.

Waiting for Irene to "arrive" proved productive. All the gas cans are full. New candles are in all the votive cups. The hurricane lamps are filled with oil and the wicks trimmed. The gutters got swept and the basement window well covers checked. Extra ice was collected and wine chilled in the proper sized cooler for late evening consumption. We rolled out the generator and gave it a test run.

The power stayed on but we turned off the lamps and shared the wine by candlelight anyway, grateful our cozy home remained dry and comfortable. And we turned our thoughts and conversation to what we had we could give and what we could do should our brother have severe damage to his home. If he needs us, we're ready to go lend a hand.

The sky is lighter at this hour. I think it's all over for us but the drying out. We'll get on with the day, putting the generator away and spending way too much time deciding what's for dinner.

But we won't forget not everyone was so blessed.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Call me chicken

August 16, 2011

When I started writing in 2003, you know, in the Way Back Time, if an author had a website, blog and a Yahoo group, people wondered when she or he had time to write. These days, a website, blog and mailing list isn’t considered to even be a bare minimum.

Then came RSS feeds, MySpace, YouTube, NING (now defunct), Twitter, widgets, book trailers, Facebook, Goodreads – I don’t even know what else.

Seriously. I do not know what else. And I’m afraid to go find out for fear I won't have time to write. Or my brain will fry.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Amber Allure Top Ten for July 2011

August 4, 2011

I've been remiss posting last month's Amber Allure Top Ten as often happens when I don't have a new book come out during the month. Not having a release occasionally sends me into "kick back" mode in regards to my online activities. Sometimes that's a good thing - and sometimes not.

The list came out a few days ago, and maybe you've already seen it. Before we get to it, allow me to give an Honorary Mention to a few other books that were new in July.

Keep in mind that what day of the month a book is released on can affect its placement on the top ten list. It's hard to rack up a month's worth of sales on July 31st. So while these books aren't on the top ten, it's no reflection of their quality.

Naked in Hong Kong by AJ Llewellyn
Hitting it Big by Shawn Lane
Kissing Sherlock Holmes by TD McKinney & Terry Wylis
Double Feature by Aislinn Kerry
Between Hell & El Paso by Derek Adams
Newblood Initiate by Adrianna Dane

And now for the July 2011 Amber Allure Top Ten Best Sellers:

1. Clay's Challenge - Cassandra Gold (Gay / Contemporary)
2. Lucky - K. M. Mahoney (Gay / Shapeshifter)
3. The Truth About Al - M. L. Rhodes (Gay / Contemporary)
4. Under My Bed - T. A. Chase (Gay / Paranormal)
5. Trust Me - B. G. Thomas (Gay / Contemp. / Western)
6. Cemeteries - Lynn Lorenz (Gay / Paranormal)
7. Lost Between - Shawn Lane (Gay / Paranormal)
8. Hellish Twist In Tinseltown - Lee Avalone (Gay / Paranormal)
9. Echoes - Rick R. Reed (Gay / Paranormal)
10. For One Night Only - Anne Brooke (Gay / Contemp. / BDSM)

Congratulations all around!

Life through the eyes of Greenbrier Smokey Deuce:

Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Warm July Sunday

July 31, 2011

I'm done with hot weather. It's already 82F/28C here in western Maryland and it's only nine a.m. Yeah, yeah, I know. It's the Mid-Atlantic region and triple H is the norm for this time of year. I'm still done with it. Can't we move on to October?

Instead of spending my morning bicycling along the C&O Canal with the Potomac River for company, I'm holed up inside on the computer. Not a bad thing - for November. But this is the end of July. I crave sunshine! Fresh [breathable] air! A bike rides gets the blood flowing. Feel the breeze in your hair!

(It also gets you lots and lots of bugs honing their blood sucking skills on you, but for the purposes of this blog, let's ignore that.)

Since it's too hot to go outside without melting, and I'm not, repeat, not doing any housework whatsoever, today is a good day to check into all the corners of my Internet world. One of the Yahoo groups is having an open excerpt day, and I'm playing along. My goal is to post an excerpt from every book I have out. If you like, you can cut to the chase and just visit my website and read them all now :)

In addition to the groups on Yahoo, there are blogs to read. There are a lot of good blogs out there. Scroll down through the blogroll and check out a few. I confess one of my faves is Melissa's Imaginarium. I love Mel's sense of humor.

The groups and the blogosphere are just the surface. After that we get to Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, Goodreads, and now even something new at All Romance eBooks. Where will it end? When will I have time to write?

To be honest, every once in a while I need to let the stories "rest." Quite often I benefit by taking a mental break. But I can never abandon the entire world of my writing, so here I am - about my business on the Internet.

When it's all said and done, I'll be happy I did the promo thing today. It's necessary. It may be time consuming, but it's not difficult. And if inspiration regarding any of the stories I have in progress strikes, it's easy to say "enough Internet" and get down to work.

I hope everyone will enjoy this last day of July. It doesn't seem that long ago we passed the last day of June, does it?

KC Kendricks
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