Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Unique Us

November 27, 2011

I’ve been remiss in my blogging duties this November. It’s not for lack of things to say. No, it’s more because I can barely move these days.

Remember those lovely pictures of the October 29, 2011, freak snow I posted? Remember all the damage to my beautiful trees? Scroll on down in the blog to see them. Anyway, SOMEONE had to clean up all that mess and that someone was me. My honey has a debilitating neuropathy from the two years of chemotherapy it took to save his life and suffice it to say that, physically, he’s not a lot of help. (Yes, you’re correct - he’s just FULL of ADVICE on how to do things, which he offers freely.)

Thankfully, the bulk of the work is finished. Last weekend we finally cut our way through all the downed limbs behind the shed to loop a heavy logging chain between the sizeable branch that fell on the shed and our trusty Chevy Silverado. It took a few tries, but the branch finally slid off the roof. To my relief, the shingles on the shed roof are intact.

If you’re one of those people who wonder why in the hell the world needs four-wheel drive pickups, live on a mountain for a year without one, baby. I dare ya.

It’s been a lot of hard, physical work this past month, and I’m not twenty any longer. All the brush, limbs and branches that fell needed to be cut, dragged, stacked to be split for firewood next fall, or burned. It’s been great to get outside, and who doesn’t like sitting beside a roaring fire watching brush burn? Believe me, after getting the brush to the burn ring, it was wonderful to sit a spell and rest by the fire.

As exhausting as the work has been, I have an enormous sense of accomplishment. I’m pathetically pleased this old girl hasn’t lost her country living survival skills. The sore muscles and stiffs joints have convinced me I need yoga, or at least some sort of stretching routine.

There’s a harmony in the blending all the facets of ourselves into the whole person. I’m a country girl, born and bred, but I can put on a beaded dress and enjoy an evening with the Maryland Symphony Orchestra. I am woman, wife, daughter, friend. I’m an administrative assistant and a writer. I like rock music and I sing hymns. I won’t talk on a cell phone in my car, but I’ve never met a speed limit I didn’t exceed.

Thanksgiving weekend is a time to remember to give thanks. Family and friends come together to share good food and good times. We take stock of our blessings, and we share with others who are in need. The season of Advent begins and we set our thoughts to gift giving, and to that end many go shopping.

I am thankful for my health and for all people in my life. But I think I am most grateful for all the contradictions that make me who I am. I look forward and make gift-giving plans knowing that no Christmas trinket ever given will be more than what each of us has already received.

We are each unique in this universe, and that is quite a gift to be thankful for.

KC Kendricks
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Melissa Bradley said...

Well said, my friend. Glad to hear you're not so sore anymore. I got tired just thinking about all that work you did. :)