Monday, October 31, 2011

Mother Nature's Trick

October 31, 2011

You may have heard about this..... It snowed on October 29th! Seriously.

Very serious. Thank God for the person who invented the Honda generator and made it possible to create this blog entry.

Seriously. We've been without power since 2:30 PM on Saturday, October 29, 2011, and Allegheny Power says it will be midnight, Wednesday, November 2, 2011 - at the earliest - until our service is restored. Say...what? I've not seen any evidence at all Allegheny Power even has a crew working in the entire county. People all around us have power, but we're orphaned. How do you say IMPENDNG SOLAR INSTALLATION?

I've lived in the woods my entire life, so I know the drill. We're luckier than most. We have a woodstove and we keep a healthy supply of firewood at the ready. A clear spring-fed mountain stream provides fresh water. Sure, we have to drop a bucket on a rope into the dip hole, but at least I've got water. Wish I had water for a HOT SHOWER but since Mr. Home Improvement installed a whole-house surge protector, the generator doesn't power the water heater - a fuck-up an oversight my honey will fix at the first opportunity if he wants to keep his happy home.

All my bitching aside, we were lucky. No trees or brances fell on our house or our vehicles. The shed took a hit, but the roof held firm. We have a massive cleanup ahead of us, but it will help supply our woodpile for next year. I'm grateful everything in the refrigator is fine and we're warm and dry.

It's time to close this entry with a few pictures. Even with generator power and a battery backup on my computer, I prefer to be cautious. I want to shut down the computer for safety's sake. And I need to dress like a lumberjack and get to work cleaning up the mess in the backyard.

Happy Halloween!

KC Kendricks


Janice Seagraves said...

I just told my hubby this morning, "Yes, it finally got cold here, but in some places it snowed."

If it's any consultation, the pictures are beautiful.

Stay warm.


KC Kendricks said...

We love living in the woods, but every once in a while we're reminded Mother Nature has a mind of her own.