Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thoughts of the Day

December 13, 2011

I confess I have what I hope is merely a “healthy” curiosity about the news headlines. I’d hate to have to admit to obsession, but sometimes I wonder. Take yesterday, for example. I learned Katie Couric is single again (there are worse fates), that jewelry you’ve seen advertised on TV is a poor Christmas gift (get the he$$ outta town!), and finally, something really interesting, a TV station in New York, in a seventeen second loop, aired the first broadcast of the Yule Log burning in the hearth in 1966.

Okay - so I have the Yule Log DVD and I run it while I’m reading in the sunroom during this time of the year. It’s hokey, but I like it.

If you’re wondering what all that has to do with writing, let me confess that everything in my life revolves around writing. I’m a writer. Life is given to me so I can put it in a book. And I never know when some tidbit from the life will work its way into a book. Everything is relevant in one way or another.

I’m hardly unique in that. To be a writer, a person needs to have an active curiosity about many things. I think being able to maintain that curiosity as we age is important to our overall health. But beyond that, the writer has the ability to see a single item from different perspectives and blend those perspectives into one cohesive whole. It becomes an interesting gift to be given.

With Christmas almost upon us, I’ve been pondering my gift giving habits. My family and friends have been very blessed, but who doesn’t worry about the future in these trying times? Everyone I talk with confesses to less lavish spending during this holiday season and more giving to those organizations that reach out to those in need. We are among them, although there is the occasional trinket when we see something we know another will truly appreciate.

And to my partner: I’ll appreciate jewelry, especially pearls, advertised on television or not, anytime of the year.


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