Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Our online legacy

January 28, 2015

I read an interesting article earlier today about our online legacy. Who will "handle" our online affairs when we pass to the great beyond? Having no biological children of my own, this gave me pause. 

Just who the fuck do I want seeing behind the scenes of my life? Ummmm. No one, that's who. Yet I know these things will need to be handled. 

My computer is a wonderful tool. It's like an extension of my brain. I can't imagine a time in my life when I'll walk away from the keyboard (or other interface) and never look back. Maybe when I'm 103 years old or something. As crazy as it sounds I live in my cyber world equally with the physical world around me. My cyber world is my escape. The thought of someone intruding, even after I'm gone, does not please me. 

Well, I need to get over myself. Somewhere along the line I'm going to get to the stage of life where the things of the world will slip away. Remembering that, being aware of it's approach, is incentive to make some plans now. 

Who will manage my digital legacy? It's something to think about. 

KC Kendricks

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