Saturday, August 29, 2009

A project finished, a new cover, and coming soon

August 29, 2009

Yea! I did it! I finished the third, and last story in my resort trilogy. Earlier today, I sent it off to the publisher along with all those nasty, required forms.

[deep breath]
Was it hard to write three stories in approximately three months? It took a lot of focus, and I will be the first one to admit I have the attention span of a gnat. So in that respect, yes, it was a challenge for me. But overall, it was a blast, and setting challenges for oneself is important for growth.

I loved introducing characters that got to appear in all three books, although each book does stand alone. It was great fun to give them a cameo, and check back with them “a year” down the road and see how they were doing.

The first story, Netting Neptune, is set to release September 12 or 13, 2009. The galley is done. I’ve got a cool blue cover, and now the truly hard part is here: waiting! Not that I’m idle while I wait. My pile of idea folders yielded my next project a few nights ago. I spent some time at my picnic table with a notepad, a glass of ice tea, and a few now deceased mosquitoes, and I’m ready to bang out the first chapter.

The cover for the second story, Taming Triton, arrived earlier this week, too. I was at work when I got the email, and had to wait hours to get home and take a look. Naturally, I loved it. My publisher does some nice covers, although I confess the Seducing Light cover is my favorite so far.

But tomorrow, I rest. It’s time to check in with family and friends and see what I may have missed these last two weeks when I kept myself buried in my work. A girlfriend is sending me her DVD set of Dexter, and I’ll have that to watch for a bit of relaxation.

Hmm. Serial killer. Relaxing. That says something about me I maybe shouldn’t reveal.

Next weekend will bring Labor Day, and what for me is the end of summer. I welcome the cooler weather. I love autumn, even though it brings a lot of work around the house. There’s something about getting the nest ready for winter that is equally satisfying to finishing a tough project.

And so it goes. Life, that is. Enjoy!

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Looking forward to the new series. My time management skills are dreadful, so the discipline a writer requires awes me.

Cheers :)