Tuesday, August 4, 2009

No One But You - #5 Best Seller at Amber Allure

Thanks to everyone for sending No One But You to the #5 Best Seller slot on the July 2009 Amber Allure list! This puts me at an amazing six for six hitting it. Thank you! Thank you!

I can't say as I expected this to happen. So far, there aren't any reviews back on No One But You, and I DID expect that. There's a strange phenomenon in this writing business - new authors get reviewed right and left. With each subsequent release, the reviews get harder to come by. It's not that reviewers no longer enjoy your stories, they're just looking for the next new (big) thing.

If I were new at this writing life, I'd likely find that disappointing. So to those of you who are new - don't let it bother you. Keep writing your best stuff because it's the readers that count the most.

So, one more time to my readers, because you can never say it enough, thank you for making No One But You the #5 best seller at Amber Allure July 2009!

KC Kendricks

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