Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Men of Marionville: The Un-Series

April 22, 2018

There are about a gzillion writing rules to be found on the Internet. There are probably ten gzillion opinions about those rules. So it goes for writing "wisdom." Opinions abound. Some say only a series will sell. Others vow and declare series aren't worth the time. What about the un-series? 

An un-series? Yeah, that's what I call it in private. In public, I call it a collection. The Men of Marionville is comprised of stand-alone stories all set in the fictitious town of Marionville. Where's Marionville? Somewhere between the Eastern Continental Divide and the Mississippi River, south of the Great Lakes and north of the thirty-fifth parallel. It's there somewhere, if only in my mind. As with all fictitious towns, it's exact location is a bit vague. 

The un-series began with Travis and Heath finally, after many years, coming home and reconnecting. Travis has a past with an older man named Dylan, but it's cool. Next up is the hotter than hot mechanic Tyler - who just happens to know, and is loosely involved with, this same Dylan. At least he is until Noel drifts in to his shop with car trouble. Dylan finally finds true love with Cassidy. 

And what is it about Dylan? Dylan, it turns out, has become the anchor to the entire un-series. He's just that kind of guy. He knows people. He employs people. He helps people. Dylan shows up when he's needed.

Kenzie came to Marionville to see his buddy Noel. Cassidy hires Shiloh who meets Gale and adopts a kitten. Jude lives in Marionville and when his rock star ex-lover comes to town, they have dinner at Dylan's restaurant. Scott goes on a mystery train ride with Dylan and his posse and meets Dakota. Keith is an old friend of Dylan's who comes to town to work for him and falls for the realtor he gets to find his dream home, Terry.

In The Right Brew, Caleb wants to have his microbrew sold at Dylan's restaurant. He passes his card to Dylan while on a date with Hollis. In Where There's Smoke, Leon meets Dylan at the card club one Sunday afternoon while deciding what he should do about Jere. It's also Deuces' first cover! He modeled the role of Smoke. It's more serious for Kory when his father is out of town and asks Dylan to give Kory a ride home from the county jail - which is where Kory met Griff. 

And in the [currently] newest Marionville story, Twice Removed From Yesterday, Chandler comes to town to see his college buddy Travis and ends up as a temporary bartender at Dylan's restaurant, where August is the new manager. 

The Men of Marionville. No sequels or prequels. Everyone gets their own story. But what the author likes, that's me, is that I get to go back and check in with old friends. It's nice to know Travis and Heath made it legal even though Dylan and Cassidy don't feel the need for ceremonies. That shy Gale has grown with Shiloh's protective love, and Mason and Kenzie are doing alright. 

Yep. It's an UN-series. I like it that way.

KC Kendricks

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