Sunday, September 24, 2017

Reaffirming the bond

September 24, 2017

Yesterday I finally had a long overdue day out with my cousin Linda. She came to my house and I drove to the Mountain Heritage Arts & Crafts Festival. The weather was almost as perfect as the company. 

Linda and I were constant companions in our formative years. She was my first best friend. We spent weekends at one house or the other almost every week. In the summer, the weekends were weeks. Looking back, it probably kept our parents sane. 

I loved my cousin's beautiful red hair. Even now it's faded to a gorgeous pale blonde instead of gray. Some girls have all the luck. These days when she calls me, the Paul McCartney song, "Lovely Linda," plays. How apropos. 

After high school, we drifted a bit apart. We both married and the usual busyness of life took over. Some years our conversations were reduced to the birthday phone call. But we never forgot a birthday and we never forgot to end the call with "love ya." 

I hope now that we're older we'll be able to schedule more time for each other. We both know that as our working years come (gratefully) to a close, a new world is opening up. It's a world with time to spend together. I'm a bolder adventurer than she, but I suspect if I'm driving the car, she'll go wherever I want to go. 

It sounds like the perfect plan to me. 

KC Kendricks

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