Thursday, March 27, 2008

By Any Other Name

March 27, 2008

It’s official. I’ve signed the contract for Surrendered Victory, filled out all those annoying publisher forms, sent them back, signed up at various social media sites, and gotten a website. All in the name of KC Kendricks. I’d forgotten how much work is involved in launching a new name.

Or maybe it just seems like more work because I know and want to get everything done NOW! Whatever it is, I’ve made good progress this past month.

Now it’s time to start doing some promo, like blogging, and what better topic to being with than an explanation of why a multi-published author would suddenly decide to reinvent herself under another name. The answer is easy: subject matter.

Not everyone wants to read homoerotic stories. I don’t want those readers familiar with my work to pick up a book and discover it’s something they would never, ever read. I want to do everything in my power to respect those readers and delineate between my more traditional stories and my GLBT stories.

If you happen to like both – great! I’ve discovered I like writing both. It’s a match made in epublishing. I try to approach both styles with an eye to the sensual and the sensitive.

Readers familiar with the chatter on the Yahoo loops will recognize the word, “branding.” Simply put, branding is the connection you make when you see or hear an author’s name to the content of the stories she writes. KC Kendricks brand is what is lately called contemporary male/male romance, or contemporary GLBT romance.

So is it worth all the effort to brand KC Kendricks to one style of writing? You bet. Come along for the ride and see.


PS. What does the KC stand for? Nothing. I just like the initials.

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