Saturday, August 16, 2008

Passion's Victory is now available

August 16, 2008
**Updated 6/26/17. 4/3/21**

When passion is the prize, it’s time to change the rules….

Passion's Victory is now available!

About Passion's Victory:

Micah Souther is young, talented, and gay. As the junior owner of the family business, he knows better than to look for love “on the clock.”

Jonas Chadwick is the new guy at the firm. Older, wiser, and a survivor of the school of hard knocks, he’s not in the market for an office romance, even if he knows for certain his young boss is gay.

One kiss is all it takes to send Micah and Jonas on a collision course, and when bodies collide, the friction gets hot...


Writing is a strange profession. Like a lover, it teases, pleases, and fulfills. And like a lover, it is sometimes full of surprises. Passion's Victory gifted me with a wonderful surprise. Micah and Jonas refused to stay with the original plot, and their story became better because of it. I hope you'll enjoy Passion's Victory. 


 KC Kendricks

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