Thursday, January 30, 2014

I feel so techie!

January 30, 2014

Well pat myself on the back! 

Like a lot of writers I use a voice recognition program from time-to-time. It has its drawbacks as well as its pluses and the main thing I've never liked about it is the uncomfortable headset. Having my head squeezed so tightly to where I get a headache isn't conducive to producing quality work. (Nor is feeling like your brains are going to be squeezed out of an orifice, that's how tight the headset is.)

Somewhere along the line in my constant Internet browsing and reading to educate myself, I learned that I could possibly connect my Bluetooth earpiece to my computer and use it with the voice recognition. 

Really? It was a revelation that for a measly $20 I could get an adapter and do away with the headset. Saturday, when the spousal unit and I were in town for dinner, we stopped at the local electronics store (you know the one with the big blue and yellow sign) and got an adapter. In due course I settled down at the computer, loaded the software, and read the instructions on getting the new toy tool up and running. 

It was actually easier than what was described on several tech sites. 

1) Set the Bluetooth into discovery mode, which for my type was nothing more than holding a button down until it blinked red/blue at me
2) Click on the icon that popped up to accept the connection
3) Open the voice recognition software and hit the hot key to activate
4) Start talking.

Yippee ki ay!  

KC Kendricks

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