Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Lady in Red

January 28, 2014

I'll confess to be a bit of a Duchess of Cambridge watcher. It's her shoes, okay? I'm not thirty-something and I have a drudge of an office job. Evening gowns have no place in my wardrobe. But shoes? Oh, baby, I can do shoes. 

So being in the market for a good pair of boots - who ISN'T in the market for good boots? I don't need to explain good boots to anyone. I'll move on.

I googled "Kate Middleton boots" to refresh my memory about a pair of black suede knee boots I remembered had something sort of cool going on with the zippers. This photo popped up and I about choked on my coffee. 

If ever a photo captured a woman, this is the one. Striding confidently with her lover and flashing a big smile. 

Yep. She'll do. 

Great boots, too.

KC Kendricks

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