Saturday, January 25, 2014

Leather Jackets for a cold My Sexy Saturday morning

January 25, 2014

It's another My Sexy Saturday and this week I have seven sexy paragraphs from Leather Jackets. I chose Leather Jackets because I wore mine one day this past week and about froze my a$$ off. For the record, I'm done with this winter stuff. Enough, already!

So let's warm up a bit with Wynn and Jude.


Book six of the Men of Marionville series
Contemporary gay romance available now 

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“Maybe, Wynn, but perhaps not. You had things you had to do. I had things I wanted to do.”

“Having you with me would have made it all sweeter.” He lowered his mouth to mine.

I was startled by the gentle poignancy of his kiss. For a split second, he laid himself bare for me, then I opened my lips and invited him in. The change in him was swift. A deep groan rumbled in his chest. His pelvis flexed to mine. My balls drew up as my cock swelled, eager for his touch, for the wet swipe of his tongue.

Wynn’s lips trailed fire down my neck and along my jaw line. My heart pounded as the skin on my back and buttocks prickled. Deep inside, small muscles twitched with anticipation of something I couldn’t be sure would happen. I hooked my foot around the back of his knees and rolled us against the other seat. We ended up on our sides facing each other.

“Damn, it’s tight quarters in here.”

Wynn’s big hand clamped onto my ass and squeezed. “We had to promise no sex in the limo to keep our driver happy. But he turns a blind eye to the occasional little grope-and-pant session.” His cool hand dipped under the waistband of my pants and his long fingers wrapped around my hard shaft and moved in short strokes. I rested my forehead to his.

“Oh, God. Every time I jerk off, I think of your hand.” I cupped his balls through his slacks.


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Jessica Subject said...

Definitely something to warm me up this very snowy morning. :)

KC Kendricks said...

And these guys got busy a good bit, too. Thanks for stopping by Between the Keys.