Right From the Start by Rayne Forrest/KC Kendricks

Dana Myerly believes in helping out a neighbor in need. One rainy Monday she aids a stranded fellow motorist. She finds herself drawn to a big smile, friendly hazel eyes, and a tight pair of blue jeans. Coerced into yet another blind date by two of her friends, Dana finds her luck has changed and her date is her stranded motorist, Randy Walker. 

Dana and Randy share an immediate connection, but how do you know if it’s love…and he’s the one… right from the start?



Dana was approaching her car when a man’s voice called out behind her. It startled her and she almost stumbled. Then she recognized it. Randy.

“Hey, wait up!” he called.

“Don’t scare me like that!” she exclaimed, heart racing. She made a sweeping motion over the dark parking lot.

“Sorry,” he said as he fell into step beside her. “I didn’t stop and think about that,” he admitted. “I’ll walk you to your car.”

“Who’ll protect me from you?” Not that she wanted protection from him. Her heart still pounded, and not with surprise or fear.

“You think I’m the big, bad wolf?” he asked, laughing.

“What if I am?” she answered glibly. She sensed a subtle shift in his walk. He got a little closer and she caught a whiff of his after-shave. Her nipples tingled and hardened. This was getting way out of hand.

She really didn’t want to react to him this way. Her belly tightened. A sweet ache began, sending tendrils of desire snaking through her.

“I think maybe I’d like that.” They’d reached her car and his hand covered hers as she reached for the door handle.

His touch jolted through her and her senses expanded to him. Her vulva pulsed faster than her heartbeat and that was racing. She turned her head to look up at him and her eyes widened. She had only that split second warning before his lips touched hers.

Every nerve in her body woke up and clamored for attention. His attention.

His lips were soft, almost gentle. Almost. Some feminine sense told her if they weren’t in a parking lot, his kiss would be all demand. She shushed the voice of reason and raised her arms around his neck and leaned back against her car. He wrapped his arms around her and pressed his lips to hers.

He teased her lips open, gently touching the tip of his tongue to hers. She melted. She hated when men tried to choke her with their tongues. Randy didn’t. He teased lightly. He nibbled on her lower lip. His lips traveled down her throat.

Not that she was able to fully concentrate on those clever lips. She was concentrating on the action happening lower down. He was getting hard. He was pressed so firmly against her she would feel him pulsing and swelling, lengthening and hardening. She fought the urge to lift her legs and wrap them around him. He seemed to know.

“Do it,” he urged, a husky voice in her ear. “Do it. Let me feel your heat.”

His hands cupped her bottom and her legs rose around him. He began a seductive grind with his pelvis. Dana opened her thighs further and he was suddenly on the right spot.

His erection pressed hard against her, then eased, only to rub and press again. Dana wanted more, needed more. Her walls contracted and she flooded wet in an invitation to him she had no plans to issue in the middle of a parking lot.

Randy pressed her hard to the car and slipped his hand under her sweater. He teased at her tingling nipple through the lace of her bra. She moaned into his mouth and his hips jerked in reaction. He was hard enough to bruise her if he did that much more.

The little voice in her head whispered that would be fine—a nice reminder of this moment for the next few days. She moaned and he flexed against her again. 

He suddenly lifted his head. “Put your feet down. Someone’s coming.”



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