Sunday, February 2, 2020

Ian Coulter series now on Kindle Unlimited for a limited time

February 2, 2020

Happy Groundhog Day! This year, good old Phil says it's an early spring. He won't get an argument from me. I do see several green sprouts in the flower beds (I'm sure they're daffodils peeking up). 

To celebrate the coming spring, I've put all five of the Ian Coulter series on Kindle Unlimited for a limited time. Yep, they will be on KU until April 30, 2020. 

There are five books in the series - Double Deuce, Deuce of Diamonds, Ace Deuce Trey, Circle of Steel, and Steel Wheels. Private investigator Ian Coulter meets undercover agent Rick Mohr and sparks fly - until Rick solves his case and goes back to his life. That's not the end of their relationship, though. 

Rick can't move on. He knows he made a mistake walking away from Ian and they reconnect. They may have had a rocky beginning, but working through those trials cemented their relationship. 

Ian and Rick are my favorite couple. They do real life. They argue. They sometimes struggle. They love. They make it through a life-shattering event when Rick is wounded. They forgive and they work it out. When friends are threatened, they pool all their resources to keep them safe. Two strong - and headstrong - guys making a life together. 

I hope you'll give the Ian Coulter series a read. You won't regret it. 

You'll find excerpts and links at . 
Or you can go straight to my author page at Amazon

I think you'll enjoy Ian and Rick's journey. 

KC Kendricks

PS. To my dearly missed buddy the late Chris Grover - yes, I put books on KU. Please don't hold it against me. 

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