Riding Against the Wind by KC Kendricks


The sequel to Ride Your Luck

A Saturday night out goes sideways when Zane Walker discovers a naked man hiding in the weeds along the side of the road on his way home. Zane doesn’t know how the guy got there, but it’s obvious help is needed. Zane takes him to the Bar RC Ranch, confident his foreman will know what to do.

Weston Allen doesn’t remember much, especially how he ended up along an empty stretch of highway in the middle of the night. When a pickup stops and the driver offers help, he’s not at all sure it’s a good idea, but he gets in the truck with the stranger not knowing if he’ll be left worse off than before.

Weston’s journey through a dark tunnel isn’t easy, but Zane is a light to lead him back to a new life he never knew he wanted with a cowboy at his side.


 This modern-day cowboy romance may contain triggers for some individuals. It is intended for mature readers. 

An excerpt from Riding Against the Wind

How did I explain to Zane I was unsure of what I needed – wanted – other than to avoid the atmosphere in the bunkhouse? I wanted his company, but did I want the comfort he could offer me? What if I did ask him to hold me? Would I freak out if he kissed me again and things between us heated up?

We strolled across the grounds to the barn as though neither of us had a care in the world, but we didn’t speak until we’d reached the loft. Zane took off his hat and ran his fingers through his dark hair.

“Talk to me, Wes. Why are we out here?”

“The hands all feel sorry for me. I can sense it. It’s a little heavy.”

He pointed at one of the blankets. “Grab a corner and let’s get this spread out. I’m taking off my pants and I don’t want straw poking me in the ass.”

We ended up spreading out the two heavier blankets and keeping the lighter one for a cover even though the night was warm and we didn’t think we’d need it. Zane promptly sat and pulled off his boots and pants, and then skimmed out of his shirt. I tried not to gawk at him as he stretched out with the arms beneath his head.

I tried not to wish he hadn’t worn a t-shirt, too. I’d have liked to be able to admire the long lines and planes of his torso without the interference of cotton. I eased down beside him and stripped to my boxers and t-shirt. When in Rome and all that.

He rubbed my back. “You ready to talk?”

I sighed. “I’m remembering more bits and pieces. Billy tried to stop those men from taking me. We’d seen them in the nightclub and they were really out of place. They didn’t drink but they moved in a pack like they were hunting for someone.”

“Maybe they were.”

“Yeah. It’s pretty obvious they were. Why me? Billy didn’t know them, and he admitted to me they made him uneasy. He said we weren’t going to go to that establishment ever again. It’s like he had some sort of premonition or something. We left early, but they were outside waiting for us.” My throat closed up making it difficult to speak. “They didn’t have to kill him but they wanted to. It was sport to them. They held a cloth over my face and I blacked out.”

“Wes, can you identify them?”

I shook my head. “I don’t seem to have that memory. I hope the security footage Deputy Clinton spoke of shows their faces but I can’t be sure enough to identify them.”

“Okay. That’s enough for now. Come here.” He patted the spot beside him. “Stretch out here and take a couple of deep breaths.”

I twisted around to meet his gaze. “Will you kiss me again?”

His eyes darkened to black. “Is that what you want?”

“Yes.” I swallowed hard and then moved to lie beside him. He rolled onto his side and rested his hand on my belly.

“Listen, Wes. I’d like nothing more than for us to get naked and do what comes natural-like, but I’m not sure that would be good for you. You’ve been through a whirlwind here. Hell, you’re still in it. I found you, you learned something bad happened to you, and that’s a lot to take in.”

“I hear you. I really do, but I need you, Zane. Just hold me even if you can’t do more. Please.”

I hated to beg him, but I craved touch. I needed his reassurance and the comfort of two strong arms around me. The horrible loneliness and loss of Billy, who had loved me and whom I could never repay, squeezed my chest and stole my breath. I clutched at Zane and struggled to suck enough air into my lungs. He put his arms around me and hugged me to his body.

“I’ve got you. I’ve got you, Wes. It’s okay. Do you hear me? It’s okay.”

He kept saying that, like a mantra, while he stroked my back and I got my breathing under control. “Wow. Was that a panic attack? I didn’t like it much.”

Zane snorted. “Me, neither. Then again, it might have been a good reason to try out some mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.”

I choked on a laugh and coughed on him. How romantic was that? It was a good thing he didn’t seem to mind. I still wanted him. Would he shoot me down if I made a decisive move on him? I tilted my head back and pressed my lips to his.

Zane didn’t pull away. I felt him jump as if a shock hit him, and then he cupped the back of my head and buried his fingers in my hair. I stopped thinking as his mouth moved over mine in a soft, sweet kiss. He pulled away, sucked in a breath, and came back to me with intention.

Gone was any tentative softness as he plundered. I opened my lips and he plunged his silky tongue into my mouth. I gathered my wits and licked over his tongue and then followed as he withdrew. He rolled me beneath him and I thrust up, seeking friction. Zane moaned into my mouth and my better judgment deserted me. I had to touch him. I slipped my hand between our bodies, seeking rigid heat. He bucked against me and then quickly withdrew.

“Wes, this might not be a good idea.”

“Bullshit. It’s the best idea I’ve had today.”

“Don’t hold back,” he murmured against my lips. 

I did the only thing I could manage to do. I kissed him.


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