A Writer's Life: When the Partner Bakes Bread

March 3, 2016

Not many things strike fear in my heart like my partner telling me he's going to play with my kitchen toys. I don't know what brought on the urge, but the man decided to bake bread. To do this he used a recipe from Ina Garten. Get the recipe here - Ina's Honey White Bread.  I wasn't sure if he was serious and didn't question him too closely about his plans. 

My first clue something was going on was a photo in the inbox. Yep. He was playing with the Kitchen Aid mixer and there's flour all over the counter. And what the heck is that under the towel. That's when I realized what was happening at home while I slaved away at the day job. 

I stayed calm. That's not much of a mess on the counter. Then the next photo arrived and I realized the flour was going to end up on the floor. Hmmm. 

Okay, my floor isn't spotless and since I'm getting an eight-week old puppy in a few days, the floor is going to get worse. 

And I think he took this photo to see if I'd call him and ask what was going on. So I didn't. Ha! 

Photo number three was rather impressive. The man had dough almost equally divided in two pans and it looked like it could possibly bake into something that with any luck would be edible. 

At this point I was sure my lack of response was bugging the hell out of him. So I still didn't call him. I can be patient when necessary and today it was. Seeing the dough all nice and neat in the baking pans was pretty neat. He'd gotten this far without calling me and yelling for help. 

My work day was winding down when the last photo arrived. Two nearly perfect loaves of home baked bread. 

I arrived home to a clean kitchen that smelled wonderfully of yeast and warm butter. My honey cut us each a slice from the smaller loaf, slathered it with real butter, and we did partake. 

Twenty-two years and the man can still amaze me. 

KC Kendricks

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