Thursday, January 7, 2010

At the Southern Cross paperback at Amazon

**5/17/2016 update - this paperback is currently out of print**

Having an old-fashioned rural mailbox on a post is like having a magic box. When I pull up to it after long hours at the day job, I never know what I'll find. Years ago, when my grandparents were alive and lived down the lane from me, my mailbox contained all manner of goodies.

Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, green beans, tomatoes, cantaloupe - summers brought a trip around their garden. Sometimes the magic box contained a simple note. "Stop in before you go home." I knew what that meant. Homemade jelly, pies, canned soups, sometimes a complete dinner, all from the garden that day.

My old black mailbox isn't quite as magic now. My grandparents are gone, and the postal service frowns on cucumbers in "their" mailboxes. All I find in the box these days is junk mail. Almost.

Today my mailbox yielded the first copies of At the Southern Cross, the paperback compilation that contains Netting Neptune, Taming Triton, and Poseidon's Pleasure. Even though the bulk of my book buying and reading is in ebooks now, I'm still thrilled to get my hands on a hard copy of a book that I wrote.

It might be a little silly because, let's face it, I know all the words already. I've loved books all my life. Books take you to far away places and introduce you to characters you won't meet anywhere else, and that holds true for paper book or ebook. It really is about the story, not the medium.

Except for tonight. I'm off to the quiet of my bedroom and the guilty pleasure of reading my own book. A flashback to days gone by? Yes, it is, but I'm content to move along with the times. It's time to abandon my trusty laptop and invest in a Kindle.


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