Friday, February 4, 2011

January 2011 Amber Allure Top Ten List - and a little more

February 4, 2011

Congratulations to all those at Amber Quill with January 2011 book releases! New releases are always fun - and a lot of work. I've been so very fortunate so far in that all my new releases have made the Amber Allure top ten list, but I think it's a shame EVERYONE can't be on a list somewhere when then they have a new book. Writing is hard work, you know.

While I didn't have a new book at Amber Allure in January, I do have one coming in February and one in March! It would be nice to always, always, always space them out perfectly, but that rarely happens. You learn to go with the flow in this biz.

So enough KC babbling. I need to complete this post before the CEO realizes that there's more happening at my desk than my lunch. Without further ado, here's the January 2011 Top Ten at Amber Allure, and my Honorable Mention list. Special congrats to T.A. Chase for having two books on the list.

AMBER ALLURE / January 2011
1. Voice For The Silent - T. A. Chase (Gay / Contemporary)
2. Gambling On Maybe - Fae Sutherland (Gay / Contemporary)
3. Pulling Apart - Shawn Lane (Gay / Contemporary)
4. (Boys Of The Zodiac) Aquarius: He Said, He Said - Jamie Craig (Gay / Contemporary)
5. Cherished Displacement - D. J. Manly (Gay / Time Travel)
6. Canine TLC - Deirdre O'Dare (Gay / Contemporary)
7. I'll Run Away For The Holidays - Stephani Hecht (Gay / Contemporary)
8. Shades Of Dreams - T. A. Chase (Gay / Contemporary)
9. Night Train To New Orleans - Carolina Valdez (Gay / Vampire)
10. Thigh To Thigh - Angelia Sparrow & Naomi Brooks (Gay / Contemporary)

Also on my Honorable Mention list with January AQP releases are:
Darcy Arbriel: Deadeye
Victor J. Banis: The Immortals
Anne Brook:Brady's Choice
Rick R. Reed: Speed Demon

And over at Amber Heat:
Trixie Stilletto: The Peter Heater
Rayne Forrest: Step Into Tomorrow

Congrats to all. If I missed anyone, I'll accept lashes with the wet noodle even though leaving you off the list was not intentional.

Until next time!

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