Sunday, March 11, 2012

What are you doing on St. Paddy's Day?

March 11, 2012

St. Patrick's Day always brings my late aunt to mind. She was a true Irish lass who came to us by way of my one uncle. On St. Paddy's day, my aunt would prepare one of two dishes, depending on her mood and pantry - corn beef and cabbage or fried potatoes and eggs. Either way, she made sure those closest to her had a taste of Irish for dinner.

This year, St. Patrick's Day has a new meaning for me. My genealogy search turned up a surprising fact - my grandmother's lineage is of Irish descent! My fourth great-grandfather was born in Ireland in 1778. It's been interesting to map my family tree, and I'm very glad I took time out to do it. I've made contacts with a whole new group of cousins (i.e., playmates) and we never run out of things to talk about.

St. Patrick's Day brings something else new this year. The Amber Quill authors will take to the Amber Heat reader's list located at you can send an email to
for a day of fun. They'll be some great excerpts, some give-aways, and ... and... you don't want to miss this part....THREE gift certificates for your choice of downloads from Amber Quill Press. Up for grabs is one $50 gift certificate, one $20, and one $10. Soooooo get over to the list and join now, then show up on March 17th and join the festivities. Joining the list is free and someone will win those gift certificates. It might as well be you

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