Friday, January 11, 2013

Small kindnesses still exist

January 11, 2013

These days, we're bombarded by negative news reporting, so much so it's easy to believe that decent, friendly people no longer exist "out there." But nice people are still here, and one of them lives in my hometown. 

My house is almost thirty years old and I'm still decorating, trying to create the perfect nest. All that remains of the house of thirty years ago is the kitchen cabinets. Every wall has been repainted and every floor has gone from vinyl and carpet to hardwood, tile or laminate. (So much easier for my partner to navigate without carpet so it's not all by choice, but I have no regrets.) Over the past five years, the house has taken on a cream, maroon and chocolate brown color scheme. 

Except for the sofa. It was green plaid and I decreed it had to go, and go it did last weekend. Now I have a pretty little chocolate brown love seat just big enough for me and the cat. But since one thing always follows another when restyling one's nest, I decided the cornice covers needed to be updated. Last evening, I went to the local fabric store and found the perfect pieces to update the look of the windows, make simple curtain panels at the dining room window, a matching table runner and re-cover a few throw pillows all in the current colors. I call my style a relaxed modern country in case you're wondering.

At the cutting table, I asked the salesclerk if any coupons were available. Regrettably she said no, and that's when a total stranger offered me a kindness. She had an app for the coupon on her phone, and since I run Android, I couldn't get it. This lovely girl offered me the use of her phone with the scannable coupon when I checked out and saved me almost forty dollars. I thanked her and she simply smiled and walked away. I didn't even get her name. 

There are nice people left in this world, people who do a kindness just because they want to. 

Thank you so much. 


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