Saturday, February 16, 2013

Taking stock on a Saturday morning

February 16, 2013

Oh, this dreary, chilly weather. I'm tired of gray skies and damp ground. I crave sunshine and green growing flowers. I want a warm breeze so I can take my coffee to the patio and listen to the birds sing. I know the Saturday is coming when it will happen, but it's not this morning. So I join my cat at gazing out the window and whining.

Whether the weather cooperates with me or not, I've a list of things to accomplish today. It's been a productive writing week and the aftermath is all around me. My desk is a mess, my study is a mess, there are two loads of laundry to do, and the pet fur is making dust bunnies everywhere. I like my world to be neat and tidy and it's not. Friends and family didn't get the usual "check-in" calls this week so I have lots of folks to contact. Being a hermit only works for very short stretches.

In addition to the need to restore my nest to a better state is my writer's list of what I'd like to get done this Saturday. Blogging is on the list although this blog entry was not. I'm gearing up for the 2013 A to Z Blogging Challenge and I have a bit of prep work to do. Twenty-six blogs in April going A to Z takes some organization.

This past week I completed the manuscript of the second Amethyst Cove story and it needs to be proofed. I read the galley for Catching Fireflies (due out next weekend) and I need finish that webpage on my site. With a June 1, 2013, deadline for a story in an upcoming PAX, I need to get chapter three underway, too. Finished chapter three would be better than chapter three "underway" but sometimes a person has to settle.

The 2013 NASCAR season has arrived. With my two-monitor setup, I might be able to keep an eye on the festivities while I work. I wouldn't want to do it all the time, but it might be fun here at the beginning of the year.

Oh, and let's not forget it's tax season, too. It's time to deal with all that. 'Nuff said.

I want to share a snapshot with you before I get down to work. A few mornings ago we woke to wet snow clinging to the trees. The cat was sitting in the window making unhappy little noises so I got my phone to snap a picture of him. I got the unexpected. The light caught his eyes just right and you can see the result for yourself. We've joked about this cat being the spawn of the devil because he's got a lot of personality, and this could be the final proof.

Happy Saturday!



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Shelly said...

How did his eyes get so yellow?

As for A to Z, I'll be spectating only this year.

Hugs and chocolate,

KC Kendricks said...

It's nothing I did. They simply reflected like that when I took the picture with my cell phone. Maybe I need to stay "old school" and stick to my camera.