Monday, May 27, 2013

Holidays and horoscopes

May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day to you! If I seem a little perky on a day where we remember and honor those who have sacrificed so we have our freedoms, it's that I have something big to celebrate this year. This Memorial Day, one of my own is home from his second tour in Afghanistan. God is good to return him to us safe and sound.

We're back from a fast trip south to my brother-in-laws home to celebrate his birthday. We hopped in my trusty Charger at daybreak Saturday and headed out. I was behind the wheel for most of the five hour drive and let me tell you - people on I95 are nuts. The stretch between just below Fredericksburg all the way to the King's Dominion exit was NASCAR at its best. I stayed with traffic, well above the speed limit, and people still passed me!

(To the guy in the black Charger with the big Hemi who slowed down, pulled up beside me, waved, and took off like a rocket from an 85mph start- funny dude. I get it. Those 400 horses needed a run. You're still an idiot to do that in traffic. Bet that baby wouldn't be pretty as scrap metal.)

The birthday party was nice. It's always good to be with my partner's family and especially nice when all five siblings are in the same place telling the same old stories about each other again. It would be annoying to hear the tales over and over except that I understand the love they share and that the distance between them sometimes weighs heavy. The instant sharing of texts and photos are great, but I see it on their faces - nothing beats a real hug.

On the way home Sunday morning we learned something else. We hit the highway before seven a.m. and there were Virginia state troopers with radar guns everywhere on Rt.64. Didn't see any on the way down, but I counted eleven with someone pulled over and another eight lurking with radar guns. Moral to the story - the next time we go south, we're not heading home until noon. My honey is very careful when he drives my car (yeah, it's the one time he's afraid of me because if he puts a scratch on my car........). He set the cruise control and we were fine.

I hate to use the word "obligation" when speaking of family, but the language is what it is. With the family obligations over, I'm now on vacation for the next week. So I get this as my horoscope today:  Your head is swimming -- but it's not an intellectual failure! Your energy is just out of sync with the ideas you have to confront, but you should be back in the game in a couple of days at the most.  Really? This is news? No, this is vacation brain. I shall embrace it. I busted my arse to beat a June 1 deadline so I could enjoy my home and play for the entire week. I still have more than a few years until I can retire, but this week is a practice run!

So that's my news from the mountain this morning.

Peace to us all.



Shelly said...

Have a great vacation.

Hugs and chocolate,

KC Kendricks said...

Thanks, Shelly! It's off to a good start. We did home & garden "stuff" today. Tomorrow I'm going to go spend money LOL!!!