Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday morning ramble

July 25, 2013

I realized this morning I'm closing in on my 400th blog entry and I wondered if I should do something special to celebrate the occasion. The thought was short-lived as I'm not the sort who thinks every little mundane thing needs a party.

It's not like blogging is hard work. I truly enjoy it. It's sort of thinking out loud with my fingers. I type and whatever is on my mind comes into focus.

Currently, I'm just surfacing after a few weeks of intense writing. I've got several projects on the go and I need to get at least one of them finished and off my list. Couple that with summer and my desire to relax and enjoy my backyard, well, the writer is putting far too much stress on herself. But then, don't we all do that in different ways?

With a desk full of things to "handle" today, I needed to step back and take a breath this morning. It's worked pretty well in that I'm able to envision my desk completely cleared off when I walk out the door at four this afternoon.

So have a great day, everyone. I've got to get to work now :)


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