Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lazy, hazy days

June 19, 2014

It's hot.

Summer in the Mid-Atlantic region weeds the weak from the strong. If the heat doesn't do you in, the mosquitoes will. It's hot.  I won’t even mention it’s tick season except to say be aware of the little bloodsuckers. 

My own personal opinion is there's only one activity worth sweating at. Er… make that two.  There's some hot reading available right now so that is an option. I do know this much, though. If you live in Maryland during the dog days summer, both are done best in an air-conditioned room with the ceiling fan switched on.

Okay. So I'm a wimp - and proud of it.

My summer so far has been a busy one. I wish I'd been busier writing, but I needed to check in with my real life. I needed to reconnect to some of the people around me, refocus my energy on a more balanced wavelength. I love the voices in my head that tell me the stories, but they can be demanding. The really good thing is the raft of characters I have on the planning board have politely drawn straws to see who gets put on the page first.

We'll see how long their gentility lasts in this heat.

KC Kendricks

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