Sunday, July 6, 2014

Caution - mini rant ahead

July 6, 2014

I'm not a person who rants. I bitch. Is there a difference? Of course there is. I do my best to bitch in a lady-like manner. 

Earlier this year my home publisher moved to a new server. Every URL to every book I have published through the company changed. Think about this for a moment. 

All the links on KC's website needed changed. 
All the blogs KC ever did now contain bad and broken links, and there is over 500 entries.
All the promo posts KC ever did in every Yahoo group now contain broken links. 
All of KC's old tweets that promo a book at that publisher now contain broken links.

Let's face it. Everywhere KC ever did a promo prior to 2014 now has at least one broken link. 

Do you ever wonder why the Internet is so slow? I usually blame my crappy rural DSL but the real reason is because the Internet can't find anything!!!

ALL is not lost. The links to All Romance ebooks, Amazon, and other third-party vendors remain the same. It helps some but in the past I've tended to link to the publisher where, frankly, the writer gets a slightly better slice of the pie for all her/his hard work. 

I can't do a thing about what the publishers do. I can't round up all the old tweets and Yahoo posts and fix them. What I CAN do, and will do, is fix the links here at Between the Keys. 

Is it the best use of my time? I don't really think so but it seems to me if I want to remain proud of my work and of Between the Keys then I need to do this. The old adage states "if it's not broke don't fix it." Unfortunately, it is broke and I do have to fix it even though I'm not the one who broke the links and even though it will take a lot of my time.  

Please bear with me as I finish updating the links at Between the Keys. If you've wondered why more recent links tend to direct you to my website instead of a publisher page, it's so I don't have to do this again here at Between the Keys. 

And this is how I bitch like a lady. 


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