Saturday, January 30, 2016

It's been an interesting week

January 30, 2016

First off, we've already chopped through a month in 2016. I don't feel like I accomplished much.

It fucking snowed. Thirty inches at my place. The problem with a snow day is you have to shovel snow instead of write prose. I'm soooo glad we invested in the John Deere. I'm also grateful the old Chevy Silverado is a beast in the snow. They don't make 'em like that anymore which is why we still have it. 

We had to call the paramedics to get my mother. THEY had to use the snowblower themselves to get her out her driveway to the ambulance. They were not pleased. I'm not pleased either because everyone I called to clear her driveway refused the job. I'm putting that word out on them. They all have facebook pages.  

Now I get to "hound" my mother every day to take her medications. Let the games begin. 

Next time they predict a big snow, she's coming here with me whether she likes it or not. And believe me it will be "not." Too bad.

When Amber Quill announced its closing, I subbed one of my favorite stories to Loose Id and they've accepted it. This is a good thing. I may even grind out a sequel for them. 

With Amber Quill closing, a lot of books are at a deep discount.  

Donut House Nutty Caramel coffee (K-cup) is really good! I need another box.

Yep. It's been an interesting week. With any luck, Next week will be smooth sailing. I think I've earned it. Now back to the work-in-progress! 

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