Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A few new book covers

March 16, 2016

The clock is ticking relentlessly on to March 31, 2016, and Amber Quill's final day. I'm not so much dismayed any longer. The seemingly overwhelming task of creating book covers to get my stories back out hasn't been as difficult as anticipated. I feel pretty good about what I'm going to be able to accomplish on April 1. 

I could purchase the book covers AQP created but to my way of thinking they've already been paid for those - out of my sales. I see no need to pay for them a second time. If I'm going to spend money on covers, I'm going to buy cover guys for my own stable. I'm funny about paying for something twice. 

There will be some work to do here at Between the Keys. After April 1, I'll need to backtrack and update covers and links. I did this once before, when Amber Quill moved to a new website. (I think that was an expense they didn't need to incur, but it wasn't my company.) 

One growing dilemma is whether to take the Monday after Easter off or switch my day to the following Friday, which is April 1. That's probably the way to go given what there is to accomplish. I'll eventually get it all finished, but the sooner it's done and off my mind the better.

The 2016 A to Z Blogging Challenge begins April 1. I'm as organized as I can be until the first blog loads. 

And of course there is Deuce. What a joy he is! You can check out his blog, Deuce's Day, here. I think every dog should have a blog, don't you?

Until then, here are a couple of the new covers. 



Christiane France - Author said...

The new covers are really nice. I like them a lot.

KC Kendricks said...

Thanks! I need to work Deuce onto a book cover :)