Saturday, July 16, 2016

December Promise

July 16, 2016

I'm very happy to say that December Promise is once again available to you, my readers. I toyed with the idea of waiting until the end of the year to release the book, but December is truly a busy time for everyone. Peace and quiet for reading time vanishes in my world in December. 

December Promise is a story of two people reconnecting after many years. Who hasn't had a few "what if" moments in life? I have, although I rarely confess them. I hope you'll enjoy December Promise.



December Promise
Contemporary gay romance available now at

A lot can happen between one December and another.

Paul Macy moved heaven and earth to get a reluctant Lee Kendall for his college roommate. Giving up his free-and-easy lifestyle for the sexy new guy on campus had been the easiest decision Paul had ever made. Walking away from Lee had been the hardest.

Now, years later, Lee Kendall’s made it to the top of his field by working hard, and playing harder in the right circles. Yet he has also come to realize that success is empty when you have no one with whom to celebrate it. But as luck would have it, an invitation to visit his alma mater brings Lee face-to-face with his first lover, and a chance for the reconciliation he never thought possible.

The sparks fly when Paul and Lee reunite, fulfilling long-denied dreams for both men. But passion isn’t a pledge, and it takes more than promises made in the dark to forge a shared future between two lonely hearts...


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December Promise will also be available at Amazon and other online book sellers. 

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