Saturday, September 17, 2016

Beneath Dark Stars by KC Kendricks

September 17, 2016

Welcome to my part of the My Sexy Saturday blog hop! This week is about sexy magic, so I have seven sexy paragraphs from Beneath Dark Stars. What's more magical than a shapeshifter able to take on whatever form he chooses? That's Sundown. He's not limited to one shape only, and he keeps his lover on his toes. Of course, sometimes Fallon knows just what to say...


He drew in a quick, short breath, and then blew it out.

“The Chal can help. We are able to go into places where you can not.”

For once, his people would be on my side. “The Elders will sanction that. Right. Tell me another story.” 

“I was with the Elders yesterday, apologizing for my actions regarding Sergeant Mack. I have promised them – again – that I will cease to play Sasquatch tricks on him.”

“But did you promise not to play any tricks on him, period, or just the Bigfoot ones?”

He blinked at me, dismay written all over his face. Uh-huh. I had him now. “Chupacabra, perhaps?”

His mouth dropped open. His eyes widened. “That is not me! I have never been to Texas!”



Fallon Roxbury, seasoned detective and special police consultant, knows that appearances can be deceiving. Trained to gather the clues and arrive at logical conclusions, he fits the puzzle pieces of a situation together to find the truth. But there’s nothing reasonable in Fallon’s attraction to the sexy, secretive shapeshifter called Sundown.

Sundown has studied people all his life. Having his very own human male is all he ever wanted. In Fallon, he’s found a man he can trust with his secrets and reveal his true nature. Keeping Fallon happy is a joyful exercise into which Sundown puts his heart and soul—when he’s not teasing Fallon’s police partner by leaving strange footprints at crime scenes, that is.

Fallon’s new case ties into an old one. At a dead end, he knows it’s time to ask Sundown for a little help. With his special abilities, Sundown can get into places Fallon can’t. All Fallon has to do is figure out a way to prove what he already knows. But what’s a cop to do when the truth takes a shift that’s stranger than fiction?

Gay romance with a paranormal shift
available now at AmazoniTunes/AppleBarnes and NobleKobo, and other online booksellers. 

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KC Kendricks


Jessica E. Subject said...

Great snippet! I wonder who is pretending to be a Chupacabra then.

KC Kendricks said...

The Chal are everywhere. They walk among us, unseen.....

Christiane France - Author said...

I love the characters in this series. Looking forward to the next book.

Liv Rancourt said...

Good stuff!

H K Carlton said...

Hehe, Got him. Great snip, KC!

Angelica Dawson said...

Haha. His denial makes me laugh. Great tease.

Daryl Devore said...

Uh - what's a Chupacabra?? Liked the excerpt. Tweeted.

KC Kendricks said...

The chupacabra is an urban legend that came out of the folklore of Puerto Rico. The name means "goat sucker." It supposedly resembles a dog with no hair and spikes on its back, and it really stinks. Here in the U.S. it's been suggested what's being called the chupacabra is actually coyotes with mange. Mange weakens the animal and they look even worse.

Since the Chal can take on any form they choose, and they love to have fun, it makes sense they're the ones pulling pranks on us unsuspecting humans.